Sunday, December 31, 2017


Today is the last day of the year 2017. Early in the morning, Mr. Amol, a person I admire much had shared with me this wonderful message:

“Time has no holiday,
Dreams have no expiry date,
And Life has no pause button.
Live it… Love it…
Enjoy each and every moment of your life!

Save only those memories
which give twinkle in your eyes…
not wrinkles on your face!

Good morning…
Have a fantastic last day of the year of 2017
and look forward to a wonderful 2018!

I really loved the lines:

“Save only those memories
which give twinkle in your eyes…
not wrinkles on your face!”

So, today is that day, when all of us have to decide what we should save in ‘our memory card’… and what we should not. Yes, the year 2017 had its own offerings to each one of us… There were joyful moments and there were painful ones, too. We have smiled and laughed a lot many times… and we have cried, feared and sulked a lot many times, too. But, at the end of it all, as the New Year comes our way, we all have to decide whether to welcome it with sorrow and complaints in our hearts or with joy and gratitude. That’s what the above poem conveys us:

“Time has no holiday,
Dreams have no expiry date,
And Life has no pause button.
Live it… Love it…
Enjoy each and every moment of your life!”

And, now, as the day is almost coming to an end, Uday, another dear friend of mine, shared with me this lovely song by Jeff and Sheri Easter:

“While the world looks upon me, as I struggle alone
They say I have nothing, but they are so wrong
In my heart I'm rejoicing, how I wish they could see
Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me

There's a roof up above me
I've a good place to sleep
There's food on my table
And shoes on my feet
You gave me your love Lord
And a fine family
Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me

I know I'm not wealthy, and these clothes, they're not new

I don't have much money, but Lord I have you
That's all that matters, though the world may not see
Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me
There's a roof up above me

I've a good place to sleep

There's food on my table
And shoes on my feet
You gave me your love Lord.”

What a way to end the year… Rather, start a new one!

Wish you all a very happy and peaceful New Year. When you are happy and peaceful, you will be  prosperous, too, you see!


Pic.: Anil Bedi

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Saturday, December 30, 2017


I wanted to watch a very good – heart-warming, feel-good, entertaining and inspiring – movie immediately after Christmas. I did not mind it was English, Hindi or any regional-language film… All that I wanted was  to feel happy and warm when I left the cinema hall.

So, yesterday was a Friday… I checked the new movies running in the nearby theatres. Finally, I settled for the English one – ‘The Greatest Showman’. Before deciding on this movie, as I always do, I did some google search about the movie, and I learnt, that it was based on the life of P.T. Barnum (1810-1891), who was considered to be the ‘Greatest Showman on Earth’, and played by Hugh Jackman. Normally, I don’t go by the reviews and the box-office success. Had I gone by that yard stick, I would have ended up watching ‘Star Wars’. But, both my wife and I chose not to watch ‘Star Wars’ as we would never understand the story... 

Call us 'dumb'... We don't mind.

We both felt very happy, that we watched ‘The Greatest Showman’, last afternoon. What we did not know was, that it was a musical… and a beautiful one at that!

Let me tell you: I am yet to get over the spell of the story, songs, music and dance… most importantly, the meaningful, powerful, inspiring and healing lyrics. ‘Never Enough… For me’ is the most mesmerizing song in the movie (In my view… though every song is so beautiful).  Incidentally, that goes for my feelings about the the movie – its story, songs, music, dance and lyrics… Yes, it will  be never enough for me… Never, never… for me!

I have been  desperately trying to get hold of the actual movie videos of all the songs. But, I haven't been able to. So, I share with you, here, whatever I could. Please go by the lyrics, vocals, and the music. I am not able to share the powerful performances… which would have left you spellbound!

So, I suggest, please watch the movie before it goes… 


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Thursday, December 28, 2017


As the curtain comes down on the year 2017, one of my regrets is: I haven’t laughed enough in 2017!

