The grass is, always, greener on the other side of the fence! Well, it, always, was… and, it, always, will be!
Employed people, often, tell me, that a self-employed person like me is far better off than them. “You have the freedom to do ‘whatever’ you like to… Nobody sits on your head… You can get on with life on your terms.”
I laugh. Rather, I feel sorry for those people, who think, that a self-employed person like me has the freedom to do ‘whatever’ I like to … Nobody sits on my head… and, above all, I can get on with life on my own terms.
“Come on here, to this side of the fence,” I often, tease them, “You will find out how free I am to do ‘whatever’ I like to, and how much I can get on with life on my own terms.”
Many young boys and girls, these days, live in a fool’s paradise. Someone has brainwashed them, saying, that, being employed under someone means losing your freedom, slogging like a slave and leading a life on someone else’s terms…
A wrong, flawed and a dangerous assumption th…


Surprisingly, I did not find myself inspired enough to write during these last four or five days. Outside, it’s Mumbai’s busiest festive season… Ganesh Utsav. In the past, I have written many blogs related to this popular festival. However, this time around, I simply did not find the inspiration… Let me clarify: I did not find enough inspiration to blog on ‘any subject’, not just on the festival…
Yes, it’s really surprising! Sometimes, the most mundane things around me inspire me to write the most sublime posts. And, sometimes, the most eventful things leave my soul untouched! Anyway, my writings have, always, been about ‘small things’ – ‘seeing extra-ordinary in the ordinary’ as I like to say. Life abounds with small things every moment of the day. And, if we are too busy filming these events, we may fail to simply observe them and relish. Maybe, that’s what I was doing during these last four or five days… Simply relish the small things!

My Bangaluru-based friend, Vijay, was ecstatic o…


“Touch has a memory.”  ― John Keats
Last evening, my wife and I had been to the residence of one of my friends. His father has been bedridden for nearly five years with multiple health issues, including chronic kidney-failure. He doesn’t recognize people or remember events. Occasionally, for a fleeting moment, he does remember people and events… Then, that moment passes, and he slips, once again, into his world of dementia.
I was lucky, last evening. My friend’s father recognized me and my wife. He held our hands and, through his touch, communicated a lot. During an hour or so, while we were at my friend’s place, I saw the same ‘touching’ scene: My friend held his father’s hand, even though the father was not in a state of recognizing what was happening around him. I saw the clasped hands closely… the touch… the gently-caressing fingers of both, the father and the son… just the way the lovers communicate in their intimate moments, through their touch, without speaking a single word… I c…


Two days ago, my wife and I watched the English movie, ‘Searching’. When my wife went to the ticket counter, fifteen minutes before the show, the young boy at the counter said to her, “Sorry ma’am, not a single ticket has been sold till now. Can you wait for another ten minutes to see if anyone else comes to buy?”
We waited. Just before five minutes, two TISS students, who wanted to kill some 80-minutes time they had in their hand, and who didn’t mind watching any movie, were cajoled by my wife to watch this one. They asked no question and, with that, they two and we two landed up inside the theatre… Just before the movie started, a middle-aged couple walked in… And, that’s about it. Six! The TISS boy and girl, who had only 80-minutes time to kill, left before the movie got over… and, that left four of us to do the honours!
“Which movie did you say?” This was how a couple of my friends reacted when, later, I told them about the movie. Obviously, they had not heard about this movie. Not …


“You are a difficult person.” I have said this to so many people, so often and so casually. Similarly, so many people have said it to me, so often and so casually. Essentially, what we all have said to convey to each other is: “It is difficult for me to convince you.” In other words, that is what we have said in jest, even to our most beloved ones, “You are a hard nut to crack.”

And, that’s a healthy way of living and loving… Is it not?
Why should we follow someone’s ideas and plans like sheep? Our differences and disagreements do not, and should not, mean we are hard stones - cold, rigid and frigid… It only means, we need to respect and accommodate each other’s views… That’s all.
So, from the healthy standard of the definition of the phrase, ‘Difficult Person’, we all are so, to some measure. But, certainly, we have our hearts in the right place and our conscience is not dead… We do feel for one another, and we cry, laugh and love. We are sociables and not sociopaths.
Yesterday morning, …


Yes, today is Teachers’ Day. One of the earliest greetings I had received was from Sunitha, a dear student of mine some 30 years ago. She had forwarded this popular quote to wish me:
It was early in the morning… and, imagine: who wouldn’t feel flattered and pumped, when someone, from hundreds of miles afar and scores of full-moons later, puts into your head, “Hello, this world exists because of your profession.”?
Well, that’s exactly what went into my head earlythis morning… That, we teachers are the ones who give birth to all other professions…
Teaching is, therefore, the mother of all professions…
And, I am the father!
Let me be serious. Teaching is one of the most empowering professions in this world. However, teachers are not found in classrooms alone. In fact, we find some of the finest teachers outside our school and tuition premises. Our parents and grandparents, our siblings and relations are the most underrated teacher…


“It’s not always the tears that measure the pain. Sometimes, it’s the smile we fake.” - Anonymous

“Think: one of the most important ways to be cured from anxiety and depression is overcoming whatever you're addicted to, and I am not just talking about alcohol and drugs. There are many other things a person can be addicted to.”
I came across this comment from a viewer while watching a powerful video on overcoming depression. The video was put together by using powerful messages from many famous people, including some well-known psychologists, authors and motivational speakers. 

Though the intention of this video was to help overcome depression, I felt, that the video itself, at places, was dark and depressing. Maybe I am wrong, here. I would prefer to watch some funny videos of little babies, cats and dogs. Such videos lift me up from my depression... They make me feel so relaxed and make my heart smile. To me, they are the best antidepressants.  

To do away my blues, I prefer disassoci…
There is, always, something extra-ordinary in the wild, wayside flowers...