Saturday, March 25, 2017


Invariably, it takes a bigger bully to tame a bully. When a whole nation, the political and social class, media and even little children, all across the nation, join together to condemn in one voice what Shiv Sena MP, Ravindra Gaikwad, did on the Air India aircraft in New Delhi… yes, that’s enough to take the animal force out of the arrogant MP… “I have a return ticket with Air India,” he had shouted, “How can they refuse me to travel… I will create more hangama.

What happened to the ‘more hangama, sir?” Six airlines of your own country – whose Law-maker you are – in an unprecedented decree, decided to face you, the bully… by not allowing you to fly in their aircrafts… So, what happened to your threat of creating ‘more hangama’?

I was not at all shocked when I saw the way Gaikwad behaved or bragged about the entire episode. As he clearly chest-thumped, with tons of self-pride – “I am from Shiv Sena’…”

Fair enough.

It took all the airliners to come together and show the arrogant MP how to behave in public. He was forced to take a train back home. As I watched the media men taunting him with that question – ‘Sir, what happened to your threat of creating more hangama’ – I saw a different Gaikwad. He knew, now, how to behave… what was to be said and what was not supposed to be said or done in public, in his own interest…

“I am a teacher… and many like you (T.V. reporter), including Collectors and doctors, have crossed under me,” this was how Gaikwad had boasted about his self-righteousness.

“God, please save those Collectors and doctors,” I had prayed!

And, today, I was watching on YouTube Harish Salve, the senior Supreme Court advocate, talking about the Gaikwad issue to one of the T.V. anchors. He recalled how the former Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. Tony Blair, had conducted himself when faced with a very embarrassing and painful incident involving his 16-year-old son, Euan…

That night, at 11, Euon was found lying on the pavement, drunk and incapable. Apparently, it was the last day of their exams and he was out with his friends to have some good time. When picked by the police, Euan, fearing the consequences and humiliation to his family, had lied about his identity and age… But, the search had brought the truth out. He was the Prime Minister’s son! Meanwhile, at home, Tony Blair, a strong family-man, whose wife was out of country that night, was a worried man, not knowing whatever had happened to his 16-year-old… But, when Police contacted him, how he conducted himself and handled the entire episode was something worth emulating: He did not want his son to be treated differently even if that meant spending a night in police custody… As per the prevailing law, if a minor was involved with any ugly scene like that, the parents were supposed to visit the police station and take up responsibility for the act of their child… Tony Blair did exactly that!

When I heard Harish Salve recounting this incident, I felt glad… that, Tony Blair had taught me something without being a teacher…

And, this man, Gaikwad?

Pic.: Azriel D'Souza

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