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When I am attending a Mass inside a church, I can not behave the way I do while watching an IPL match in a stadium. Likewise, I cannot talk with my son’ college Dean as I do with my next-door neighbor… Nor, can I eat in a fine restaurant the way I do in my house. 

There is the social decorum… the convention... the unwritten code of conduct, which demands me to behave at a certain place in a certain manner.

So, these are  Manners and Etiquette. Maybe, plain common sense!

“May I come in sir?” 
“Excuse me.”
“Thank you.”
“I am sorry.”
“My pleasure.”
“It is alright.”

Well, why do we keep saying these phrases? When did we learn them? Who had taught them to us?
Why do we need to compliment others?
Why do we need to thank for every compliment that we receive?
Why should we be careful when we criticize others?
And, how should we deal with when we receive criticism?
Why should I keep pace with others while eating on a table in a restaurant? 
And how can I use the fork, spoon, knife and the napk…


Many a times I wonder: what makes Life worth living?

I met two senior citizens, this morning. I have always admired both of them. Every time I speak to them, I come out a lot charged… “Hey, Life is worth living, worth celebrating!”… This is exactly what I feel in my heart; yes, every time I interact with them. 

Mr. Harwadekar is in his eighties. “Coming Jan, I have planned to celebrate my twenty-fifth retirement-year!”… he announced, this morning, “I am excited about it!”

“Well, this is something ‘new’, something I don’t get to hear from anyone around!” I exclaimed in my mind. “There is life still left, even after twenty-five years of retirement!”

Mr. Rao is in his late sixties. “It takes good intentions, years of sincere effort, and loads of patience to build anything in life,” he was telling me, “But, to destroy, you don’t need any logic, patience or effort… It can go in one single sweep!”

Mr. Rao was telling me about two types of people in this world: Those who build, and those who…


When I saw my this month’s Internet-usage bill, I was rudely surprised. For years, I have been blogging and I do check my e-mails or send them. I have been managing with some basic schemes… Just need-based. 

Just some days ago, someone from the other end had ‘tempted’ me with a scheme that had made sense to me. I said, “Go ahead”.  So, I was expecting a hike of around hundred rupees this month. But, it is more than twice my old out-go!

“No way,” I reacted in my mind, “When did I use Internet like this?”

I called up the call-center. And, the lady on the other end patiently explained to me that it was just a one-time advance payment… and, that from the next month onward, it would be as promised. 

I dropped my resistance, immediately. “Why didn’t you tell me about this ‘one-time-something’ before?" I could have yelled. But, I decided to drop even that.

In stead, I decided to ‘drop’ the cheque, immediately… Yes, in the drop-box! 

A few hundred rupees jump had un-nerved me… I was fumi…


One day, Lion, the king of the jungle, went for hunting. He took along some of his subjects – Fox, Jackal, Hyena and Panther – for help. By the end of the day, they had collected a large pile of meat. It was time for sharing.

The Lion made four equal parts.

Pointing at the first share, the Lion roared: “I am the King of this jungle. So, rightfully, the first share belongs to me, your King… Any problem? Any objection?”

“No Sire,” the Subjects cried, respectfully.

Pointing at the second share, the Lion thundered: “This share is for my wife, the Lioness, your Queen… Any problem? Any objection?”

“No Sire,” the animals replied, in a chorus.

It was dark. They were all tired and hungry. Two shares had already gone. But, two were still left… and, there was hope.

Pointing at the third share, the Lion blasted: “This share is for my son, the Prince, your future King… Any problem, any objection?”

“No Sire,” the response was milder, this time. 

Only one share was left before the tired and hungry S…


“I blog every day.”

I keep telling this to every one, every day.

And, because I have told it to every one, every day… I see myself ‘compelled’ by my own statement, my own proclamation. 

By now, it has become an ‘ego-issue’. Yes, I am driven by my own ego!

I did not blog yesterday. It took a break. 

Now, what sort of break was it? Was it a ‘conscious break’ or was it ‘forced upon me’, which I had to take because I was ‘helpless’?

Well, it wasn’t a ‘conscious’ break. My schedule was crazy the entire day… Every time I tried to type something, something else would come up… and, the whole day went in this manner. 

My blog did not happen.

I wanted to write, but I could not. I was not happy about that. I found myself resisting, arguing in my mind, even worrying about “What others would think”… “I have failed to keep my word”… “I have not lived up to my own expectations… the world’s expectations”… A hundred thoughts like these crisscrossed through my mind.

Finally, a silence fell. 

“It is okay…


“Help me believe in what I could be… and all that I am!”

This is a line from the popular Christian hymn – ‘One day at a time’.

I still remember that Sunday morning. During the Mass, a young girl had rendered this hymn so beautifully, amidst the inspiring silence of the church… that, tears were just rolling down my cheeks!

A young ‘girl’ was singing this hymn…

“I'm only human; I'm just a woman
Help me believe in what I could be and all that I am
Show me the stairway
I have to climb
Lord for my sake
Teach me to take
One day at a time”

Yes, the young ‘girl’ was praying:

“One day at a time, sweet Jesus
That's all I'm asking from you
Give me the strength to do everything that I have to do
Yesterday's gone sweet Jesus
And tomorrow may never be mine
Help me today
Show me the way
One day at a time.”

And, I was crying… a ‘man’ was crying!

My little niece, vivacious Danika, received her first Holy Communion on this Saturday; and last evening, her wonderful parents, Oscar and Mav…


“Sir, can I drink water?” seven-year old Harsha asked me.

“Okay sweethearts, I will give you two minutes, all of you drink water from your bottles,” I declared.

“Sir, I have not brought water,” said little Shristi wearing a sad face.

“Sir, I also,” nine-year-old Ritesh’s hand went up.

“Well, my darlings, you were supposed to bring… Didn’t you know that? I asked lovingly.

“Sorry sir,” both, Shristi and Ritesh murmured tamely.

“Don’t worry, Bunty will share with you Ritesh,” I announced, “and, Sheeba will share with you Shristi.”

“Sir, see,”  Bunty began to complain, “Ritesh is finishing the entire bottle!”

“Ritesh beta, you can not do that… Bunty had helped you by sharing his water… and, how can you hurt him by finishing his entire bottle?” I reminded the little brat.

“Sir,” six-year-old Seema’s hand went up.

“Yes, dear,” I encouraged bubbly Seema to say what she wanted to.

“Sir, that is not good manners,” Seema declared.

“You are right Seema beta; that’s absolutely not good manners,” I agreed, “B…
There is, always, something extra-ordinary in the wild, wayside flowers...