So, an important item in my list of 2018 Resolutions is to loosen up a little… Laugh more… Take things not too seriously as though they are all major emergencies in life!

Nothing is an ‘emergency’ unless my mind sees it so… wants it so.

Well, this ‘knowledge’ needs to be ‘lived’ in the coming year, you see!

In the morning, today, I was reading William Henry Davies’ popular poem, ‘Leisure’. A century later, the poet’s words still haunt us. Let me take you through this wonderful poem:

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

And  now, in the evening, my brother shared an amazing post from an unknown author. It captures the essence of our frantic life… Running, running and more running!  Here it is:

Are we earning to pay builders and interior designers, caterers and decorators? 
Whom do we want to impress with our highly inflated house properties and fat weddings?

Do you remember for more than two days what you ate at someone's marriage?

Why are we working like dogs in our prime years of life?

How many generations do we want to feed?

Most of us have two kids. Many have a single kid.

How much is the "need" and how much do we actually "want"??
Think about it.

Would our next generation be incapable to earn, that we save so much for them!?!

Cannot we spare one and a half days a week for friends, family and self??

Do you spend even 5% of your monthly income for yourself enjoyment?!

Why can't we enjoy simultaneously while we earn?  

Spare time to enjoy before you have slipped discs and cholesterol blocks in your heart!!!

We don't own properties, we just have temporary name on documents.

GOD laughs sarcastically, when someone says,
"I am the owner of this land"!!  

Do not judge a person only by the length of his car.

Many of our science and maths teachers were great personalities riding on scooters!!   

It is not bad to be rich, but it is very unfair, to be only rich.

Let's get a LIFE, before life gets us, instead....

One day, all of us will get separated from each other; we will miss our conversations of everything & nothing; the dreams that we had.

Days will pass by, months, years, until this contact becomes rare... One day our children will see our pictures and ask 'Who are these people?' And we will smile with invisible tears because a heart is touched with a strong word and you will say: 'IT WAS THEM THAT I HAD THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE WITH'.

Send this to all your friends that you will never forget.

They say, that we should not keep any regrets in life. The best way to make life regrets-free is to make a Resolution and live by it…

I am making one for the New Year: Not to take things too seriously…


I am laughing!



Wednesday, December 27, 2017


“Sky is the limit.” As a young man, when I first heard this saying, I really felt charged: “Hey, you can do anything”… “Nothing is impossible”. Yes, all these went well along the saying. Then, Napoleon Hill provided to me the right perspective: “Whatever you are able to conceive and believe in your mind, you can achieve.” The perspective was clear as a summer sky: “Your sky lies in your own mind, your own imagination… Therefore, you set your own limits.”

So, today, whenever someone tries to pump me with  the war-cry, “Nothing is impossible”, I remind him of the scene in the movie ‘3 Idiots’, in which, Raju (Sharman Joshi) squeezes  toothpaste fully from the tube on Farhan’s (R. Madhavan) palm  and retorts, “If so, put this back into the tube, now!”

Well, the point is not whether or not there are things beyond our personal limits… whether or not everything is really possible for us to achieve in life. In my view, the point is this:  When we want to achieve our dreams, and when we have enough desire, determination, persistence, imagination and other ingredients in place, whether it is possible for us to achieve our dreams or not. And, even more important is this question: Whether the dream is worth the efforts or not?

Because, the ‘war cry’ ‘Nothing is impossible’, unless taken in a holistic perspective, can simply make us look like horses wearing blinkers! Which means, we may achieve our ‘goals’, but end up losing a lot many ‘precious things’ in life.

Also, let’s examine the context in which the toothpaste scene is shown in ‘3 Idiots’… The exams are approaching, and our Raju, knowing well he and his friend, Farhan, have done nothing the pass the exam, says to his friend anxiously, ‘I am getting tension’… He is sane enough to realize their position – that, they haven’t put efforts to pass… Hence, he finds Farhan’s motivation, ‘Nothing is impossible’ unrealistic, a hollow promise. So, he challenges, “Le, ab daal isko vapas!”

