Friday, March 31, 2017


“The enemy uses those things you are insecure about.
Free yourself and take your power back
by being secure in who you are - flaws and all.” 

Why do people play politics? Call them ‘mind-games’ or, as my dear friend, Kavita*, calls it in her frustration – ‘dirty games’. Let me make public a private conversation we had, this morning. She had written to me this…

“Hello sir… How to cope up with dirty politics played in school? I just hate it. Some teachers are ready to do anything to mesmerize the Management, and then play dirty games.

Sir, I have done my M. Ed; but, I am working with primary section only because I love being with the little-ones...

A couple of years ago, I used to teach Economics in XYZ college; but, I left it after a few months because I did not enjoy teaching older group. I sincerely love my school a lot… but, only thing is: I am bad in dealing with the dirty games played by some teachers. The Management is making me feel that I was stupid not to take up the better opportunities which had come my way…

Sir, now, I don't even feel like going to school... The same place where I once used to crave to be… always planning activities for my little-ones… But, not now.

I don't know politics nor do I want to learn to play it!”

I have known Kavita  since her school days. She is a live-wire… witty and playful and, yes, full of mischief, too. So, when I read the message from her, this morning… I could immediately sense, that something ‘dirty’ at her workplace – the teachers’ room to be precise – had compelled her to vent out her frustration…. It was more of a reaction… In my gut, I knew, that Kavita was strong and wise enough to deal with it…

And, I did say that to Kavita in my response…

“Dear Kavita, I think, it is a reaction to something nasty which is presently happening out there… It is not permanent. What is permanent is the fact: that, you love to be with little-ones… you love to plan activities for them… that, you crave to be at that place every day. So, just hold the fort… smile more, show more patience… There is no workplace under the Sun where egos and insecurities do not operate… where dirty and mean politics is not being played… Teachers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, consellors even priests and nuns…. you find the game of politics being played everywhere… So, if you stop going to the school which you once loved so much… yes, if you stop being there – where else will you find your happiness? Remember, we live in a world of imperfect souls… not in an island. You will go crazy living in an island… Those little kids need to learn early that lesson, too… that, joy has to be found ‘inside’ the chaos… not ‘outside’… Hang on, hang on, Kavita!”

The Wise have told us, that Confidence is silent… Insecurities are loud. And, that we are all beautiful except in the eyes of an insecure.

*Name changed

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


“The house of fame, he thought, is built on melting ice, not steel...” 

On my way back from bank, I met a couple who have been living in New Zealand for more than two decades. I knew this couple well when they were here in Mumbai. Today, the first comment I made to them was: “You haven’t changed at all!”

“I was about to say that to you,” said the husband.

“I agree,” added the wife.

Not changed at all? In what respect? All of us had put on a lot of weight… We all had grayed… and, yes, we all were not looking as young and dashing as we did years ago… Then, why did we all think of each other as ‘Not changed at all”?

Probably, because: they had seen me, twenty years ago, without a car or a wrist watch… And, today, they were seeing me without a car or a wrist watch, too… They had seen me, then, visiting my bank, and they were seeing it today, too… Perhaps, they were finding no change in my vocabulary and outlook towards people and life… Perhaps, they were seeing me firmly planted on the ground that I once walked…

And, I can say the same thing about the couple: they seemed utterly simple and humble… The NRI status did not seem to pollute this simplicity about life… people and life around them.

We all possessed ‘little’ then, but we were happy. We, now, know that only ‘little’ is enough to see us through this life-journey… that, the size of our wealth, fame and name will not determine our joy… nor will we be able to take those things when we die… Yes, we are aware of this truth!

Then, why this unnecessary pride in our accomplishments… in our wealth, name and fame? After all, how much do we really need to live happily in this world? And, for whom do we keep accumulating so much? Why this grand story?

I was very fond of Shekhar Suman’s talk show – ‘Movers & and Shakers’. He fitted so perfectly well for the role of host… so spontaneous and witty, so much in command. I think – well, I may be wrong in my assessment – with his stupendous success, Shekhar had turned a lot arrogant and insecure, too. I had read the report, that he demanded exorbitant sum of amount from the TV channel etc… Whatever it was: such an amazing show had to end forever!

And, today, I get to hear the same kind of stories about Kapil Sharma. As a comedian and as a host he is so good, so unique. His success has been mind-blowing… and, yet, what you fear today is that it is all going to go…

And, why?

