Monday, March 6, 2017


Yesterday was a Sunday. I was surprised to read on the front-page of TOI the ‘major national-news’: ‘KARAN JOHAR FATHERS TWINS, A BOY AND A GIRL’ VIA SURROGACY’.

I don’t have yesterday’s TOI, here in my office... So, what you see above may not be the exact words… but, that was the exact news according to our national ‘leading –newspaper’… the front-page news… occupying so much space!

I felt sorry for the kind of curiosity we guys have fed the media with and allowed it to thrive on… That’s the kind of news that sells… brings TRPs. When I pointed it to someone, last morning, he sounded cool: “If you don’t like, it,” he quipped, “don’t read it.”

The message hidden was: “But, don’t crib about it’!

I am happy for Karan Johar. “Congratulations, bro!”

But, I still can’t understand why TOI – the only newspaper I have been reading every morning for close to four decades – made a front-page national-news out of it!

The same gentleman, who shut my mouth last morning, had summarized it well: “It is called surrogated news.”

Now, let’s not be curious and ask: “What is Surrogacy”?


Pic.: Anil Bedi

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