Yes, as Napoleon Hills teaches, we can achieve whatever dream we want to, only if we are able to conceive it and believe in it in our mind… Otherwise, we can’t.

Let’s not bring in miracles here!

Yesterday (Dec 26, 2017), Priyanka Chopra had delivered a very eloquent and inspiring speech at The Penguin’s Annual Lecture. The Subject was very fascinating: ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling – Chasing a Dream’.

For those, who are not familiar with the phrase ‘Glass Ceiling’… It is the invisible limit or barrier to one’s career beyond a certain point. It was first coined in the seventies by feminists to convey, that women, all said and done, had to face in their lives those progress limits. The phrase, eventually, was used to relate to members of minority communities in America. For example, the perception prevalent, then, that Africans, Asians, Italians, Mexicans, who lived in America, could not progress in their career beyond their ‘Glass Ceilings’ (For Asians, it was ‘The Bamboo Ceiling’).

Decades have rolled by since the invention of the phrase ‘Glass Ceiling’. Women, like Priyanka Chopra, have refused to accept this perception… And, I admire them for that.

In life, all limitations are mind’s alone. Woman or man, the Black, Brown or White… if we want it dearly, we will have it… Money, position, fame and power included.  However, I believe, just as there are those invisible barriers in life, called ‘Glass Ceilings’, which we need to break in order to progress beyond, in life, there are also some invisible and delicate  glass ceilings, which we should not try to break…

Chase not all dreams … Break not all ceilings!


Pic.: Anil Bedi

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life
is the foundation for all abundance.” 

We need to know not only how to give, we also need to know how to receive. Both have to come from a clean space in our hearts.

I think, we have undermined the significance of the attitude involved with receiving.

A married young woman had come to visit her mother late last evening. When she saw me inside my office, she opened the door. “Hello sir, Merry Christmas,” she said as she came inside. I was delighted to see this woman after a long time. As I was talking to her, I handed to her two of my books and said warmly, “This is for you… You will love them.”

“Thank you so much sir,” the woman said excitedly looking at the books she had just received, “I love your writings… They are so simple yet so good.”

“I am glad to hear that,” I said, obviously feeling good about what I was hearing from this woman.

Just then, her mother came inside. “Merry Christmas sir,” she greeted, “This is for you, you will love it,” she pulled a plum cake from her bag and tried to offer me.

That was the Christmas cake the daughter had brought for her mother and the mother was offering it to me. “So sweet of you, ma’am,” I thanked the mother, “But, that cake is for you from your loving daughter… Please enjoy it. Your kind gesture is your gift to me… Thank you, ma’am.”

A few minutes earlier, a little school girl from the building, too, did something simple yet priceless. Seeing me inside the office, she got off her bicycle, parked it outside, plucked three-four fresh leaves from a plant in the garden and came inside, all charged up… “Merry Christmas sir… This is for you!”

“Thank you darling,” I pulled the little one into my embrace!

I truly feel, that giving and receiving both need to come from a clean space in our hearts. What spoils the beauty of receiving is our mentality of ‘entitlement. So long as we receive through this mentality, we will never ever be able to feel the value of what we receive… even if we are gifted with a Mercedes Benz! This mentality makes us judgmental and critical… It makes us read the motive behind those who give us… find fault in what we receive… compare with what someone else would have given us… so on and so forth.

Last evening, the mother did not think twice when she pulled out from her bag the plum cake given to her by her daughter... I saw her affection in that gesture… not what she was trying to offer me for Christmas… Similarly, when the little girl made her way inside my office to offer fresh leaves, what was that I had to see in her gesture?

There is another mentality called ‘being deserving’. The feeling of our healthy self-esteem comes from this attitude. Don’t we often say, “It is my privilege”? Does this statement come from our arrogance or critical mind, or does it come from our gratitude?