Once again, let me not judge others. Let me only judge myself… After making all that wealth, name and fame, I will have to come back to my home… my very, simple and humble home… where alone – from the heart of my hearts – I know, that I will be secure and happy.


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Monday, March 27, 2017


Robin* is my dear friend. I know he has only one wife!  But, early this morning, when I saw his message on my mobile, I wondered if he had hidden his other wives from me and many of his friends!

He had messaged to me:

“Are there any Workshops planned for this month? One of my wife’s cousin is looking for Workshops.”

What Robin wanted to tell, I could easily understand:
“A cousin of my wife is looking for Workshops.” He could have conveyed it in other ways, too. Like: “My wife’s cousin is looking for Workshops,” or, “One of the cousins of my wife is looking for Workshops.”

Incidentally, there was another similar message in our Society WhatsApp group. A lady had enquired:
“Is anyone taking ABACUS classes in our society? Kindly inform me if you know.”
Another lady had replied:
“Me as well.”
The first lady had reverted quickly:
“What age kids you take ma’am?”
The second lady’s response was understandably interesting:
“Arre, I also need information about ABACUS for my son!”

Both these messages made me smile, this morning. My own list of goof-ups is endless… Someone like my wife and son alone will have the honesty and gumption to point them out to me and laugh. Thus, I am not writing about the message/English goof-ups, here in my Blog, to make others look small or silly… I am writing about them, here, to tell: “Hey, we all do such goof-ups, so often!”

I have stopped asking someone, “What is your ‘good’ name.” Name cannot be good or bad. So, it is now, “What’s your name.” Or, to sound more polite, “May I know your name.”

The ‘back side’ is where one’s buttocks are placed. So, it is the ‘rear side’…
From the ‘Return/Revert back’, the ‘back’ has been deleted… Only ‘Return/Revert’ do the job!

I don’t say anymore, “According to me.” It is “In my view,” or, “In my opinion,” or, simply, I consider,” or “To me.” ‘According to’  is reserved only when I refer to an authority or someone other than me… like, “According to Adam Smith,” or “According to our Principal.”

Meanwhile, I know why not to use, “I don’t say no more”… They are two negatives, you see!
‘Between’ for two and ‘Among’ for more than two. So, two sons divide the money between them and five sons divide the money among them…

My well-wishers keep drawing my attention to my mistakes – scores of them in my daily Blogs – But, they do it gently in my ears… yes, without making me feel embarrassed about them.  Till the other day, I did not know, that it was ‘Many a time,’ and not ‘Many a times.’ ‘Many times ‘will do, but not ‘Many a times’!

‘Incident’ and ‘Incidence’ goof-up has now ended, thanks to the kindness of one of my well-wishers…

It is not going to be ‘a ten-years-old boy,”… It is going to be, ‘a ten-year-old boy.”

These are our language blind spots… We all have plenty of them!
What is wrong in this:
“No trespassing without permission.”
And this:
 “Open seven days a week, and weekends too.”

Well, in the end, let me share these last three just for fun:
“Take one of our horse-driven city tours. We guarantee no miscarriages.”
“The manager has personally passed all the water served here.”
“Ladies are requested not to have children in the bar.”

Zabaan sambhalke… Yes, mind your language!

*Name changed


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Sunday, March 26, 2017


“I laugh when I hear that fish in the water is thirsty…
I laugh when I hear that people go on pilgrimage to find God.”

-          Kabir

I have never been to Shirdi. But, I have, always, been awe-struck by Sai Baba’s life and teachings. He and Kabir will, always, remain close to my heart…

Last evening, along the Eastern Express Highway, I saw hundreds of pilgrims… men and women, young and old… dozens of volunteers, vehicles carrying food and beverages, medicines and first-aid… saffron flags and silver palki… some chanted… some laughed… some quietly walked… By foot, our driver told us, it would take the padyatris about eight days to reach the shrine at Shirdi… Many groups across the city organize these pilgrimages, he told us.

Faith is purely a personal matter. Right from inside the car in which I was commuting, I remembered Baba’s life… So utterly simple and uncomplicated it was… Nothing in possession, yet, so rich it was…  God of the mosque and God of the temple were same for Him… He preached, that everything man clinged to was perishable and a simple surrender to God alone was the true source of one’s happiness…

So, as I watched those pilgrims, last evening, I was wondering: Would Baba bless me if I remembered Him from where I was… Or, would He insist on my coming to His shrine, walking all the way for eight days! 

I am no one to pass a judgement on another man’s faith… If he believed in meeting Baba at the end of the 8-day-long pilgrimage, so be it… I am sure, there is blessing for every sincere seeker!

