Monday, December 31, 2012


Vivek Anand is one of my favorite students. He is a well-brought-up young-man and, he has been studying, all along, in one of the finest schools around… He is very focused, highly self-disciplined and very proud of the family he belongs to. He comes about extremely confident… yet, very humble and respectful.

Yes, I am proud Vivek is my student!

This morning, Vivek was in my class some ten minutes before others. So, while we were having our general discussion, he excitedly said, “Sir, I wanted to tell you this; I had been for the open-air mass on Christmas night with my close friend… I really felt good.”

Vivek has been a very regular follower of my daily blog-posts. Hence, I told him that I would be writing, today, on the subject: “A time to rejoice in the good that we see”. I told Vivek that it was, incidentally, inspired from Cliff Richard’s famous Christmas-song – ‘Mistletoe and Wine' (It is Christmas Time).

“I would love to read it, sir,” Vivek said.

I wanted to tell Vivek why I had taken this subject and what I wanted to convey in my Post. But, before that, Vivek made a casual remark, which almost everyone is heard making. “I think sir,” he said, “the way our country is going, soon, we may end up joining the select group of some of the barbaric countries of the world, such as…………..!”

“No, Vivek, we won’t,” I quickly told him. “We tend to get shaken by some sporadic incidents that happen around and come to such extreme conclusions. We tend to ignore all the good things that happen around… We mourn in death and fail to rejoice in life… And each time we fail to rejoice in life, in the good that we see – Vivek, we die one more death!”

From there on, we spoke about the positive things Life had to offer us, in abundance, each day… We spoke about the real reasons why we had to be grateful and happy… why we should not get bogged down by a handful of gloomy incidents… why we should not lose faith in living and believing… why we should refuse to keep alive in our hearts the fire of blame and hatred… why we should forgive and forget…

I am glad, Vivek was quickly able to see the point I was trying to make…

So, here I have the song, which, although Christmas is a week behind, still compels me to reach for inspiration:

The child is a king
the carollers sing

The old has past
there's a new beginning.
Dreams of Santa
dreams of snow

Fingers numb
faces aglow
it's -

Christmas time
mistletoe and wine

Children singing
Christian rhyme.
With logs on the
fire and gifts on
the tree

A time to
rejoice in the
good that we

A time for living
a time for believing

A time for trusting
not deceiving.
Love and laughter and
joy ever after
Ours for the taking
just follow the master.

Christmas time
mistletoe and wine
Silent night
holy night -

It's a time for giving
a time for getting

A time for
forgiving and for
Christmas is love
Christmas is peace

A time for hating
and fighting to

Christmas time
mistletoe and wine
Christmas time
mistletoe and wine
Christmas time
mistletoe and wine…

And, today is 31st December, the last day of the year. The theme of the song, my heart says, is even more relevant, filled with even more hope.

Was the year so bad? So depressing? So hopeless?

Have we rejoiced in the good that Life had to offer us during the year gone by, or have we only lamented on the sad episodes that came, now and then, as just interludes?

Do we know what will happen to our lives if we walk into the new-year carrying in our hearts all our old, gloomy-baggage?

How can we expect the New Year to be ‘happy’ when we refuse to believe that the Life had more good to offer than bad… that there are more happy memories to take to the next year than the sad ones… How can we expect the New Year to be ‘happy’ when we are unwilling to drop our combative mind-sets… when we refuse to climb down from our judgment-seats?

New-Year messages have been pouring in… 

All of them are well-meant; 

they are from our near and dear ones… 

No matter how gloomy, sometimes, 

some episodes in life are, 

Life is still beautiful, still glorious… 

It is only that, we forget to acknowledge this truth, this divine reality, every time we see a dark cloud… That’s all.

Some twelve years ago, when the new Millennium was just setting in, Cliff Richard had sung another famous song. It was, in fact, not a song… it was a prayer. ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, we Christians call it… When His disciples had urged Jesus to teach them a simple and practical prayer, He had taught them this one… And, no wonder Cliff Richard chose to sing this prayer and call it the ‘Millennium Prayer’…

With all my sincerity, I dedicate this song – this prayer – to you, to my beloved nation and to this lovely world… which is so filled with hope and goodness… so filled with the promise of Life.

A very happy, peaceful and prosperous New-Year to all of you.