Brine Brown rightly said, “What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.” 

True. The lack of gratitude and the mentality of ‘being entitled’, turn our hearts into bottomless pits… While, with an attitude of gratitude, even a couple of fresh leaves can turn our hearts into bountiful gardens!


Pic.: Barkha Manik

Monday, December 25, 2017


A dear friend called up a few minutes ago to give me Christmas wishes… “How did you spend the Christmas day Gerry?” he asked, “Hope you enjoyed.”

How did I spend my Christmas day, today?

Greetings and calls apart, my Christmas day was homebound. Actually, my wife, son and I spent our time with my in-laws, who live nearby to our place. When they were in good health, we would invite them to our place. Now, they cannot come. So, we meet at their place and spend the Christmas day with them.

My father-in-law is in his eighties and my mother-in-law is in her seventies. We do not allow them to go out alone. They are not able to attend the Sunday Mass any more, the way they did for years, when their health was good. Last evening, my father-in-law expressed his desire to attend the Christmas Mass. Obviously, the night mass was not advisable… So, I assured him, that I would escort him to the church for the morning Mass today, which I did…

It was a very satisfying moment for me! I suddenly became conscious of the ‘Time’, and the famous words of Shakespeare, ‘Time and tide wait for none’… I was conscious of the truth, that, today, it was he… and tomorrow, it would be me!

Each Christmas season, apart from its merriment and glee, is a constant reminder to all of us about our mortality… “Hey, seize every moment… Be grateful and rejoice!”

After coming from the church, I called my mom, who lives in my hometown, Mangalore. She too is in her eighties. Along with the Christmas wishes, you cannot help asking about your mother’s health. And, her reply? Will she sound excited, “I am fantastic!” or, even, “I am fine, thank you.”?

Parents are no longer young, and they are no more in their ‘Pink’ health… They have dozens of health problems… and, they can no more eat those Christmas sweets, the way they did when young...

My mom spent more time enquiring about the health and well-being of her son, daughter-in-law, grandson and my in-laws than cribbing about her own…

That’s one more moment to cherish, on this Christmas day!

Every Christmas, Harwadekar uncle, who lived in our colony for many years, dropped by to wish me and my family on Christmas day. If we were out, he would call and shower on us his choicest blessings. He was one of the impeccably-dressed men I had ever seen, and he was so full of positive energy and wisdom. He is 90-plus at present,  and he no more lives in our colony. But, he always kept in touch and would call on every festival and important day, on Christmas day in particular, even though his health was deteriorating every passing day.

As I did not receive his phone call till 6 this evening, I called his son. Yes, uncle’s health is really bad. He was extremely happy to talk to me and read out the message he had scribbled for me for Christmas. “Gerry, have you come to know about aunty (his wife)?” he asked me.

I hadn’t.

“Her state is far worse than mine… She is diagnosed with cancer. It is in advanced stage,” uncle said, “Please pray for us, Gerry.”

This was the third moving moment for me, this Christmas!

In a strange way, all these moments seem related. They seem to make me conscious of this supreme gift called ‘Life’… I wish to see it as a  different kind of ‘Secret Santa’!

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine had sent me this Good-morning message:

“The heart that loves is always healthy…
The heart that serves is always happy…
the heart that cares is always strong.
And I pray that God keeps you healthy, happy and strong.”

My father-in-law, my mother and Harwadekar uncle and his wife were great champions when it came to loving, serving and caring… God did keep them healthy, happy and strong for good number of decades… The quintessential case of: “Nothing to complain about”, “Nothing to feel sorry about.”

Did I spend my Christmas day well, today?

Oh yes, I did.