But, as I said, I can meet Baba from wherever I am and whenever I long… just by remembering Him from all my heart…  

“Faith is not the clinging to a shrine,” said Abraham Joshua Heschel, “but an endless pilgrimage of the heart.”  Yes, as long as the heart does not cease its longing to reach Baba, to me, my clinging to a shrine seems futile…

Kabir had said, “All darkness vanished when I saw the Lamp within my heart.”

The life and teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba and Kabir shall, always, remain special to me… They shall remain above all the man-made boundaries of religions… Temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras, synagogues and every other shrine shall look small compared to the simple beauty of the life and teachings of these two souls…

‘Sab ka Malik ek.’ It doesn’t matter, which route we have taken to meet Him.


Pic.: Azriel D'Souza

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Invariably, it takes a bigger bully to tame a bully. When a whole nation, the political and social class, media and even little children, all across the nation, join together to condemn in one voice what Shiv Sena MP, Ravindra Gaikwad, did on the Air India aircraft in New Delhi… yes, that’s enough to take the animal force out of the arrogant MP… “I have a return ticket with Air India,” he had shouted, “How can they refuse me to travel… I will create more hangama.

What happened to the ‘more hangama, sir?” Six airlines of your own country – whose Law-maker you are – in an unprecedented decree, decided to face you, the bully… by not allowing you to fly in their aircrafts… So, what happened to your threat of creating ‘more hangama’?

I was not at all shocked when I saw the way Gaikwad behaved or bragged about the entire episode. As he clearly chest-thumped, with tons of self-pride – “I am from Shiv Sena’…”

Fair enough.

It took all the airliners to come together and show the arrogant MP how to behave in public. He was forced to take a train back home. As I watched the media men taunting him with that question – ‘Sir, what happened to your threat of creating more hangama’ – I saw a different Gaikwad. He knew, now, how to behave… what was to be said and what was not supposed to be said or done in public, in his own interest…

“I am a teacher… and many like you (T.V. reporter), including Collectors and doctors, have crossed under me,” this was how Gaikwad had boasted about his self-righteousness.

“God, please save those Collectors and doctors,” I had prayed!

And, today, I was watching on YouTube Harish Salve, the senior Supreme Court advocate, talking about the Gaikwad issue to one of the T.V. anchors. He recalled how the former Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. Tony Blair, had conducted himself when faced with a very embarrassing and painful incident involving his 16-year-old son, Euan…

That night, at 11, Euon was found lying on the pavement, drunk and incapable. Apparently, it was the last day of their exams and he was out with his friends to have some good time. When picked by the police, Euan, fearing the consequences and humiliation to his family, had lied about his identity and age… But, the search had brought the truth out. He was the Prime Minister’s son! Meanwhile, at home, Tony Blair, a strong family-man, whose wife was out of country that night, was a worried man, not knowing whatever had happened to his 16-year-old… But, when Police contacted him, how he conducted himself and handled the entire episode was something worth emulating: He did not want his son to be treated differently even if that meant spending a night in police custody… As per the prevailing law, if a minor was involved with any ugly scene like that, the parents were supposed to visit the police station and take up responsibility for the act of their child… Tony Blair did exactly that!

When I heard Harish Salve recounting this incident, I felt glad… that, Tony Blair had taught me something without being a teacher…

And, this man, Gaikwad?

Pic.: Azriel D'Souza

Friday, March 24, 2017


Doctors are not Gods or Supermen. Just as teachers, judges, counselors and priests are not too. If God gives life, He takes away life, too. No matter what you and I, including doctors, do… Life doesn’t come with a guarantee. When time comes, you go… do what you like.

More than anything else, I am disturbed by the appalling reality of treating doctors as villains. I have several friends and relatives who are doctors… I have my own and my family’s doctors… So many times, a surgery of my dearest and dearest one has been carried out by a stranger doctor who we haven’t met during the rest of our life… 

I was a little boy when my dad was saved by a stranger doctor in my village. Dad had ruined his liver by drinking the country liquor. That gave a lease of about 15-17 more years for my dad to live. But, my dad did not stop drinking like a fish (desi) and smoking like a chimney (beedi)… One morning, he died of a massive heart-attack. Nobody had checked the condition of his liver or lungs. He died without making any noise…

I was 25. I still remember what was crossing my mind when I stood beside my dad’s coffin: the stranger doctor who had saved my dad from dying when I was a little boy… I would never know who he was!