Pic:. Amrita Jeurkar Lyrics and Video courtesy: YouTube.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


If not the World, the year is coming to an end tomorrow…

The World has survived, so far…

We all have!

Mullah Nasrudin had a prized goat. Many of his friends wanted him to kill this goat and invite them for a dinner.

But, Mullah being a miser, wouldn’t do that… Finally, the friends hatched a plan to bring around Nasrudin.

“Nasrudin, have you heard the news?” they asked him with serious faces.

“What news?” Nasrudin wanted to know.

“So bad Mullah!” the friends exclaimed, “Listen, the World is going to end tomorrow!”

“Is it?” Nasrudin seemed seriously shocked.

“Yes, that’s true,” the friends cried in a chorus, “What’s the use of keeping such a big goat when you know that the World would end tomorrow? Let’s have our last supper tonight!”

Mullah immediately agreed. 

When night fell, Nasrudin’s friends began to drop in, one by one. Mullah had killed his prized goat and prepared a great meal for his friends. They all had a sumptuous dinner… Mullah’s darling goat had turned out to be more delicious than what they all had expected.

“Finally, we succeeded in fooling this miser around,” the friends thought in their minds, “Poor Mullah, he really believed that the World would end tomorrow!”

So, all happy and full, as the friends were about to leave Mullah’s house, they started searching for their over-coats…All the coats were missing!

And, our Mullah was all smiling!

“Where are our fine coats, Mullah?” they grunted. 

“I used them to cook my fine goat,” Nasrudin justified, “What is the use of keeping your fine coats when you know that the World would end tomorrow?”

So, tomorrow the World is not going to end… but, the year will…

Come. Come one and come all… come with your fine coats. And, I have my fine goat…

Let’s have a great supper, tonight.


Pic.: Mehul Bhuva




Saturday, December 29, 2012


In the one of the greatest Hindi movies, ‘Deewar’, Vijay Verma – Amitabh Bachchan – is born to very honest and simple parents. He has a younger brother, Ravi Verma – Shashi Kapoor.

Now, you know how our mothers in Hindi movies are…! Vijay is born to such a mother… an incredibly ‘holy’ mother… and, of course, to a father, who worked killingly hard for his two little-children, came home tired… but to a very loving home. But, this upright worker, a representative of the workers’ union, is now damned as a traitor, humiliated, shamed and threatened… and, he is unable to face the trauma of shame, fear and humiliation… so much so, he leaves the town…and, later, dies a lonely death in a local train!

By now, the two sons have become adults… and well-known in their fields: Ravi Verma has become an upright police officer… while, the elder one, Vijay Verma, has become a Mafia Lord!

When their father is harassed and humiliated as a traitor by the workers of the town, Ravi is too small to understand what it is like… But, Vijay is old enough… One day, while returning from the school, the workers grab him, taunt him and, finally, carve on his tender wrist – ‘Mera Baap Chor Hai!’ This leaves him permanently scarred… not just physically but psychologically. The kid is so angry, so agitated by the incident, that  he comes home and tells his mother… that he will drop out from the school and will teach the tormentors a hard lesson.

The scar, the deep wound, gives birth to this ruthless Don, Vijay… And, you know the rest of the story of this cult-movie… the challenge it throws before the younger-brother, Ravi – the police-officer… and, the heart-wrenching pain the mother has to go through…!

Even the finest police-officer’s brother can become a Mafia King… and, even the most pious woman’s son can be, too…

And, when that happens, the challenge the brother has to go through and pain the mother has to bear are known only to them!

If we are not privy to such a situation, we will never be able to understand this plight of a mother or a father, the brother or a sister… the grand-parents, the uncles and aunts… the very own wife and children!

Yes, such a situation – can rise up in any home…

I repeat: in your home and my home!

Never ever say, “No, it can’t”!

It can… It can…

You and I can only try our best to avoid it… We can only pray!


Why am I writing about this, today?

Nirbhaya, the innocent young-victim, has just succumbed to one of most disgraceful, most barbaric acts of, yes, a handful of cannibals…

Any adjective to paint these heartless young-men is still less potent… All the possible adjectives have been already used by every one living on this planet… at least by we Indians!

Everyone is screaming at the top of his/her voice: “This girl could have been any one of us… She could have come from any of our homes!”

