Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Some, who have not seen my emotionally vulnerable side – my intense outbursts of anger, frustration, sadness, insecurity and arrogance – assume that I am a very cool and composed individual - a mature soul…  Like one of our ‘Babas’ around!

And, therefore, on an inauspicious day, if these people get to witness my volatile avatar, their reaction could be one of these two: “Hey, what a let down!” Or, “Hey, he is just like us!”

I am just like you; and, you are just like me… What a wonderful thought that is!

That, the veins in my body carry the same red-blood… and they throb with the same precious life…

The fear in my mind and the love in my heart can be as crippling and as comforting as they can be for you…

I love tenderness of heart, just as you do…

I fold my hands before my elders, just as you do before yours…

I kneel before my God, just as you do before yours…

A good story gives me goose-pimples, just as it does to you…

When I cry, my tears are honest… and, when I hurt, my motives are just as yours…

“Hide your emotions,” I am advised… But, I can’t take this advice easily…

For, whenever I show my emotions, it brings peace in my heart… and, what is more: others, too, find good about it…

Being vulnerable is being strong… That’s what I have experienced… It is good!

I am a 54-year-old robust man. So, why should I cry when I hear a Bombay Jayshree lullaby from ‘Life Of Pi’… Or experience a lump in my throat when I watch Munnabhai giving a jaadoo-ki-jhappi to the sweeper in his Medical College?

Almost everyone in our village was poor and simple like we were. Lifebuoy soap lasted for many days… and, that was despite the fact that a dozen people in the house – great-grandpa to great-grand-son, men and women all – used the same soap. It was strong, lasted long…

Who knew about hygiene? Yes, till, we were sold on the idea: Use a separate soap: one for your body, one for your hair. Then, they said, shampoo your hair and use lotion for your body… Then, they said…

And, I did…

Like a fool!

And, today, when I watched this three-minute film by Lifebuoy (amazingly

conceptualized  and created by Lowe Lintas) about social-awareness, like you did, I did too: I cried!

Now, why?

I don’t know about you… But, I remembered the strong and durable Lifebuoy we used at home… as if that was the greatest blessing from God!

And, today, when I choked with emotions, I thought of many young-ones of today… They, certainly, have no idea as to what a strong and durable Lifebuoy is. But, I am sure, when they watch this film, their hearts, too, would stop for a brief moment, as mine did… 

That’s good…

Emotions are good…

Only emotions can infuse life in your soul…

“Show them,” I say… 

Life is good… 


You and I are lucky…  We have survived much beyond the age five!

Watch the movie… feel it… cry…

Be sensitive… be good.


Pic.: Manoj Nair
Video: YouTube

Monday, February 25, 2013


We are educated people, decent ones… very respected ones, too!

A friend of mine lost his mother today… I just returned from the cremation place.

The friend of mine, whose mother had been suffering from cancer for sometime now, was shattered… His elderly dad was sitting across the Priest to perform the last rites. We were there maybe for half-an-hour or so… and, within that time-span, we saw five more deceased being brought in… Some young, some old.

The people who matter at that spot are Priests, the ambulance guy, the guy who is in charge of wood, the pyre, the one who keeps the record… These guys are too simple ones. But, here, they are the ones who matter… You, very obediently – blindly – do what the Priest asks you to do. You are a fool if you ask questions!

When, the ambulance fellow doesn’t come on time, it leaves you tensed…

You don’t know how to go about the whole process… whom to contact, what things are required…

You realize how important it is to have someone well-versed with all such things…

The man in khaki tells you, coldblooded: “If there is no doctor’s certificate, I will not allow the body to go up the pyre!”

Yes, it is a rule.

There is some confusion… The certificate is expected in a while… You are a decent guy – a gentleman… You are highly qualified, hold a high post in a company… and you are highly respected… True, true. But, here is the ground reality… The man in khaki holds the key to your peace. “I won’t allow,” he tells you bluntly…

It is a grief-stricken ambiance… Home people can’t think clearly in times like this… You only wish someone behaved kindly with you… Yes, not so bluntly, not so heartlessly.

Without the doctor’s certificate, the cremation will not take place… It is a rule…

Fair enough. No one is telling you to break the rule… Only they are requesting you to allow the cremation to take place, for now, for everyone’s convenience… till the ‘piece of paper’ arrives… Maybe, in an hour…

But, the man in khaki harps about the ‘rule’…

There is someone who knows how to ‘follow’ such rules. He calms the stickler-to-rules down, says something sweetly into his ears… and, behold! Suddenly, everything seems ‘okay’… The ‘rule’ obeyed… The permission granted!