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Sunday, December 24, 2017


Christmas Eve has been a special time for most of us. Many of my non-Christian friends look forward to this day. The night mass (which is still referred to be ‘The Midnight Mass’, though in most of the cities, it gets over before midnight) is one of the many things they look forward to attend…

“My son has come on a Christmas vacation from Australia,” Kannan said to me when we met in our Tai Chi class, today, “He, my wife and I have always loved to attend the Midnight Mass on the OLPS (Our Lady of Perpetual Succor) grounds… We are excited to be there tonight.”

Kannan also recounted their visit to the Shirdi shrine some days ago. I love his open-mindedness when it comes to religious beliefs and practices. I have heard him speak with loads of respect whenever he would speak about faiths other than his own.

“When my son was leaving the country, for the first time, to pursue his higher studies in Australia, he asked me to take our car to OLPS church. He went inside (and my wife and I followed him) the church and spent about fifteen minutes in silence. From there, we continued our journey to the airport. So, he is more excited than rest of us to attend the Mass, tonight.”

I have always felt, that the spirit of Christmas transcends all the narrow confines of our individual  religious faiths… Right from little children to very senior citizens – yes, we all mellow down when overwhelmed by this spirit.

Last evening, I got this video from a parent of one of my students. She is a Sindhi, and the message conveyed through the video made me sit up and say, “Hey, that’s the Christmas Spirit!”

And, today morning, there was this video, on the miraculous 'Christmas Truce of 1914' (in the midst of World War 1),  sent to me by my brother, Vivek:

Most of us have never experienced the devastating and utterly gloomy war-times… Leave alone the experience of being on the war-front… and leave alone the experience of a World War! Those are truly the darkest of all times… and, therefore, when I watched this video, I went into a deep silence…

Yes, today is Christmas Eve… A beautiful time for Hope, Love and Peace. There was this simple yet effective Tai Chi exercise, this morning. It was named ‘Reaching for the Moon’. As I was flowing in its rhythm, I kept remembering the Star of Bethlehem… that has constantly lived there up as our beacon of Hope…

Merry Christmas to you all, my dear and near ones.


Pic.: The New Divine Hunanity

Videos: YouTube/Christmas Qawalli Mayookh Band

Friday, December 22, 2017


A couple of days ago, I had blogged on the subject of human greed for money – rather, the temptation to grow rich faster… via whatever short-cuts, including the latest one: Bitcoin mania. A restless young man said to me, the other day, “Sir, today, the so-called the ‘hard-earned’ money is hardly enough for us to buy a decent house in any suburbs of Mumbai… Leave alone meeting other expenses.”

I told the young man, that every generation had the same anxiety. “Even I had the same thought when I was your age,” I said, “but, along my way, I realized, that everything becomes expensive including the sale value of the goods and services we sell.”

My advice to the young man was, that he had to learn to increase the sale value of his potential and not succumb to the temptation of making some easy money. But, the ‘young blood’ would not buy my theory so easily, you see!

Last night, my bother forwarded to me a lovely story. I am sharing this story, here, with a few grammatical corrections… The story is timeless, and its moral is applicable to all spheres of human greed and weakness. Here it is:

A lot of monkeys lived near a village. One day, a merchant came to the village to buy these monkeys! He announced, that he would buy the monkeys @ $100 each.

The villagers thought, that this man was crazy! “How can somebody buy stray monkeys at $100 each?” they mocked in their minds. Still, some of them caught a few monkeys and gave them to the merchant and he gave $100 for each monkey.

This news spread like a wildfire and people caught many more monkeys and sold them to the merchant.

After a few days, the merchant announced, that he would buy monkeys @ 200 each. The greedy villagers ran around to catch the remaining monkeys… They sold them @ 200 each.

Some more days passed by… The merchant announced, that he would now buy monkeys @ 500 each!

The villagers started to lose sleep!  Only six or seven monkeys were left… The villagers quickly grabbed all of them and got 500 each…

All monkeys gone, the villagers were waiting anxiously for the next announcement.

