Saturday, March 19, 2016


Pic.: Azriel D'Souza

A couple of us were trying to raise a certain amount of money for a noble cause. We had approached some of our friends and well-wishers and most of them had responded positively. Some had contributed more than what we had expected, while some had contributed less… And, some had shown a cold indifference, while, yes, some had really come from nowhere with their generosity and delighted us!

Still, we were left with a small deficit. An hour ago, I wrote about it to one of our core-team members. He, instantly, gave me three names, including his own… and said ‘Done’.

“Amen,” I got back to my friend, “All is well that ends well!”

I must have tossed those words, which Shakespeare had made famous through his play, casually… But, then, the moment I had used them, I began to think about those words…

So true those words were!

The fund-raising activity was just a metaphor. When we had begun, we had no clue who we could rope in… But, doors kept opening, people kept joining… Somewhere we felt elated, somewhere we felt disappointed… “Will we succeed?” or “Will we not succeed?” Yes, there were times of self-doubt… Finally, it got done…

The cause was worth pursuing… The trouble was worth taking… All is well that ends well… Yes, I said!

It makes me think in larger perspective… All causes, which we pursue with a clean heart and commitment… all the efforts and heartburn, all the anxiety and pain… yes, all these are worth it as long as it ends well…

That’s why Rancho, one of the 3-Idiots, keeps advocating to all his friends his famous life-philosophy: ‘All izz well’… ‘All izz is well’… ‘All izz well!’

They say, the end justifies the means… Seen from the other end, the means, too, justify the end!

All is well that ends well…


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