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Some days back, I saw a Hindi movie, and returned highly disappointed. I was grumbling all the way home. Ironically, I had ‘chosen’ to watch this movie; no one had forced me to watch it. Moreover, I had decided to watch it, because, I wanted to unwind myself, recharge my batteries.
But, here I was – with a fresh load of stress … being let down, being disappointed!
The next morning, I was having a discussion with my friend, Mukesh, in my office, and the topic of the movie came up. “It’s a complete crap,” I commented, instinctively. Perhaps, to vent out my frustration, to unburden my load.

Mukesh hadn’t seen that movie. So, he responded to my comment with this story:

Once, a disciple went to his Master with a ‘gurudhakshina’ – an offering to one’s Guru. This disciple had completed the study under his Master, and was confident that there was nothing more to learn. So, he had gone to express his gratitude to his Master with the offering – some valuable things.

When the Master saw his disciple…
There is, always, something extra-ordinary in the wild, wayside flowers...