The merchant came out with the announced, that he was going home for a week.  And, when he returned, he would buy monkeys @ 1000 each! He deputed his ‘trusted’ employee to take care of all the monkeys he had bought till he returned.

The villagers were very sad as there were no more monkeys left for them to sell at $1000 each.

Reading their minds, the employee told the villagers, that he was willing to sell some monkeys @ 700 each, secretly. This news spread like fire.  Since the merchant would buy a monkey @ 1000 each, there was a profit of 300 on each monkey!

The next day, the villagers queued up near the monkey cage. The employee sold all the monkeys at 700 each.  The rich bought monkeys in big lots…  The poor borrowed money from money lenders and also bought monkeys!

The villagers guarded their monkeys and waited for the merchant to return… But, he did not come!

Then, they ran to the employee… But, he, too, had already gone!

It was too late, by the time the villagers  realized, that they were hoodwinked to buy the useless stray monkeys @ 700 each… and lose it all!

The Bitcoin will be the next monkey business!!!

Monkeys are our forefathers, you see, Therefore, the Monkey business – like Bitcoin – is nothing unusual. Our monkey-connection will always be there till the end of this world!


Pic.: Internet

Thursday, December 21, 2017


“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.”

- Louise Hay

For last two days, I have been reading some of Louise Hay’s writings, particularly some powerful quotes from her famous book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’.

In August, this year, Louise Hay died peacefully in her sleep… She was 90. Her story has been an inspiring testimony of self-healing. By her own account, she was raped  by one of her neighbours when she was 5… At 15, she was pregnant… at 16, she gave away her just-born for adoption… She dropped out of her studies without a Diploma… She was physically abused by her step- father… Her own husband, after years of marriage, deserted her for another woman… For many years, she did low-paying jobs for survival… At 51, she was diagnosed with ‘incurable’ cervical cancer… and, she was devastated!

It was when her body was besieged by life-threatening cancer, Louise Hay became aware of the root cause of her disease… her deeply seated resentment to traumatic experiences of her past - childhood rape, abuse as a teenager and betrayal by husband. There was this constant darkness inside of being worthless and a victim, which kept her in the confinement of lack… physical, material, mental and spiritual poverty… all the time.

And, this very woman got hold of herself through mastery over her own thoughts… and, in the process, tapped on her inner source of abundance… Letting go and forgiveness became possible because she began to value her life… Love and gratitude filled her heart and restored her self-worth… And, she went about helping others… via speaking, writing, publishing and, above all, healing and changing lives…

Many of us are more fortunate… We do not have to go through the kind of dark experiences which Louise Hay had to. Still, we remain fearful and resentful in life… We constantly worry and hold anger…

This morning, I paused when I read these lines from Louise Hay:

“Fear limits our minds. People have so much fear about getting sick or becoming homeless or so many other things. Anger is fear that has become a defense mechanism. It protects us, yet it would be so much more powerful if we stop reevaluating fearful situations in our minds and love ourselves through the fear. We’re at the center of everything that happens in our lives. Every experience, every relationship, is the mirror of a mental pattern that we have inside us.”

Many a time, I get a realization, that our living experience is nothing but learning to understand and overcome our fears… Yes, all sorts of fear. It is, also, about learning to love and accept ourselves, and, thereby, getting healed. Louise Hay said:

“Love is the greatest healing power I know. Love can heal even the deepest and most painful memories because love brings the light of understanding to the darkest corners of our hearts and minds.”

This is the key to one’s healing. Love conquers everything… Love heals everything… It dissolves all fears and blocks… It’s the only gate to the ocean called ‘Abundance’. Let me conclude with Louise Hay’s simple message for our daily life:

 “If we want a joyous life, we must think joyous thoughts. If we want a prosperous life, we must think prosperous thoughts. If we want a loving life, we must think loving thoughts. Whatever we send out mentally or verbally will come back to us in like form.”


Pic.: Anil Bedi
Video: Louise Hay