Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Iam amazed to observe these two diametrically opposite movements in my being:

One, I can be kind and magnanimous… empathetic with another person… just listen to him without being judgmental, reactive, volatile or violent… I can easily remain calm, make the other person feel accepted for whatever he is… touched, healed.

Believe me, I have such a large heart to understand and forgive even the worst tormentor or betrayer in my life…!

Yes, I do.

Two, I can be mean and spiteful… intolerant with another person… impatient to listen to him without being judgmental, reactive, volatile and violent… I can easily get into a rage, make the other person feel rejected for whatever he has done… isolated, condemned!

Believe me, I have such a narrow heart that I can easily raise a monstrous mountain even out of a feeble molehill!

Yes, I do.

Sometimes, I go after another person’s small blunders as if my life fully depends on them… As if, unless I get even with that person, the world would come to an end! Yes, I keep screaming, keep grumbling, keep digging the past, keep swearing, keep…

Till it all ends… and I realize how stupid I can be!

And, at other times, I just keep smiling at other person’s even mighty blunders as if my life is perfectly okay despite such things… As if my world can be even brighter and grander by just smiling at these ‘human slips’! Yes, I keep smiling, keep saying “It is okay”, “It is okay”… I keep looking forward to a happy tomorrow, keep thanking and praising, keep…

Till I feel the warmth of brotherhood… till I realize the glory of divinity within my soul! 

So, when these two opposite realities are present in my very soul… I am more convinced than ever before that, no matter how small or grave are other person’s offenses towards me, the quality of my life depends on how I want it to be…

And not how the other person wants it to be!

Yes, I am amazed to experience this mystical movement… this ebbing and surging within my soul!


Pic.: Abhishek Iyer


Pooja Joshi said...

Beautiful! Pooja

Zeeta D'Souza said...

Very familiar movement our hearts, well captured. Zeeta

Ishwar Shettigar said...

Oh! What a lovely way you have taken us to the movement within... ! Thanks. Ishwar

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir, it is very reassuring!