Friday, March 31, 2017


“The enemy uses those things you are insecure about.
Free yourself and take your power back
by being secure in who you are - flaws and all.” 

Why do people play politics? Call them ‘mind-games’ or, as my dear friend, Kavita*, calls it in her frustration – ‘dirty games’. Let me make public a private conversation we had, this morning. She had written to me this…

“Hello sir… How to cope up with dirty politics played in school? I just hate it. Some teachers are ready to do anything to mesmerize the Management, and then play dirty games.

Sir, I have done my M. Ed; but, I am working with primary section only because I love being with the little-ones...

A couple of years ago, I used to teach Economics in XYZ college; but, I left it after a few months because I did not enjoy teaching older group. I sincerely love my school a lot… but, only thing is: I am bad in dealing with the dirty games played by some teachers. The Management is making me feel that I was stupid not to take up the better opportunities which had come my way…

Sir, now, I don't even feel like going to school... The same place where I once used to crave to be… always planning activities for my little-ones… But, not now.

I don't know politics nor do I want to learn to play it!”

I have known Kavita  since her school days. She is a live-wire… witty and playful and, yes, full of mischief, too. So, when I read the message from her, this morning… I could immediately sense, that something ‘dirty’ at her workplace – the teachers’ room to be precise – had compelled her to vent out her frustration…. It was more of a reaction… In my gut, I knew, that Kavita was strong and wise enough to deal with it…

And, I did say that to Kavita in my response…

“Dear Kavita, I think, it is a reaction to something nasty which is presently happening out there… It is not permanent. What is permanent is the fact: that, you love to be with little-ones… you love to plan activities for them… that, you crave to be at that place every day. So, just hold the fort… smile more, show more patience… There is no workplace under the Sun where egos and insecurities do not operate… where dirty and mean politics is not being played… Teachers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, consellors even priests and nuns…. you find the game of politics being played everywhere… So, if you stop going to the school which you once loved so much… yes, if you stop being there – where else will you find your happiness? Remember, we live in a world of imperfect souls… not in an island. You will go crazy living in an island… Those little kids need to learn early that lesson, too… that, joy has to be found ‘inside’ the chaos… not ‘outside’… Hang on, hang on, Kavita!”

The Wise have told us, that Confidence is silent… Insecurities are loud. And, that we are all beautiful except in the eyes of an insecure.

*Name changed

Pic.: Azriel D'Souza

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