“We have two lives and the second begins when you realize you only have one.”
-Mario de Andrade, Brazilian poet

There are only two kinds of people in this world: Those who want to be right, and those who want to be peaceful.

To the first kind, Life is never too short… They think, that Life is long enough for them to prove they are right. Proving to be right is central to their existence… Minus that obsession, that sole battle, there is no purpose for their lives. You see many of them waging their battles even from their death-beds… even when they know there is nothing to prove to anyone from a death-bed… even when the entire Life is wasted on a blind pursuit… Yes, they don’t mind taking their I-want-to-prove-‘am-right battle to the graveyard!

To the second kind, Life is too short to be wasted with mindless battles. The desire to live in peace is central to their existence… That is the purpose of their existence. They can see, as clearly as a blue sky, that, in Life, there is nothing to p…


Idid not watch a lot of ‘crap’, today, on my phone or computer… I did not read a lot of ‘crap’ from the newspaper… I did not take some calls, did not respond to some messages and, I did not allow some people to come into my space…

Unimportant stuff and unimportant people… I just cut them off from my consciousness, consciously!

So much of the stuff I soak myself in, every day – from the time I rise to the time I retire at night – yes, so much of that mind-fodder is not only unimportant, but, it’s also toxic.

“Dad, be particularly careful about what thoughts you take to bed,” my 26-year-old son advised to me, today, “If you consciously feed your mind with positive and peaceful thoughts, you will rise in the morning with a new energy, upbeat.”

Do I consciously feed my mind with positive and peaceful thoughts every night when I retire? There are days, I don’t. On those days, the thoughts I go to bed with are negative and disturbing. The result is: I wake up the next morning feeling drained a…


“Blame keeps wounds open,” says Thomas S. Manson, “Only forgiveness heals.”
I know it is true. Yet, I find it so difficult to end this blame-game. Frankly, I only pretend, often, that I don’t blame… But, I alone know what a lie that is!
Now, why is it so difficult for me to end the blame-game completely? What comes on the way?
My Ego!
Our Egos!
So often, I have seen, that we come very close to ending our misunderstandings and making peace. But, just when we are about to embrace, something – some past unresolved memory, hurt etc – pops up, and we step back, once again!
‘We’ means… two people from within our families, as close as a husband and a wife, a parent and a son or daughter, an uncle/aunt and a nephew/niece… two partners in a business, two neighbours, two community members, two business or political opponents etc…
Experience shows us,  that, even though we all desire to live a peaceful life, we do not know what prevents us from doing it…
Ego blinds us… It doesn’t allow us ‘see’ that ‘b…


“My pain may be the reason for somebody's laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody's pain.”
-Charlie Chaplin
During the campaign for Presidential elections in America in 2016 (Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton), Michelle Obama’s one statement had inspired me the most. She said: “When they go low, we go high.”

Now, reflect on this statement… How profound it is! I had nothing to do with Trump or Hillary, nothing about who wins or who loses there… Still, when Michelle said that, I felt she was talking about a universal truth – an everyday truth – of Life…
I come across this challenge every day… There are those bullies around me, who are chronically insecure and operate from fear, hatred and complete lack of trust. They can stoop to any low level to defame you and destroy you… And, often, they seem to succeed in what they do…
And, this is where the true test of my character lies: Should I get down to the bully’s level or rise above him?
Seth Godin said: “A bully is playing…


Hope, Faith… The more I face the challenges and uncertainties of Life, the more I get convinced that these words are not some hollow words. For right reasons, people, who cared for us, have ingrained these words in our minds and hearts… Imagine, the state of our lives, had this not happened!

Every morning brings for all of us a fresh challenge or two… Some of them are really tough, really painful. God, prayer and grace… everything hinges on Hope and Faith. When we conclude, “Everything happens for our good,” or “Everything has a reason,” or “All things eventually settle,” or “This, too, shall pass,” or “Let go and let God in,” yes, we are able to conclude so, only because of our Hope and Faith.

History is an open chapter. No storm, tsunami, earthquake or hurricane, no civil war or World War, no dictator or despot… no matter how insurmountable and scary they might have seemed, at one point of time… yes, all of them came with a ‘shelf-life’. When Time and Tide changed, the dictators and …


We all have some conflicts in our personal lives, which we have never been able to resolve. When I say ‘We’, I really mean we all...
Let’s me brutally honest: Don’t we all have some conflicts with some people in our lives, including very near and dear ones? Often, the conflict which seems extremely easy to resolve turns out to be the most difficult one to unknot. For some of us, it may be with our brothers and sisters, parents, spouses, children, uncles or aunts… while for the rest of us, it may be with our business partners, fellow members of the community, neighbours, political or ideological opponents…
What is strange is this: so often, we come so close to end our conflicts and embrace; and, just when we are about to stretch our hands to embrace, something creeps in… and, there we are… unable to meet our eyes, leave alone our hearts!
I think, no matter how noble and evolved we are in life, we will, always, have some people in our lives who would make us feel we are mortals with our o…


Sometime during 1985-86, I used to visit a young boy’s house to teach him. I knew his uncle, who was a popular doctor. “My nephew may drive you crazy,” I was forewarned, “But, I want you to help him grow up.”

The 18-year-old, indeed, drove me crazy for many months! The class used to be at 7.30 in the mornings, at his place. I would be up around 6, leave home by 7 and reach his place five minutes before 7:30.  The young man would be still asleep, and, invariably, drove everyone at his place nuts… He would be, finally, ready to learn from me by 8!
“Poor fellow may need more sleep.” Thinking so, I decided to keep the class at 8. But, the same- old story continued… He would be still on bed and people at his place would cajole and force him out of bed and I would be able to start my class only at 8:30… It was frustrating, crazy!
I, somehow, completed my syllabus with this young man… But, I was not able to meet his uncle’s expectation. All my gentle and firm attempts to make this boy realize t…
There is, always, something extra-ordinary in the wild, wayside flowers...