True, poor Nirbhaya just happened to be there… that unholy night…

But, I am yet to hear anyone scream: “These young-men, the cannibals, could have been any of us… They could have come from any of our homes!”

“No, not possible,” I hear…

I only pray, it is so!

There must be a ‘scar’ etched on the psyche of these young-culprits… They must be coming from some decent homes… born to simple, pious parents even, having well-behaved brothers and sisters… hard-working and honest fathers…

They must be…

At least, some of them…

My heart goes for these simple, honest, pious

 dear-ones of the culprits… 

as much as for the innocent brave soul – Nirbhaya,

 who is, now, no more!

Like everyone else, I, too, feel like screaming, “Send them to Saudi Arabia… for 'better justice'!”

But, no... I will not.

I will only scream from the Cross of Jesus Christ:

“Forgive them, my Father… for, they do not know what they have done!"


Pics.: Amrita Jeurkar

Friday, December 28, 2012


I seriously think: when we choose our friends, we, also, choose our ‘climate’!

Yes, our friends – the company that we keep – create our climate!

And, you know how important the climate is for our well-being!

So many parents come to me to discuss about the progress of their young-ones. Many find it difficult to accept that their young-children – who were all along doing so well – now, are sliding down miserably. “No, this was not the case before,” they cry… “We fail to understand, why he/she lies,”… “We don’t know, what has happened to him/her!”… “We don’t know where he/she goes bunking  college/classes!”… “We are scared, what may happen!”…

And, then, invariably they have some friend to blame!

“It is because of him/her…”

“So many times, we have told our son/daughter to keep off from ‘that’ one!”…

“They have spoilt our son/daughter!”…

These parents are right. They are wrong, too.

Right because, as the old saying goes, “If you lie down with dogs, you WILL get up with fleas!”

Wrong because, no one can compel you to lie down with dogs… You ‘choose’ to!

Hence, blaming ‘dogs’ for the ‘fleas’ all over our body, now, doesn’t help us, in any way.

The best thing we can do, even now, is to avoid lying down with ‘dogs’ anymore…

And, see how we can do amends…

In life, it is never too late to do amends… The heart has the capacity to change at any age…

Of course, the earlier, the better.

I am telling this to the young-ones.

And, I tell to the parents, who come and complain about some ‘poisonous’ friends, this:

“We all have been ‘teens’ once… We all have had our friends… some good, some bad… some, even, extremely poisonous. And, the good news is that… we have survived!”

I ask them to look back upon their own friends-circle… “Come on, don’t tell me ‘We never had such friends’ or ‘Our times were different’…”

I make them realize that it is only a ‘difficult phase’ of growth for their young-ones… I tell them not to lose faith in their children, nor to over-react with gloom and bitterness.

I tell them, “If you learn to handle your own fears,

 you can help your young-one handle 
his/her situation.” 
I add, “The more your child sees you ‘reacting’, 

the lesser ready he/she is for change.”

So, first thing first: “Stop blaming someone else for your child’s condition. Don’t forget that there are many out there who blame ‘you’ – the parent – for your child’s condition. So, you don’t have to blame yourself, either. Just focus on one thing: How can I learn to ‘communicate’ with my young-one, without reacting, without condemning, without losing hope and faith…That’s the new climate you can create for your young-one to change…The climate of new bond, new friendship… It is slow; but, it is certain to bring forth the desired change…”

For ages, as young-ones, all of us had found our friends dearer than our parents… And, it shall always be so, for ages to come!

Yes, there had been times in our lives, when we have lied down with ‘dogs’… and found fleas all over us…

But, then, that had been only a passing phase…

We have survived, superbly!

And, therefore, I would like to tell all the worried parents this, today:

“Take heart; your young-one, too, WILL!”


Pics.: Mehul Bhuva

Thursday, December 27, 2012



In every sphere of life, our goal is to progress. And, for any sort of progress, there are only two barricades: external and internal.

The external hurdles are tough to handle. Many a times, they are beyond our control. So, we try our best to overcome them… and, when we realize that they are beyond our control, we let go our futile struggle… we accept the situation, change our route and move on…

That, too, is progress…

Imagine what would happen, if we do not realize the futility of our struggles and keep breaking our heads against the hard wall… Imagine, if we keep flogging a dead horse hoping that it would come to life… We would stagnate; in fact, we would slide down in life!