You fear God and His wrath… So, you dare not to question Him, leave alone an assault. But, doctors are soft targets, you see!

Today, if doctors all over the nation have shown solidarity against the hooligans and the brute, I think, that’s something spontaneous and very much needed. Doctors don’t kill patients. They are no monsters… They do their best… just as any teacher, advocate, judge, counselor or priest would do in their respective spheres… For example, I teach hundreds of students every year… But, I do not guarantee that my student would even ‘pass’… leave alone get a distinction. Advocates know that well, too… even if they are a Ram Jethmalani or a Kapil Sibal… All that we can do is: do our best to help… That’s all!

The High Court and the State Government should have been more empathetic and proactive towards the genuine concerns of Medical fraternity… Instead, both - the Judiciary and the Government - have only rubbed more salt to the wounds. If the pain and humiliation in the hands of drunken relatives of the patients was not enough, behold! The Judges and the Ministers have more to add!

That’s disgusting!

A friend of mine, Dr. Harprit Kaur and her doctor husband have experienced the plight of their fraternity from the ringside. Today, Dr. Harprit had shared on social media a touching appeal by a member of her fraternity. I share it here with her permission…

Dear patient,
I know, you are also deeply disturbed by the strike of doctors across Maharashtra and must be praying that you should not fall ill at least till the strike gets over.

Friends, it's even more painful for us to go on strike and stop the work which we are doing passionately since years, to heal the world of its pain. But, we have had to do this so as to save our lives and continue to keep healing you till our last breath.

Friends, please understand, that even we know, that almost 90 percent of the patients who we treat are not trouble-makers and they sincerely believe in their doctor and follow the advice almost blindly and never ever abuse their care-giver, forget about physical assault. But, the remaining lot of 10 percent is the group which has threatened the lives of doctors and has brought us to where we are right now.

I have a complaint about the good 90 percent people!

It is said that the world does not suffer because of actions of bad people… but, it suffers more because of silence of good people. And that's what is my complaint about you.
I am expecting you to raise your voice against these anti-social elements, which are raising their hands to physically assault the healing-hands in action.

Remember, it is these 10-percent people who are responsible for the current situation and the way doctors are scared for their lives at workplace!

Time and again, it has been said that a surgical scalpel in the hand with tremors due to fear for one’s own life is a sure shot sign of a failing surgical outcome and a complicated surgery and doctor cannot be asked to treat effectively on gun-point when his own life is at stake…

If you have seen the video of the Dhule incident, there were many other patients and relatives around, but no one came forward to oppose the beating crowd!

Guys, please don't do this…

Remember, this apathy on your part will kill the morale of medical profession in India, and few years down the line, we will not get sincere and honest doctors to treat us or our near-and-dear one’s in their emergency medical needs!

I sincerely appeal each and every member of civil society, if you feel that at any point of time in your life, you have been helped in great way by your treating doctor( whoever he or she may be), if you feel some of you or your dying relatives or friends have been brought back from the jaws of a certain death by the sincere and relentless efforts of a doctor(even ignoring his food, rest, personal life and of course whoever he or she may be), then, it's your moral and social responsibility to speak up for that soul, speak up for that doctor who brought happiness in your life at the most stressful moment of your life.
The medical profession is in need of this support right now.

Support of those patients, who they have been serving for such a long time, will definitely boost their morale to thrive hard to deliver even better health care services to you in a fearless environment...

Friends, it's a chance to show your feelings for the doctor you love...

Come, join us in our efforts to restore self-respect back in the minds of medical fraternity. Come, let’s make efforts to stop those tremors of the healing hands and instill confidence in their minds to serve even more passionately...

Speak up guys… Speak up.
It's now or never!

True,  the world does not suffer because of actions of bad people… but, it suffers more because of silence of good people. And that's why, I thought, I would not remain silent on this issue.


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I do not like party politics… But, I do keep in touch with what is happening in and around our country as far as politics goes. I do not know about others, but, I speak for myself: I started liking a particular political party or a particular political leader by watching my dad. My initial political view was, therefore, shaped by my immediate influence. But, as I grew older, I began to examine my mental conditioning… how much of it was subjective and how much of it was objective. So, slowly, I saw myself stepping back and watch things around me… holding back my instinctive reactions… Stopped branding a particular political party as totally corrupt or totally clean… ditto for a particular political leader… I became more and more aware of the way I would be influenced by the media and its endless debates… I could see how my own close friends were found taking their extreme hardliner-stand… Even, today, I find my friends reacting strongly without realizing the truth that so many of their friends do not like such extreme stands in public… that, such things pollute things further, divide things further… and, importantly, it exposes us as less tolerant and less accommodating citizens…