Rest of the ceremony goes very smoothly…

There is peace, all around…

You, my friend and I are all very educated, very decent and very respected people – Gentlemen of the first order! But, here, at this spot, we have to cast all that into the burning pyre… We need to know who matters, where and why… 

We need to know what the ‘rules’ are… 

when to ‘respect’ them… how and why!

And, we need to remember this, too: In Life, there are times, when it is neither sensible nor decent to ask any questions…

Just mellow with the pyre that dies down!


Pic.: Amrita Jeurkar

Sunday, February 24, 2013


In Life, some things we, always, do without being told… and, without any concern over time or returns… even, appreciation. We, always, pursue them just for the simple joy they give us… and, we do them with our full heart.

They are our hobbies. Call them interests… It makes no difference.

Normally, any pursuit ‘outside my regular occupation’ is considered to be our hobby. So, my regular occupation is teaching ‘commerce students’. If I do any activity, other than teaching, through my own self-interest, for sheer joy… like this blogging, counseling, poetry, writing notes in dairies, or photography, painting, sports – or, yes, the FB ‘time-pass’– all these can be branded as hobbies.

Some of my friends still collect old coins and stamps… Some have hundreds of mini-car models… Some keep fish and tortoise at home, some dogs and parrots… Some maintain gardens and plants… Some cook exotic dishes, some sing, some sketch… Some collect celebrity autographs… Some write letters to heads of nations and High and Mighty… There are those who go on treks to wild locations… Some make a hundred pilgrimages… Some play crossword and Sudoku… Some explore etymology – the story behind words…

When I was a little boy in my village, there was this man called John. Every one used to call him a ‘mad-man’! Now, one reason for this was his crazy pursuit: Creating, in his ‘special book’, a family tree for every house in the village:  Who came from where – he had it ready. Whose son married whom and how he branched out and to which direction… branches and their sub-branches… making it an exciting ready-rekoner. Now, this man did nothing for his living… The whole day, he orbited around the village, its every nook and corner… to find out and chronicle – who died when, who is born where, when and to whom…!

A business-savvy John, in today’s world, would have made a smart deal with Google or Wikipedia and made a killing out of this kind of crazy pursuit…

But, then, our John was John… He remained only a crazy nomad in our village!

“When you plan your career, consider your hobbies - your interests.” This is an old advice; it still holds good. 

For, if our hobbies turn into 

our occupations in life,

 life will be a smooth ride. 

No one needs to tell us

 what to do, when and how… 

No one needs to give us reminders… 

There will be no concern over 

returns or time… 

Heart is where work is… 

and work is where heart is!


I can tell you how I got into teaching: I loved it so much that I started teaching dozens of my friends and neighbors just as a hobby… All for free… it was all though the day; and, it was so even though we badly needed money at home. I loved teaching for the great joy it bought in my heart… I did it for the kind of confidence it infused in me… And, let me tell you this: before long, my hobby had turned into my occupation!

“Do what you love;” you must’ve certainly heard of it, “If you can not, love what you do!”

I am lucky that I have been, always, able to do – as an occupation - what my heart wanted to do as a hobby…

To follow your heart, you need faith…

And, I tell this to every one… whenever my hearts wants me to… yes, as a hobby...

Like, I do... now!

And, yes, before long... who know?


Pics.: Sanchita Chowdhury

Saturday, February 23, 2013


“What will people think?”

For many of us, this is the biggest fear… The heaviest burden!

 Now, I hear some saying, “No, I care a damn to what people think.”

I can only smile when I hear that!

The father of a young-girl was there in my office, this morning. The girl, who currently is in FY B’Com, had cleared her CPT (CA entrance-exam) smoothly and had joined a reputed coaching-class for preparing for the IPCC exams (Inter-CA exams). Along the way, the pressures had gotten the better off of this girl, health had deteriorated and she couldn’t attend the coaching. The parents advised the girl to take good rest, focus on her college exams and just enjoy her college life, presently… They were very supportive and told her that there was no hurry at all to complete her CA; that, she could give exams, gradually in installments, as and when she felt she was able and ready.

