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Thereare two kinds of people in this world: the cribbers and the doers. Those who habitually complain about what is wrong with everything around… and, those who come forward and do something to solve the problem. Yes, those who curse the darkness - the reactive people; and those who light a candle do dispel the darkness - the proactive ones.
All around us, we find these two kind… They have been there since the time of Kane and Abel.


When our little-ones get bored during their two-hour PD sessions, they want something to light-up their hearts... Some short movie, some songs-videos which can make them dance, some quiz, riddles or jokes and, mostly, some games. Because I want them to become leaders, overcome their shyness, I always encourage them to come out with their own stress-buster ideas. Believe me, they come out with plenty... It's always games galore... Right from Dumb-charades to Chinese Whispers.
They enjoy.... I, too.
Last afternoon, while they were playing 'Chinese Whispers', I wondered if they knew that's how almost all of us went about communicating in our daily lives. There were about twenty-five of those little ones, all below age 13. The little lady in the first bench here whispered something into the little-fellow's ears, next to her. The message got transmitted from ear to ear till it reached the last brat's ears there on the other side of the room. It was time for 'break…






We live in an imperfect world… and with imperfect people all around us. Above all, we are imperfect people, too.

This imperfection should instill in us the wisdom not to keep unnecessary expectations from people around us… Rather, keep them to the minimum and keep only reasonable ones. Similarly, it should not turn us bitter when we see others spreading false propaganda against us… even plot against us.

It is an imperfect world, and people around us are imperfect. We, too, are imperfect. So, people can be unreasonable, ungrateful and vengeful and vindictive. 

The main thing is that we have to live in this world and with the people around us. It is important that we keep our respective faith in our values, our God and life itself… in the goodness of life. We should remain buoyant… Pro-life.

The persons who act mean towards us are there to make our faith in life even stronger… and not to rob us of it. It is not for us to mete out punishment for their meanness… We are not required to pass a …


One of the mightiest breakthroughs in our lives comes when we find ourselves. 

I am talking about, here, about our vocation – our calling – in life.

Scores of parents keep complaining about their young-ones: “Sir, he has no interest in studies,” “She gets carried away by her friends,” “He is wasting his time,” “She is wasting her talents,” “How can we make him decide what he wants do in life?” “Why is she not listening to us?”…

Where are these complaints coming from? Why, even though a young-one knows that it is about his or her own life, about his or her own success and happiness… yes, in spite of knowing it so well, why do they cause such anxiety in their parents’ minds?

Yesterday, parents of three young boys met me through the day… Yes, with the very same anxiety: “Sir, please do something!”

These young men are lost. 

All that is needed is to help them, in some way or the other, find themselves. 

Yes, I speak to these young-men from my heart… I try, in my most sincere way, to tell them th…


Another lesson we should teach our children, very early in life, is to celebrate our differences… All sorts of differences.

In fact, I am wrong here. This lesson we should learn from our little children!

For, children are pure… They are unbiased… Division and hatred doesn’t come to them naturally. It is when they see us talking about division – when they see our prejudiced reactions towards people around us, including the ones within our own families – yes, our children pick them up from us.

In my last Post, I had focused on our uniqueness… How God has made each one of us unique, special. I had emphasized how powerful that faith of ours in uniqueness could be. I had called it – ‘The Gospel of Faith’!

Today, I wish to focus on the other side of this faith: that, as much as I am unique, special, my fellow-being, too, is… That, I should not only believe in the beauty, strength and power of my own uniqueness, I should believe in his, too… I should rejoice in it… Celebrate our differences. 



“God doesn’t mass produce His children… There is no assembly line in His production house.”

When I first came across this line, I remember, I had felt immensely re-assured. I was a young boy, then… very anxious, scared to approach life… constantly comparing myself with others… constantly putting myself down… Constantly hammering myself with the self-judgment - “He is good, I am no good,” …“He is okay, I am not okay.”… I worried, with great pain, if there was a place for me in this world.
Yes, it was during these anxious days of mine, I came across the assurance, that God had created me as a unique person on this planet… That, no matter how many billions had come and gone, would come and go… each of us was born to be ‘special’… incredibly unique. I realized, with great surprise, that there was not a soul on this earth exactly like me… with my finger-prints and voice… with my one-of-kind look. 
So, if God had created me as a unique kid, I had to believe in my uniqueness. And, I, soon, did.…


When I am hungry, I look for food; when I am thirsty, I look for water. 

Therefore, I can conclude: What motivates me to go and look for food and water are my hunger and thirst inside.

The problem always arises when someone ‘forces’ me to take food though I am not hungry and when he insists that I drink water though I am not thirsty.

And, what applies to me also applies to him. He will refuse to eat when he is not hungry; he will refuse to drink when he is not thirsty… My force won’t work. No.

Many parents meet me or call me and complain: “Sir, why doesn’t my child do any work at home? Don’t you give him homework?” 

“I do,” I tell them, “But, he doesn’t do.”

“No, no. Sir, be strict with him,” they react, “scold him, punish him… whack him… Think he is your own son. Please feel free.”

I laugh.

These are smart kids… They come from wonderful families, go to the best schools, they carry a strong head over their shoulders and a sweet heart inside their bosoms. “Relax ma’am, relax sir,” I console t…
There is, always, something extra-ordinary in the wild, wayside flowers...