I would rather advocate people around me to be agents of small changes in society. I tell it to every little-one and every young-one and adult: Be the change you wish to see in this society. From that space, it is, always, easy for you to effect change in this society. For example, if I want my son to phone up and tell me at what time he would be home in the night, I must do it myself when I am out in the night… call up and tell him, “Son, I will be home at 12 in the night.” If I want people to listen to my views, I must first show it myself: I should not interrupt when they speak.” If I want others to make less fuss about the food they eat, I should do it myself first…

There is no other way more effective than that… The things within our reach and control should be taken up by each and every one of us… with good intent and with a holistic world-view of ‘Malice towards none and charity for all’…

When we constantly react, constantly blame and decry others, what we actually end up doing is this: We lower our own self-esteem and and we do more harm to the society.

To me, living in harmony with my fellow-being is dearer than anything else in this world… It doesn’t matter which God he worships, which leader he obeys… and what food he eats or what clothes he wears…

Brotherhood, to me, is being good socially, politically and spiritually… yes in all respect. To own such an outlook towards life and my fellow-being is within my reach… And, it is a very effective and constructive medium of causing a change in society… It is contagious!

And, mind you, whether you are a 10-year-old or 70-year-old, to effect small changes around us, what we need is a good intent and a clean heart…

My friend, Namratha, had shared this inspiring video, this morning…

“Start from wherever you are,” I tell everyone around me, “Start with whatever you have.”

Video: YouTube
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Saturday, March 18, 2017


God has placed talents in each one of us here…. One talent or the other. If we do not agree with this, we have no business to strive for success… We have no business to dream.

To dream, to succeed, we must first of all become strikingly aware of our talents. Well, if I have to speak for myself, I must become aware of my God-given talent – teaching, writing and mentoring. Yes, once I have become aware of my talent, I should believe in my capacity to encash these talents… I must constantly strive to hone my talents into fine skills…

Success is always field-specific. In the field of our expertise, we can always shine… provided we give our all… and pursue it sincerely and passionately.  I am never tired of telling young-ones, to get in touch with their talents… believe in their self-worth… and follow their dreams.

Many weeks ago, my friend, Jaypee, had shared with me this story of Michael Jordan…

Michael Jordan was born in 1963, in the slums of Brooklyn, New York. He had four siblings and his father's earnings were not sufficient to provide for the whole family. He grew up in a poor neighborhood. Exposed to mindless violence and heavy discrimination in the slums, he saw for himself only a hopeless future. His father saw in Michael, a lost soul and decided to do something. He gave Michael, who was 13 years old, a piece of used clothing and asked:
"What do you think the value of this outfit would be?"

Jordan replied, “Maybe one dollar."

Jordan’s father asked, "Can you sell it for two dollars? If you can sell it, it would mean that you are a big help to your family."

Jordan nodded his head, "I'll try, but no guarantee that I'll be successful." Jordan carefully washed the cloth clean. Because they didn't have an iron, to smoothen the cloth, he levelled it with a clothes-brush on a flat board, then kept it in the sun to dry. The next day, he brought the clothes to a crowded underground station. After offering it for more than six hours, Jordan finally managed to sell it for $2. He took the two-dollar bill and ran home. After that, everyday, he looked for used clothing, washed and ironed it, and sold it in the crowd.

More than ten days later, Jordan’s father, again, gave him a piece of used clothing, "Can you think of a way you can sell this for 20 bucks?"

Aghast, Jordan said, "How is it possible? This outfit can only fetch two dollars at the most."

Jordan’s father replied, "Why don't you try it first? There might be a way."

After breaking his head for a few hours, finally, Jordan got an idea. He asked for cousin's help to paint a picture of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse on the garment. Then, he tried to sell it in the school where the children of the rich studied. Soon, a housekeeper, who was there to pick his master, bought that outfit for his master. The master was a little boy of only 10 years. He loved it so much and he gave a five-dollar tip. 25 dollars was a huge amount for Jordan, the equivalent of a month's salary of his father.

When Jordan got home, his father gave him yet another piece of used clothing, "Are you able to resell it at a price of 200 dollars?"

