It is good that we all get bored in life… very regularly, of everything that we do. It is good, because, everything that is newly created – rather, invented - in this world by anyone has been done only because someone had been terribly bored doing the same thing, in the same way and doing it over, and over again!

So, there we are: bored soon, listening to music and watching movies or TV shows…

Bored we are going to schools, offices and our temples…

Bored we are preparing or eating our food…

Bored we are learning our subjects or preparing for our exams…

Reading and writing bores us soon…

Gymming, Yoga or Salsa bores us in no time…

Making money and making love, too…

Meditation too, prayer too.

Every human activity has to hit this roadblock called ‘boredom’… Perhaps, it is Nature’s way of helping us slowdown… contemplate, re-think… If necessary, stop doing the particular activity completely and start afresh, something new, perhaps… or take a new route, perhaps.

It is interesting to note:

How we can prepare the same food, in the same kitchens, with the same ingredients… but in new ways!

How we can experience bath in our same bath-rooms, with same water, shampoos and soaps… but in new ways!

How we can communicate with our very-same 

people, the very-same things… but in new ways!

How we can make money from the very-same business-deals, with the very-same people… but in new ways!

Make love to the same person, in new ways!

Pray to the same God, in new ways!

“Blessed are they who get bored in life, soon!” I, seriously think that this is the missing Beatitude from Jesus’ Sermon on Mount! And, therefore, may this be added, now, as the 'Ninth-one'… of course, with the rejoinder, “For, they shall be called ‘Geniuses’ in life?”

And, may I put it the way the Christ would have done: “Verily, I say unto you, that Life would have been a miserably boring-affair if humans were not to discover new ways of living their ‘boring life’?”

Go, therefore, get thoroughly bored of life… only to create freshness out of it.

By the way, I was extremely bored, this morning… And, in such a state, I happened to talk to someone in my office. I had just coined, all casually, the word 'Geniuses'; and, barely the word had touched the eardrums of this 'scholar', he corrected me: "My friend, it is 'Genii', not 'Geniuses'!"

"Is it?" I reacted in surprise, "I did not know that!" I thanked him for this new piece of wisdom. The moment he was out of my office, I asked my dear friend, 'Google', "Tell me, is it so?"

 "Yes, it is," my friend told me, "though you are not fully wrong." 

I thought...  I would share my 'new discovery' with you, this afternoon!

And, yes, also, the mysterious discovery of this 'Ninth-Beatitude'! 


Pic.: Sanchita Choudhury


Numan Khan said…
Best way to be creative is through boredom! A lovely post. Numan
Reeta Sharma said…
I am so easily bored about anything and everything in life... so, this post came to pamper me a lot, today. Thank you.
-- Reeta
Anonymous said…
In praise of boredom, in praise of life! Felt good reading this inspiring post. Harish Naik
Ashita Shetty said…
Boredom kills only those who are too rigid in life. If you are pliable, there is lot in store for you thru boredom. Great post. Keep it up.
.. Ashita

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