The nightmare about our doom – this world is going to end soon – is not a new one. Before someone wrote the doomsday to be 2012, George Orwell had already written: it was 1984! And, before that, a hundred dreaded doomsdays had come and gone…

The world has not ended… Not yet!

“Who told you?” when asked, someone points out to Jesus Christ… and, someone to the grandest old-man, Noah!

Now, they say that the globe is warming up… It is going to melt, soon… That, there will be something sinister… Run!!!

But, run where?

Long time ago, a little Hare was gripped by the fear that the Earth was going to break up and everyone would perish… The nightmare would not allow the Hare to rest properly…

One afternoon, when this Hare was resting under a large coconut tree, it heard a huge thud followed by a prolonged rumbling sound…

“Oh, it has happened,” the Hare sprang up into the air, all panicked, “Let me run… The Earth is breaking up!”

So, the frightened Hare began to run. “Friend, run… the Earth is breaking up,” it said to its friend who he bumped into on his flight… Caught by the fear, this friend ran even faster than the first Hare… now, both screaming at the top of their voices, “Earth is breaking up… Earth is breaking up… run, run, run!”

Soon, thousands of Hares came out of their bushes and began to run…

“What happened?” the other animals asked, “Why are your running like this?”

When they heard from the Hares what had happened, they too took to their heels!

Before long, the whole forest was on the run… “The Earth is breaking… The Earth is breaking!”… they filled the forest with panic!

From the top of the hillock, Lion, the king of the jungle, was watching the strange sight and was left bewildered. Rushing down and standing like a real Monarch right in front of the fleeing and panic-stricken subjects, the King roared: “What is all this? Why are you running, and where?”

“Sire, the Earth is breaking up!” announced the Parrot, who had settled on the nearest rock.

“What?” the King reacted, “Who told you that?”

“The Monkeys, my Lord,” the Parrot replied.

“The Tigers told us, Your Majesty,” the Monkeys clarified.

“We got it from the Elephants, Lordship,” the Tigers justified.

"And, Sire, the Bulls gave us the news,” quickly declared the Elephants.

“And, who gave you the ‘great’ news, my dearest Bulls?” questioned the King, by now, realizing well what had happened!

Finally, the finger was pointed at the Hares… One by one they passed the buck… till it came to the friend who had run the fastest… and, finally, the buck stopped at the little Hare who started it all!

“So, you are the culprit… Aren’t you?” Lion thundered at the little-one!

“My Lord, I heard the big sound with my own ears,” confessed the little Hare trembling with fear, “I saw the ground giving in, with my own eyes. Trust me!”

The King did not need even a few seconds to get to the bottom of the story. A big coconut had fallen off from tree under which the little Hare was resting, making a huge thud… When it had fallen, with a big bang, on the nearby pile of rocks, it had caused a mild landslide!

And, that was about it…

About the End of the World!

“You Fools, go back to your homes,” 

commanded the King, 

“the Earth is strong and safe enough!”

So, long before the 2012 and 1984 deadlines, and long before Jesus Christ and grand-old-man Noah came upon this Earth, you see, it was this frightened little-Hare who had first come out with the 'ground-breaking' news of our  doomsday!

And, trust me… I got it from our very-own Jataka Tales!


Pics.: Roopa Sushil


Leena D'Mello said…
Beautiful write-up. Keep writing. Leena
Avinash Mantri said…
Wonderfully penned as always Sir !

And whats more its 'Idiot friendly" for all those who think that they can have an opinion with authority on the forces that created ...or will spell doom on this lovely abode of ours. Sensitivity should have been taken while raping her off her wealth...I'm too miniscule in the realm off these forces to force an opinion ...instead I choose to humbly submit !
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Means a lot, coming from u dear Avi. I wanted to write my comment on the FB post of urs the other day... about the gaming and its dangers... The same night, when I and my wife watched the horrific news on TV, we both cried!


With love,

Avinash Mantri said…
I am impulsive Sir...just react and write about what touches me ..and once a while when you like or comment on my views, it makes me feel that I 'm in illustrious company such as yours :)

Thank you

Love you for being there !!
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Avi, so nice of u to say such lovely things... Hope, I deserve! Love. GERRY

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