Saturday, December 15, 2012


I know a gentleman. Whenever I meet him, I enjoy asking him the routine question, “How’s life?”

For, his answer - very typical of how he goes about his life – charges me: “Great! No complaints!”

Imagine, if we start greeting each day with such an expression, and really, really mean it… how will our day be?

“Life is great”!” is not just another statement… It is, indeed, the greatest ‘Thank-you’ we can ever say to God… “My life is blessed… Halleluiah!”

Paulo Coelho has a famous line: “Every blessing ignored becomes a curse!”

Now, let’s read it again…

When our day starts, if we do not choose to see the blessings in our lives - scores of them… small ones and big ones - yes, if we ignore these blessings which abound all around in our lives, that very act of ignorance, that very choice we make not to acknowledge and feel grateful for our blessings – most certainly, becomes our curse!

It is bound to rob us of our daily joy and leave us grumpy, disgruntled…

That’s the curse Paulo is talking about… Not being able to see how blessed we are, how lucky!

Complaining in life is a habit… as thanking, too, is!

Many of us really do not realize how starting our day with grumpiness can rob us of the joy of a wonderful day ahead… Once we make this choice, we can not hope to rejoice in simple joy which life is all ready to offer us!

Happiness and grumpiness 

cannot live in the same house…

As God and Devil, too, can not!

Every time we complain, grumble… we let Devil rule our life… Yes, we do. Anita R. Sneed-Carter has said the same thing, even more dramatically:

“Don't give the Devil a ride today, because then he'll want to drive full-time.

So, kick his attitude of complaining spirit out of your blessed zone…

Don't give the devil… Give NOTHING!!”

Life is great! Indeed, nothing to complain about… And, I mean it!


Pic.: Krupa Gharmalkar


Nitya Shetty said...

Great post! Inspiring! Nitya

Pranali Kant said...

Fully agree with you on this. How we start our day is the key.
- Pranali

Kiran Shah said...

Our attitude decides our altitude, they say. Good post. Kiran

Ajay said...

wonderful article sir......real food for thought....i am sure some of us are victims of this habit of complaining and not seeing the positive things that life has to offer and end up giving the devil a ride...this article will make us aware of this flawed thinking and set us on the path to correcting it.