Monday, March 21, 2016


Pic.: Varsha Chitnis Junnarkar

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.”
- Gary Allan

This is the truth… No matter who I am, I do feel jealous of someone – someone better than me – in life. Rejoicing in other people’s success is a wonderful remedy for my sickness called Jealousy. Yes, I know it is. But, to me, rejoicing in other peoples’ success doesn’t come first… That, the other person is ‘my own’ – yes, this thought doesn’t come first… That, his success is my own, his happiness is my own… yes, all these amazing thoughts don’t come first, to me.

To me, what comes first is: that, the other person is different, his success and happiness are not my own… that, when he succeeds, I lose… that, when he is praised, I feel sad, isolated!

My jealousy comes from my insecurity, my fear and lack. It comes from my low self-esteem. When seen from a spiritual perspective, jealousy comes from my ignorance… poor self-knowledge…

So, today, I would like to see how jealousy can help me, rather than destroy me…

Do I feel jealous?

Yes, I do.

Do I become strikingly aware whenever I feel jealous?

Yes, I do.

What happens when I become strikingly aware of my jealousy, when I do not justify it… do not condemn myself?

I become more compassionate, more peaceful… It becomes easier for me to accept other person’s success as my own…to accept the truth that the other person is none other than I myself… He is me… his family is mine… his happiness is my own!

So, to me, the spiritual path, always, passes through this meadow called my ‘lower self’…. where reside my fear, insecurity and jealousy… where reside my anger, hate and revenge… 

The key, therefore, is to become silent and see my own jealousy, fear and anger… The more I do that, the more I come closer to God, my higher self…

Francoise Sagan said, “To jealousy, nothing is more frightful than laughter.”

How true!


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