Outside hurdles are tough to deal with… But, not all of them… Not until we attempt to for a reasonably long period of time.

The internal hurdles are our own creations… We create them through our ignorance, attitudes and personality traits. Almost all of them are within our reach… Yet, we, often, allow them to be on our path to progress…

A young mother had brought her ten-year son to me just a while ago. She is a school teacher and has realized the importance of making children very confident and expressive in life. She told me that she has been battling her own ghosts of speaking before formal gatherings… how she had been constantly trying to escape from accepting the challenge… and why she was keen that such a thing should not happen to either her own son or her students.

“Sir, even though I have been so positive when it comes to my child or students, in my own case, I am so helpless,” the young mother confessed, almost in tears, “Why am I not able to get rid of these ghosts?”

I smiled…

“It is my story, as well, ma’am,” I told her, “Some ghosts can be very friendly if you do not fight them!”

Tears just rolled from the lady’s eyes… “I have been taking one step forward and two steps back,” she managed to tell me, “it was leading me nowhere.”

I loved that phrase, “One step forward and two steps back…It was leading me nowhere!”

“So, every time, you kept saying ‘Why am I not able to get rid of these ghosts?’ you took two steps back… because, you were doing that even though you knew it was futile… isn’t it?” I gently asked the lady, who now seemed a lot unburdened. “Yes, to progress, we have to mind the steps that we take backward… for every step forward,” I said.

What good does it serve, even if I am able show compassion to the whole planet, but ignore the pain of my own heart? So, the next time I say - “Well done to some struggling soul on this earth, let me say it to myself not once, but twice… “Well done my boy, well done!”

And, the next time around, 

every time I console a heart-broken soul 

with the words - “It is alright”, 

let me, also, say to myself, yes, twice so – 

“It is alright, my friend, really alright!”

Only then, will I progress in life…

Only when mind the steps that I take backward for every step forward…

Yes, in every sphere of my life!

In the years that we danced together
(For)Each step forward we took two steps back
Each step forward we took two steps back
One step forward and two step back
Nobody gets too far like that
One step forward and two steps back
This kind of dance can never last
One step forward and two step back
Nobody gets too far like that
One step forward and two steps back
This kind of dance can never last

For a change, let me dedicate this country song of Desert Rose Band to ‘myself’… before I dedicate it to you…

Because, that’s how my life may really progress… In its true sense, in deed!


Pic.Abhishek Iyer

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


What we ‘have’ – our achievements, success, wealth, health, name, fame… everything that we have in life… is only ‘given’ to us…

Yes, just as a gift…

What we have… is our privilege… a blessing… a grace!

Even if we have worked extremely hard to achieve what we ‘have’ in life, it is still only that: a blessing, a gift, a privilege.

We need to stretch our two open-and-empty hands towards the heavens and pray:

“Our Father in Heaven… give us our daily bread!”

And, if we go down on our knees and do that… it is still better!

There are these two expressions:

“I deserve” and “I am entitled for”.

While the first expression is incredibly empowering one… the second one is equally imprisoning one!

A deep feeling of deserving something in life is fundamental to our healthy self-esteem and a life of healthy well-being. This feeling stems from our innate trust in ourselves and the Universe… It is not a feeling of arrogance… In stead, it is humility in action… without which, it is not possible for us to experience the fruits of our efforts. Yes, to enjoy our success, we should feel ‘deserving’…

It can come from a deep prayerful attitude… the attitude of gratitude, yes.

On the other hand, the feeling - “I am entitled for” – is detrimental to our healthy self-esteem and a life of healthy well-being. This feeling stems from our lack of trust in ourselves and in the Universe… It is a feeling of arrogance… devoid of reverence and humility… and, as long as we think that we are ‘entitled’ for the fruits of our efforts, and worse, when we think so without putting enough efforts, we are unable to truly experience the blessings in life… Yes, to experience the blessings in life, we should let go the mindset – “I am entitled for”.

And, this, too, can come from a deep prayerful attitude alone… the attitude of gratitude, yes.  

Blame and grumbling are the offspring of the mindset – “I am entitled for”…

Bitterness and worry, too…

Envy, too…

Fear and insecurity, too…

Every privilege is only ‘given’ unto us… 

and, the early we understand this, 

the better for us…

That, too, can only be a privilege… a boon!