The girl was just in her 3rd standard when she first heard about this word - CA. One of her uncles had just passed the coveted CA-exam and there was a lot of buzz about it in the family. It was then, that, this little girl had asked her father, “Dad, what is there after CA?”…

The wagon was hitched to the stars… as the proverb would inspire the little one!

Today, before the young-girl had joined our discussion, the father had recounted this story to me. “Ever since then, she had been thinking only about it and nothing else,” he told me, “She had let everyone in the family and outside know that she would be a CA, one day… and, it was a huge weight on her head!”

True, the girl was bright and committed. But, she wasn’t prepared to accept failure or setbacks along… “I have to become a CA at any cost,” was what she knew. “But, why?”… “Is there something else dearer, closer to my heart?” she never knew; rather, she had never thought of. There was a constant underlying fear of failure caused by the heavy weight of “I-must-at-any-cost” attitude.

There was another load: “I don’t know what to do if I can’t succeed… What will people think?”… This was the worst burden!

So, when things crashed suddenly along her inter-CA studies, there was an untold amount of desperation, frustration and pain.

 The concerned father was here to seek my advice, this morning. When the girl joined us, I realized that she was not yet ready to go about preparing for the up-coming exams. She needed to take a real break, nurture her soul… let go her compulsions, come to terms with her deepest fears and insecurities… Keep some back-up plans, explore new possibilities… and, above all, watch her anxiety - “What people will think”.

“There are a hundred other things you can do in life and live very happily,” I told the young-one, “CA is not the only thing.” I also told her, “You will be able to see those things only when your mind is unburdened, free from anxiety… the anxiety of other people’s opinion… All that matters is your own opinion… You don’t owe an explanation to anyone in this world, more so, when your own loved ones are with you.”


The father had paid full fees for the entire course… and - even though he was supportive to his daughter - he, too, had a load on his head: “How to let go of it?”

“When my leg has gangrene and my doctor says it has to be amputated, what is the option left before me, sir?” I asked him, “You know what will happen if I don’t let go of my rotten-leg?”

The message was conveyed effectively: The daughter’s physical and mental well-being was more important than the hefty amount the father had to forego!

The daughter had to amputate her gangrened belief, too: “What will people think?”  

Else, what would happen? … I am sure, the girl knew the answer, by now.


Pics.: Girish Gupta

Friday, February 22, 2013


Mike Tyson is completely a changed man!

Yes, this once mean, mad and unpredictable man… Heartless Cannibal would be more appropriate!

A couple of days back, I saw this picture of Tyson tightly hugging Evander Holyfield… When I saw the closed eyes and childlike smile on Tyson’s face, I called my wife and said, “Look at this… Can you believe this? Sixteen years ago, in the boxing ring at Las Vegas, they were locked in a boxing-hug – a blood-soaked, merciless and devastating one – and, this very man, Mike Tyson, had eaten off Holyfield’s ear!”

Sixteen years looked like an eternity! Now, this hug evoked in me the softness of a baby cradle, the hope of God’s heaven…

Where the Past, as they say, is just a history… the Future is an awe-filled mystery… and  the Present is an amazing gift as this baby-hug is…

To come to terms with your bloody, reckless past… To be hopeful and trusting as a wonder-struck little-child about your future… and, then, to embrace this day in hand – this wonderful-throbbing-life-in-hand-now – is nothing short of the greatest miracle of life… Grace!

You need to experience this moment of truth – to believe it…

Yes, this moment in your life called – ‘The Road to Damascus’!

For the ones who do not know what ‘The Road to Damascus’ signifies, here it is.

St. Paul is one of the greatest forces behind the spread of Christianity. He was a Roman General and was assigned to persecute the early Christians in the first century. So brutal and so determined this man was to fulfill his mission of wiping off the trace of Jesus Christ on this earth that he eliminated scores of innocent men, women and children… He personally supervised the execution of St. Stephen when he was stoned to death… Then, one day, on his way to Damascus, on a fresh mission to destroy Christianity, this General Saul was destined to experience his moment of turnaround… “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” he was blinded by the light and deafened by the voice from heavens, thrown off his horse…

Thereafter, General Saul was to become St. Paul… and was fated to go on a diametrically opposite mission: to become the greatest follower of Christ and spread Christianity all over the world. And, fittingly, his life was to end with an imitation of his Hero… He was beheaded!

