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Pic.: Chetna Shetty
For some days, 18-year-old Ashwin, a student of our on-going PD course, had been persuading me to play in the class a BBC documentary-film titled ‘HIROSHIMA. “Sir, it’s a must watch,” he kept telling me, “I was moved watching it.”
Last morning, I watched it on my computer, and, yes, it was, in deed, very moving. On one side, you feel angry at the blind, adamant and insensitive military chief of Japan.... Even after the dreaded Nazi force of Germany surrendered, Japan refused to... and, all calls and threats from the Allied forces, particularly, America, failed. America had entered the long-drawn Second World-War only after she was provoked by the horrible attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor. And, now, in spite of all the devastation wrought upon Japan, and even though Germany and other nations had surrendered to the Allies, Japan had remained ruthlessly adamant... So, as a last resort, America did what it did: history’s first - and pray it will be the last - atom bomb a…


Pic.Rajiv Sharma
Pauses do to our speech what punctuations do to our writing. “They make a hell of a difference,” I often, yell before our Public-Speaking students, “Use them well to convey the desired message with the right impact.” Invariably, I write on the board, what the Professor in a popular anecdote had done:

“Woman without her man is nothing.”

“Now, punctuate this,” I give them a minute.

Yes, our young-gentlemen in the class do it this way:

“Woman, without her man, is nothing.”

And, our young-ladies know how they have to punctuate:

“Woman: without her, man is nothing!”

A hell of a difference? That depends on who you are: a gentle-man or a gentle-lady!
And, just now, a friend of mine, Kavin, had shared with all his FB friends, this anecdote about President Obama and his wife Michelle.
One night President Obama and his wife Michelle decided to do something out of routine and go for a casual dinner at a restaurant that wasn't too luxurious.

When they were seated, the owner of the rest…


Pic.: Rajiv Sharma Two days ago, an eleven-year old joined our on-going PD course for Pre-teens. This boy came from a well-off family. Both parents were educated. He went to one of the best ICSC schools. Yet, here in our class, I found him very restless. He was intelligent and articulate, but, the problem was his inappropriate behavior in the class... He would indulge in every kind of negative-attention-seeking behavior. Other students would find it extremely repulsive and I had quite a task in hand to make them understand as to why this boy would take some time to settle down... So, they did their best to put up with all his irritating behavior...
For me, all were alike... Because the boy needed help, their parents had entrusted their little boy into my hands. So, I had a huge responsibility... of not over-reacting to this boy’s, almost, eccentric behavior in the class. I blew hot and blew cold... kept gently, firmly and angrily reminding him about what was expected of him. But, the od…


Pic.: Rajiv Sharma Today, during our PD session, the young-ones were talking about their special interests and hobbies. Dhaksh had just attended a week-long photography workshop under a well-known photographer. He shared with us: how he got interested in photography and what it took to be a good photographer. “You need a creative eye,” he said,” You need a very sensitive observation and a good sense of timing.”
Samvit loved to play hokey. He told us how he got into it... and, about the kind of practice he had to do to be a competitive hockey-player... He shared with us about the injuries he had sustained - and caused on others, too - all while playing... and, why he still loved playing hockey.
Abhinav, the tallest lad in the class, was a passionate basket-ball player. He recounted his story: how he started liking it... the kind of practice he had do... How, apart from Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, some other Greats had inspired him to play basket ball... and, above all, he told us, h…


Pic.: Chetna Shetty
Immediately after the Mumbai Indians clinched the sensational victory against Rajasthan Royals at Wankhade stadium, last night, I saw on TV this tweet from Amitabh Bachchan.

WHAT A GAME ! NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!  Mumbai Indians at start of IPL had been written off... BUT! What a comeback!

I was watching this match with my dad-in-law. He was just discharged from the hospital a couple of days ago; and, normally, he goes off to bed quite early. But, last night, the match was so compelling, that he watched it till Aditya Tare blasted his last-ball-six... He was on his wheel-chair, trying to stand up... while, I couldn’t get myself to sit!
Yes, it was unbelievable... Yes, impossible is just another word... Yes, anything can be possible in the game of cricket... Yes, Faith can, in deed, move mountains and calm down the stormy seas!
Aditya Tare wasn’t born when a similar dramatic scene had brought the entire cricket-loving world to a standstill: It was the legend…


Pic.: Barkha Manik


Pic.: Barkha Manik
When I was about seven-to-eight years of age, we had this very popular parish-priest by the name Fr. Robert Pinto. He was very dynamic and, always, gave very impressive sermons. During the children’s mass on Sundays, he, really, would get down to our size and touch our little hearts with his inspiring stories. As our parents would, also, be present during this mass, often, his stories would send them home, too, a lot inspired and humbled. I still remember one story that he had told us, which has still stayed not only in my mind, but in my mom’s mind, too. Yes, even after, nearly, five decades!
It is the day one of the dreaded criminals of the times is brought to the gallows... to be hanged in the public square. Hundreds of people have come there to witness the sight.
The judge asks, “Do you have any last wish to fulfill?”
“Yes, I do,” replies the criminal, without even blinking inside his blind-fold, “I want to say something to my mother.”
The elderly mother is brought …
There is, always, something extra-ordinary in the wild, wayside flowers...