Pic. Raj Dhage Wai

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Anything that can bring some simple joy into our hearts… has been our religion. We worship what makes us happy!

Whether I am a Christian or a Hindu, and whether I am a Muslim or a Sikh… that’s not the religion I am talking about… I am talking about a religion which brings simple joy into our hearts… very simple joy…

A young couple from the interior North has come, lately, to live next door. Last night, our door-bell rang. The young-man said shyly, “Sir, my wife wants to see the Christmas-tree… She loves the way it is decorated.”

My heart sank! There wasn’t a Christmas-tree at our place. “Come, please sit,” I made them comfortable, hiding my own discomfort. We spoke about the lovely things about the Christmas-tree, the Crib, the Star and the mid-night Mass (which, these days gets over before it is mid-night due to security regulations!)…

The young-lady’s face lit up! She was new to our big city… The young-man asked me, if they could attend the mid-night Mass.

We had planned to attend the morning Mass… So, once again, I felt in my heart the helplessness. But, I encouraged him to take her to the open-air Mass at one of the popular churches around, where he could also show her the beautiful Crib, the magnificent Star of Bethlehem… and, of course, the dazzling Christmas-tree!

“Thank you sir,” the young-man said excitedly, “she will be very, very happy!”

Not even ten minutes had passed… I saw a message on my cell-phone. “Hi sir, I am coming for the mid-night Mass,” a dear student of mine wanted to share with me her joy, “hope to see you there. Excited!!”

My heart sank, once again!!

I had to tear my heart and tell this young girl – a non-Christian, who wanted to come for Christmas Mass with her close Christian friend - that we wouldn’t be attending the mid-night Mass!

You know how it is on a Christmas day! You feel so nice when hundreds of your dear ones call you, message you… both on phone and the Net… but, it leaves you tired, at the end of the day!

But, that’s Christmas… 

Even the tiredness is simple joy!

We had decided to spend our day with my wife’s parents… We had a lovely family-special Christmas-lunch, all of us together… It made us really happy!

When we reached our complex, it was already dark. The little kids – some twenty of them - all non-Christians, had come together and decorated a nice Christmas-tree… A cute 12-year old must’ve seen us coming home. I had no idea about the Tree, until this little fellow said this: “Gerry uncle, we wanted to give you a surprise,” he beamed with happiness, “we have decorated a beautiful Christmas-tree… Can you come for a while and see!”

My heart, this time, smiled… “Wow, great… darling!” I immediately handed him a big plum-cake and said, “Enjoy it with all your friends!”

That’s my Christmas special, this time…

Simple joy…

From simple people…

In very, very simple ways!

“Merry Christmas to all of you, my wonderful dear ones!”


Pic.:   Mukesh Ahuja

Monday, December 24, 2012


Honestly, I did not know that… this English phrase – ‘Zero Tolerance’ - ever existed!

Thanks to the current Delhi protests against gang-rape, the phrase has become a viral… and, suddenly, I find myself infected by it!

But, frankly, I am not able to understand what it means!

Last night, my wife and I were travelling by our BEST A.C. bus. There was a crazy traffic. At one spot, the bus couldn't move an inch for nearly twenty minutes! There were hundreds of vehicles… including so many luxury cars… and, everyone seemed to have lost his patience… Even though they knew it did not help, they were honking, shouting, abusing… and blaming all and sundry. Yes, notably, the Government and the Police!

But, inside our Mumbai A.C. buses – if you are not in a hurry – it is sheer bliss! Both, my wife and I… we were just chilled!

I was watching from the window a very interesting sight… just outside, at one corner… Believe me, it was all in the open!

About seven to ten men – might be in the age-group of 20 to 40 – clearly from the extreme low-income strata… were doing drugs… It appeared to be some cheap stuff… they passing on to each other, all lost… their heads down, covered and depressed… all oblivious of the crazy traffic around… not at all afraid of the Police… Yes, these men – poor, depressed and goal-less – were lost in their own world…

I was curiously watching the faces of our co-passengers… and those inside the fine cars…And, believe me: nobody cared a damn about it!

After some twenty minutes, our bus moved… and, we could not see the sight any more…

With that, the ‘sad chapter’ was over… !