God touches our lives in miraculous ways! 

Living has been always marked with 

 falling from Grace… and coming back Home…

And, to me, that is the greatest and the most amazing thing about spirituality… the most beautiful thing about Faith and religion…

That, my Lord is willing to welcome me, eat with me… a sinner…

Oh yes, that’s the most reassuring thing about Life.

When the hardened Pharisees taunted Christ, saying, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them,” He would turn to the multitude and ask, “Imagine, you had a hundred sheep, and if one of them is lost, would you not leave your ninety-nine sheep and go in search of the one lost sheep… and, when you find it, would you not put him around your shoulders and bring him home with great rejoicing?”

It was then, that Jesus Christ had told another story… another parable: the Parable of the Prodigal Son!

Mike Tyson is the Prodigal Son…

If he is not, none of us can be…

The Road to Damascus has no meaning!


Pics.: Manoj Nair
Video courtesy: YouTube

Thursday, February 21, 2013


“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasures.”

        Rainer Maria Rilke

When my thoughts come, they just come. They neither seek my permission before they come, nor before they leave. Like clouds in the sky, they come… wearing  a hundred different hues… stay as long as they wish… and, then, they go… only to visit again… then go, come, go, come… over and over again!

Like clouds wearing a hundred different hues, I said…

They are my happy thoughts, sad thoughts, thoughts of love and insecurity, thoughts of courage and fear… Hope and despair, hatred and compassion…

All kinds of thoughts visit me, a thousand times a day… when I am awake and asleep… when I am working and resting… when I am alone and in company… when I am young and old… Yes, they visit me all the time, all my life…

So, what am I supposed to do with them – these ‘peculiar’ visitors?

Well, like most others, I tend to like only some of these visitors, the pleasant ones – love, joy, hope, courage, compassion… and detest others, the unpleasant ones – sorrow, despair, fear, hatred, insecurity, envy and worry. And, like others do, I too tend to block the entry of the undesired visitors, standing on my mind’s door… I try to welcome only my friendly visitors.

But, they all walk in, leaving me alone at the door… They come, they stay for a while …and then they go!

Now, who am I… the one who is standing at the door?

Am I my thoughts?

At this time of my day, the sky is blue and bright… the clouds are snow-white and cheerful. The same is the state of the sky inside: the mind is bright and clear… the thoughts are very, very friendly…

But, the way the hues outside may change, any moment from now, the hues inside, too…

And, just as each of the clouds outside passes away to make way for new ones… each of the thoughts within my mind too does…

My resistance and lamenting over the unwelcome visitors of my mind only adds more agony and unrest within my soul…

Therefore, let me not lament… Let me not try to stop the unpleasant guests from visiting… For, they do no harm to my soul, they cause no hurt or pain… unless I get into my futile fights with them…

Thoughts - any thoughts - 

when watched from wayside… just walk by…

When fought against, leave us bruised and battered!


Hence, let me befriend my thoughts – all thoughts… Let me not ask God why He sends storms which I fear… but let me seek strength to sail through them – and emerge as a stronger, wiser and finer human!

Long time ago, Ralph Waldo Emerson had written in his essay:

“The wise man in the storm prays God, not for safety from danger, but for deliverance from fear.”

I will not ask God, therefore, why He causes fear in my soul… I will only ask for wisdom to deal with it…

Yes, I will not ask Him as to why He has employed dragons - my deepest fears… to guard my deepest treasures – my peace and happiness.

Maybe, that’s how it is intended: The dragons should guard our treasures…

I should ‘know’ this… Maybe, that’s how it is intended, too!


Pic.: Abhishek Iyer

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Is it important for parents to tell their children – little-ones or young-ones - where they (parents) go and when they will be back home?

What about the children? Is it important for them to tell their parents where they go and when they will be back home?

I am a parent – a father of a young son. Let’s assume, as I am his father, I did not think it was important at all to tell my son, and he always saw me leaving home without telling where I went or when I would be back – how would he think it is important for him to do it every time he left home?

Now, normally, people at my home know where I am headed – my workplace. But, if, during the day, I have a different agenda, a different destination to visit, then, I think it is important I let them know about it… The idea is: we never know what may happen to us outside - when, where and how!

So, I emphasize: It ‘is’ important for me as a father to let my young son know, where I will be during my day… and, when I will be home. Similarly, it ‘is’ important for me to let my wife know about it, too…

It is not only important… It is a ‘must’!

