Monday, March 14, 2016


Pic.; Ashwin Mohta

My Hindi was always bad. It still is. One reason for this was, that they introduced Hindi for us only in 6th standard. Or, was it in 8th? I don’t remember… I only remember struggling to write and read… leave alone speak!

But, I loved Hindi movies, and, strangely, I could understand the dialogues and the lyrics of the songs… I used to sing those songs (of course when no one was around me!) as if I was the lyricist… One of the songs was a very funny one. ‘Muthu Kodi Kawari Hada’. It was from Mehmood’s super-hit comedy – ‘Do Phool’. I was a 15-year-old high-school boy when I had heard that song (not watched the movie). I could grasp the meaning of two words – ‘Muthu Kodi’… which meant ‘Give kiss’… But, what ‘Kawari Hada’ meant, I have no clue till date!

It was just like ‘Why this kolaveri di’...

Yes, why ask? Simply enjoy the beats…

And, the beats are great…

The rest... Who cares?


So, whatever bit of Hindi I am able to speak and understand today, a lot of it has come from the Bollywood movies… And, not from my school.

This morning, as I was about to write my daily blog, I happened to see a cute video shared by my dear student and friend, Shraddha, who lives abroad. It was titled ‘Dave and Carol dance to Bollywood music.’ I decided to watch it instantly and, as I was watching it, my heart smiled… “These foreigners don’t understand a word of that song; they have no clue whether it is Hindi, Punjabi or Hyderabadi... But, look at the energy, joy and exuberance!” I was telling myself, “If this is not ‘spreading our culture’, what else is?”

As far as promoting across the seas our popular culture is concerned, our movies and musicians have done a greater service to our nation than the rest of us have!

Honestly, what else do we all - here or anywhere else in the world - yes, what else do we desire…  other than a sincere, clean and spontaneous smile on our faces, early in the morning?

Thank you Shraddha… Thank you Mahmood!

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Atul Kaushal said...

The Hindi speaking population ingloriously mutilated a Tamil song in Muthu Kodi Kawari Hada much less understood what it meant.
See Peter Vas's blog at for better understanding what it was actually intended to mean.