Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Anything that can bring some simple joy into our hearts… has been our religion. We worship what makes us happy!

Whether I am a Christian or a Hindu, and whether I am a Muslim or a Sikh… that’s not the religion I am talking about… I am talking about a religion which brings simple joy into our hearts… very simple joy…

A young couple from the interior North has come, lately, to live next door. Last night, our door-bell rang. The young-man said shyly, “Sir, my wife wants to see the Christmas-tree… She loves the way it is decorated.”

My heart sank! There wasn’t a Christmas-tree at our place. “Come, please sit,” I made them comfortable, hiding my own discomfort. We spoke about the lovely things about the Christmas-tree, the Crib, the Star and the mid-night Mass (which, these days gets over before it is mid-night due to security regulations!)…

The young-lady’s face lit up! She was new to our big city… The young-man asked me, if they could attend the mid-night Mass.

We had planned to attend the morning Mass… So, once again, I felt in my heart the helplessness. But, I encouraged him to take her to the open-air Mass at one of the popular churches around, where he could also show her the beautiful Crib, the magnificent Star of Bethlehem… and, of course, the dazzling Christmas-tree!

“Thank you sir,” the young-man said excitedly, “she will be very, very happy!”

Not even ten minutes had passed… I saw a message on my cell-phone. “Hi sir, I am coming for the mid-night Mass,” a dear student of mine wanted to share with me her joy, “hope to see you there. Excited!!”

My heart sank, once again!!

I had to tear my heart and tell this young girl – a non-Christian, who wanted to come for Christmas Mass with her close Christian friend - that we wouldn’t be attending the mid-night Mass!

You know how it is on a Christmas day! You feel so nice when hundreds of your dear ones call you, message you… both on phone and the Net… but, it leaves you tired, at the end of the day!

But, that’s Christmas… 

Even the tiredness is simple joy!

We had decided to spend our day with my wife’s parents… We had a lovely family-special Christmas-lunch, all of us together… It made us really happy!

When we reached our complex, it was already dark. The little kids – some twenty of them - all non-Christians, had come together and decorated a nice Christmas-tree… A cute 12-year old must’ve seen us coming home. I had no idea about the Tree, until this little fellow said this: “Gerry uncle, we wanted to give you a surprise,” he beamed with happiness, “we have decorated a beautiful Christmas-tree… Can you come for a while and see!”

My heart, this time, smiled… “Wow, great… darling!” I immediately handed him a big plum-cake and said, “Enjoy it with all your friends!”

That’s my Christmas special, this time…

Simple joy…

From simple people…

In very, very simple ways!

“Merry Christmas to all of you, my wonderful dear ones!”


Pic.:   Mukesh Ahuja


Vaani K said...

Very touching! Vaani

Unnilkrishnan said...

This simple post has indeed brought simple joy to my heart. Happy Xmas Gerry.
- Unnikrishnan

priya ram said...

Great post sir. Thanks. We find great joy in simple things.....example. wayside flowers !

Ashish Srivastava said...

Merry Christmas Gerry!
Right since childhood, we have been experiencing a christmas at our home.
Dad use to light a star on our roof and since 24th it is dangling at my balcony!
There was cake and savories and so was yesterday!
My sister used to put a christmas tree at her home but her kids decided to put up at the complex this time :)
I was instrumental in buying few things for the tree.
We celebrate with fervor the Xmas and HY with the same spirit as Diwali...
Right education and solid foundation gives you the power of picking the tools of enjoying as you rightly say...
Thanks for the beautiful post!