Imagine, therefore, this: if my son had seen me doing this right since his baby days, won’t it be but natural to him to ape me?

Won’t my son, too, declare like me: “It is not only important, but it is, also, a ‘must’?

I, sincerely, think, he will.

Children, most certainly, learn by example. And, home is the place they get to see a hell lot of examples… and, thereby, to learn a hell lot of things!

Today is a Public holiday around. Children have no school or college… and, parents have no office. They are at home… It is a holiday.

A young student had come to learn a particular chapter from me, today. It would take at least two hours to complete that. She is a bright student and she comes from a fine home. As she isn’t my regular student, and as this was not her regular routine or destination, I asked her, “At what time, you should be back home?”

“No time in particular,” the young-one told me.

“Have you told your parents that you were coming here?” I asked.

“No sir,” she said, “I just said, I am going!”

I gave a stern look at this young-lady and said, “Do you think it is important to tell them or not?”

She got the message: “Yes, sir, it is; I should have informed them.”

Well, this girl and her parents are just like any of us… And, though I have started off with my own example as a parent or a husband, it doesn’t always happen so: Sometimes, we do leave home without telling - where, when, and why!

Yes, as a parent or husband, if I do that once in a while, probably, I am being human, a mortal.

But, if I do it always, every time – if I think that telling my loved ones where I am going and when I will be back not important at all – then, I am being mean, insensitive… irresponsible.

Life is, always, kind us… so kind that we, always, take it for granted…

But, deep down, I do know this: 

We never know what can happen to us outside –

 when, where and how!

“Tell at home where you are going and when you will be back, okay?” I had reminded the young-one when she left my place, today.

Or, was she reminding me?


Pic.: Yojana Singh

Monday, February 18, 2013


A friend of mine was here in my office, this morning. He is a young medical-practitioner and involved with many social causes, particularly education. For last couple of years, he has been a very active Trustee of one of the well-known and old educational institutions. Incidentally, he is its youngest Trustee and is surrounded there by old, experienced and very committed Trustees.

This morning, my friend happened to share with me two mundane incidences involving their President, who is in his late eighties.

The first incident. The institute had organized a grand function to felicitate this elderly soul for his decades of selfless service to the institution in particular, and to the Society at large. During this function, the organizers had presented this senior gentleman with a stunning statue of pure silver. It was quite a big statue and had cost a big sum, too. After the function, while leaving the campus, he expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all the organizers and said that it was really so kind of them to shower such affection on him. “I have been receiving so many of these mementos, that, of late, I am relieving myself of them, one by one,” he casually told people around him. Before, they could hear his next sentence, the elderly soul had, already, placed the beautiful memento in the hands of another elderly soul, who happened to be there on his wayside… The recipient was institutions’ oldest gardener! “This is for you,” the President of the institution said with a gentle pat on the speechless gardener, “you have been doing a wonderful work quietly for years… You deserve this!”

By now, the generous soul was already inside his car… and, all that others could do was: just look at each other… unable to say anything!

The second incident. One day, my friend, along with some other officials, had accompanied the President to someone’s residence for certain discussion. The host was the Chairman of a large organization and the meeting was relating to the development issues of the institution. It was a palatial company bungalow, and, there, the host’s family was very hospitable to the delegation. While leaving from that place, the President thanked individually every one in that bungalow for making the experience exceptionally pleasant. Then, he looked around and said, “Where is the elderly woman who served us snacks and tea?” The domestic help was called out by the house-lady. When the simple elderly domestic-help appeared, the President held his folded hands before her and said, “Mataji, you have been so gracious; thank you… May God bless you!”

Once again, all that others could do was: 

watch the scene with awe and disbelief… 

It had humbled them – 

telling so is like stating a too obvious fact.

When my friend had reached his home, there was an e-mail waiting for him. “In my entire four decades of corporate exposure, never have I witnessed such an honest and humbling gesture!” It was from the host, who was left speechless after the delegation had left his bungalow!

My friend is barely 40. “I wonder, if such a species, as this one, is extinct in this world, today.”

“Endangered species, sir,” I corrected him, “Only a few are still left… Let’s save them… by carrying their baton… for some distance, at least.”

“What you deeply admire, you attract.” This is the ancient Law of Attraction. It is still in operation…

Which means, there is hope!


