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Another two months... and I have not posted even a single piece... and, that's okay; perfectly okay.

The sky did not fall during these two months... the wind did not stop blowing... and the Sun did not fail to rise each morning... Yes, everything went on perfectly well... including my own heartbeat.

There was a kind of urge within me to write something as the 2010 came to an end... It went with out a single line from my end... Then, on 1st Jan, the urge returned... That too passed without my writing.

And, I say, that's okay... Perfectly okay.

Maybe, it was not possible for me to say so - "It's okay... Perfectly okay" - before. Now, I am able to experience this new perspective... Maybe, it has come with age... Maybe, with the new year.

On the new year night, I attended the first communion party of one of my relative's son. The party was in a posh hotel and there were lovely guests... good music, games, dance and food. The Master of Ceremony was very vibrant…
There is, always, something extra-ordinary in the wild, wayside flowers...