Jordan's eyes lit-up. This time, Jordan accepted the clothes without the slightest doubt. Two months later, a popular movie actress from the movie "Charlie's Angels", Farah Fawcett, came to New York for her Movie promos. After the press conference, Jordan made his way through the security forces to reach the side of Farah Fawcett and requested her autograph on the piece of clothing. When Fawcett saw this innocent child asking for her autograph, she gladly signed it. Jordan was shouting very excitedly, "This is a jersey signed by Miss Farah Fawcett, the selling price is 200 dollars!" He auctioned off the clothes, to a businessman for a price of 1,200 dollars!

Upon returning home, Jordan’s father broke into tears and said, "I am amazed that you did it, my child! You're really great! "

That night, Jordan slept alongside his father. His father said, "Son, in your experience of selling these three pieces of clothing, what did you learn about success?"

Jordan replied, "Where there's a will, there's a way."

His father nodded his head, then shook his head, "What you say is not entirely wrong! But that was not my intention. I just wanted to show you, that a piece of used clothing, which is worth only a dollar, can also be increased in value, then, how about us - living and thinking humans? We may be darker and poorer, but what if we CAN increase our VALUE?”

This thought enlightened young Jordan: “If even a piece of used clothing could be made dignified, then why not me? There is absolutely no reason to underestimate myself.” From then on, Michael Jordan felt, that his future would be beautiful and full of hope. He went on to become the greatest basketball player of all times.

(Author unknown)

A few days ago, I chanced upon a video about an incredibly talented Romanian girl. She had no arms… but, she played piano with her feet and sang in a voice of angels. It was a talent-show and she left all – including the panel of judges – stunned, speechless and in tears. If what we see in this girl is not the power of one’s talent, self-belief, dogged determination and hard-work – well, nothing else is.

Was God fair to Jordan or was He unfair? Was He fair to this Romanian girl or was He unfair? And, what about us?

Hope, the answers to these questions will inspire us to believe in our talents and self-worth…

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Video: YouTube

Friday, March 17, 2017


“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress;
Working hard for something we love is called passion.”
- Simon Sinek

Many parents have been approaching me for our upcoming PD course. They want their little-ones and young-ones to find motivation in life... work without being told, work hard and work long and ,above all, enjoy what they are doing and succeed in it.

When you are hungry, you look for food… When you are thirsty, you look for water. Is not motivation as simple as that?

Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? And, hungry and thirsty for what?

I did not know what I wanted to do in my life till I landed in First Year B.Com, that is, till I was 18. When I watched and deeply admired my own teacher, Prof. B.S. Raman, and desired and dreamt of becoming a fine teacher like him, motivation to achieve that dream came along… Nobody needed to tell me ‘Work hard and work long’… Nobody needed to tell me how to find my passion… The burning desire to become teacher like my role model was enough to put everything else in place…

Later, in Mumbai, when I was constantly dreaming, I found the answer in Napoleon Hill’s classics, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and ‘The Law of Success’. The power of desire and Definite Chief Aim in life… I learnt from this book. The power of self-belief – Faith – and power of making decisions and using our Imagination… I learnt from his books. Above all, the power of doing work for the sheer joy of it, working more than what is paid for, going the extra-mile, putting all your passion into what you are doing, doing it with contagious enthusiasm and initiative… yes, all these secrets of the age-old Law of Attraction I learnt from Napoleon Hill for the first time when I was raw… hungry and thirsty to find my place in this vast world.

So, when parents of little-ones and young-ones wonder what would make their offspring passionate in life, I talk about what made me so.

How else – and from else – can I offer them an answer?

To find your children’s callings in life, please encourage them to listen to their heart-beats… Help them trust in their little dreams… Help them stay wonder-struck… teach them repeatedly, that, they are ‘special’ and there ‘is’ a place for each one of them under this endless sky… drill in them, repeatedly, that,  in life, money is an important thing but it is not everything… that, success is not measured in fame, name and money alone… that, they should do what they love and love what they do… that, their purpose in life should be to ‘contribute’ and not to ‘gain’… that, they would receive in many fold when they learn to give fully from their hearts…

To me, why Jesus Christ’s great suffering is hailed as ‘Passion of the Christ’ will always reamin an amazing mystery ! He chose to lead a life with fullness… and embraced the suffering that had to come along. It was his ‘choice’… In great suffering, He found peace… the fulfillment of his Life-mission… the completion of His Father’s Will!

Passion is Life… It’s, always, red, blood-red!

The trigger to write this Post came from a quote of Simon Sinek casually shared by my friend, Ekta, this morning:

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress;
Working hard for something we love is called passion.”
- Simon Sinek

May we all, including our little-ones and young-ones’ live our lives in ‘fullness’.


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