Pic.: Amrita Jeurkar

Saturday, February 16, 2013


There is an old Chinese proverb:

“Of all the war strategies, to know when to quit is the best.”

Now, read it again… It says ‘When to quit’… and, not ‘How to quit’.

We hail young Abhimanyu as a brave warrior. According to the legend, he learnt about the warfare of Chakravyuh – its formation, how to get into it and penetrate it - while he was still in his mother Subhadra’s womb! Arjuna, his father, would discuss about this war secret with his wife and the unborn Abhimanyu would learn it so early… Yes, that’s how the legend goes. However, as Arjuna had to leave, he could not complete the most important part of the warfare of Chakravyuh: How to quit it.

So, when it was time, the young-warrior, Abhimanyu, enters the Labyrinth brilliantly… But, alas, only to get ambushed by his enemies inside!

Ever since this great battle of Mahabharata, we have come to believe that to win Life’s battles, we need to know not only how to enter our Labyrinths, but, also, how to quit them…

The Chinese proverb reminds us: Of all the war strategies and maneuvers, the best one is the knowledge – ‘when to quit’!

All battles, in History, had erupted, first, in human minds before they were waged outside… All, including the two deadliest World-wars! Wars are, always, the results of stubborn minds… They are battles of our egoes… Every battle starts with the clash of two egoes… 

And, once two bulls lock their horns, 

very, very rarely,

 they can come out un-battered…

Yes, they know how to lock their horns… but not how to unlock… and, worse, ‘when’ to do that!

Letting go…

Quitting the battlefield…

It is the most important strategy in the book of Life’s warfare…

Like brave Abhimanyu, almost all of us come into this world knowing how to get into our Labyrinths – our Chakravyuh’s… But, we have not learnt how to come out of it… How to quit… And, as the Chinese Proverb reminds us, we have, certainly, not learnt ‘When’ to quit!

And, as I end this Post, a thought strongly prompts me to add this:

We have never bothered to know: ‘Why’ to quit!


Pic.: Sanchita Choudhury

Friday, February 15, 2013


The famous phrase ‘Udipi Hotels’ has come from the temple town of Udipi in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. But, the dynamic men, who run these famous signature hotels all over the world, are not necessarily from Udipi. Nor are they from its cousin-city, Mangalore… No, not necessarily. You talk to these men and they will tell you that they come from the interior villages around Mangalore and Udipi… Yes, small, simple villages.

Probe these men a little further, and you will be surprised as to how similar their stories are: almost all of them had begun from scratch. When they were small boys, someone – an Hotelier from Mumbai or similar big city – had picked them up from their villages and brought them to the big cities to serve water or clean tables. Lucky ones might start directly as waiters… but, rarely someone would start as a cashier… Leave alone as a manager. The small boys soon become big boys… they work so hard, so loyally and with such focus that, invariably, all of them graduate into waiters, supervisors, cashiers and managers… Most of them live under tough situations… save money, nurse their dreams, harbor hopes… and, eventually, most of them end up starting a hotel of their own!

Believe me, this is the inspiring Udipi legend! If you don’t believe this, go and check with these guys who run your favorite food-joints… If the guy happens to be from a second, third or fourth generation… ask him how it all had started. Then, ask him about the small boys who serve water and clean tables in their hotels, now… “Will they be on their own, one day?” ask them. “They will,” you will be told, with loads of pride!

“Why alone Udipi,” you may argue with me, “any enterprise, for that matter, has a similar legend behind it.” To that, I have only this to say: No one does it the way these ‘Udipi’ men do… I mean the business of starting and running the restaurants. There is something special about them - a special dream, a special grit, a special commitment, focus and passion. Else, the legend wouldn’t have endured so long… wouldn’t have inspired us this long!

Today was the last class for a batch of my students. I had found them, all through the year, very focused and committed. So, today, before I sent them off, I wanted to say something to charge them up.  

 “You need to dream… A big dream 

in a small way,” I told them, 

“In life, anything you do with complete focus, 

dedication and passion has to succeed.” 

Then, unwittingly, I gave them example of the famous ‘Udipi Legend’…

And, I knew it would help them go into the world, all charged up… Yes, with a case study which a Harvard Business School would never be able to give them as an assignment…

Yes, the legend has it that…


Pic.:.Girish Gupta