When we were home, at almost 12 at night, I wanted to know what was the latest up-date on Delhi protests… My young son, who is home on a Christmas vacation, instantly shouted, “Please dad, do not watch… it is depressing, particularly, when we go to sleep!”

“Just for a minute, my son,” I pleaded and watched the drama: I really regretted not heeding to my son’s advice!”

I thought of the roadside junkies. The addiction had gone so deep into their blood, that it made no difference to them even if the Police hanged them or the public lynched them…

And, hanging or lynching wouldn't solve the menace…

How could one help them come out of addiction…? Is the problem linked to their poverty and desperation?

No, all poor do not become dope-edicts!

Even the super-rich do drugs… What is their problem?

The way we react to crimes, rapes and corruption… leaves me worried!

If you give Police the weapon called – 

‘Zero Tolerance’ – 

take it from me, we will end up creating 

our own Frankenstein’s Monster!

Sorry my friends, Tolerance is the weapon of the brave…

Mark this: the enemy that challenges you from inside the well, is your own shadow!


Pic.: Abhishek Iyer

Saturday, December 22, 2012


A lady called me up, last evening. A known person had asked her to talk to me. She told me that she was a housewife, and came from an affluent business family. She always had a dream of starting a school for the ‘special children’, and thanks to the support and encouragement of her in-laws, she had now fulfilled her dream.

“Sir, the reason I have called you is,” this lady said from the other end, “that I need to improve my communication skills… You know, when I meet doctors, psychologists, school principals and parents, I experience discomfort… I need to build my self-confidence.”

“If you have identified your problem, you have already solved it half,” this is an old wisdom. This lady knew why she needed to improve her communication skills. So, I knew she had the right reasons to pursue her desire to communicate well…

Her dream was to run efficiently her school for ‘special children’. The desire to improve her communication skills was just a ‘need’ that she had to fulfill to achieve her major dream…

“Honestly, ma’am,” I said to the lady, “you do not need to join any institute to become a good communicator.” I continued, “all that is needed is: remain passionate about your dream… Be incredibly sincere, committed and focused… Have great patience, be gentle to people, speak from the heart and do not mislead… Be determined, be persistent… Do not try to ‘impress’, be brutally simple and straight…And, believe me, you will find enough self-confidence to carry through.”

The lady sent a huge sigh of relief… “I am so relieved sir,” she literally cried on the phone, “For some strange reasons, I have been carrying in my mind the fearful thought that I should be ‘self-confident’ first in order to follow my dreams!”

“Ma’am, it is other way around: You need to follow your dreams in order to become self-confident in life,” I re-iterated to the lady.

Moses was mortifyingly afraid to confront the mighty Pharaoh of Egypt. Moses’ dream was to free his fellow-Hebrews from the slavery of the Egyptian King. He felt incredibly strong for the cause… but, the thought of challenging the mighty Pharaoh sent shivers through his spine… “I will not be able to speak before the King, O Lord,” Moses bemoaned. 

“I command to you,” Jehovah God had thundered, “Go before the Pharaoh… You will know how and what to speak!”

The story of the Old Testament wouldn’t have been complete without this important chapter in the Holy Bible – ‘Exodus’. Moses had to ‘feel  his fear and do it any way’ in order to lead his oppressed lot to the Promised Land of God.

It took forty years to wade through the wilderness… It took a mighty heart. A mighty dream to help withstand the toughest tests along the Great Exodus…

If the dream is strong, 

the heart will know how to express 

with a bull-dog faith! 

The Barrister Gandhi was timid… Even after passing the Law exam in England, he was unable to stand and speak when his turn to came to speak in the court. It was a petty matter to argue on… Yes, Gandhi tells us how he felt: “When I stood to speak, my heart sank into my boots!”

Gandhi was so embarrassed that he returned the fees to his client and never ever returned to practice…

And, look at the irony… Look at the mighty confidence of the man… who, like Moses, confronted the mighty British Empire to demand freedom for his oppressed folk…

Dream was so strong, so piercing that nobody had to train Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the otherwise a shy soul, how to stand up and speak!

That’s the power of our dreams… That’s the magic and mystery…

“All that is needed is: remain passionate about your dream… Be incredibly sincere, committed and focused…”  Last evening, I had told this to the lady on the phone.

The way to our ‘Promised Land’ is only through our ‘wilderness’…

Let’s be ready!


Pic.: Mukesh Ahuja