Monday, December 10, 2012


A parent had come to seek my help, this morning. Apparently, his daughter, who studied in eleventh standard, had failed in all the subjects! “I had paid Rs.40,000/- and enrolled her in  so and so classes,” he grumbled angrily, “What is the use if a student fails like this?”

Now, this distraught soul had come to enroll his beloved daughter in my classes, with the hope that some miracle might take place here! 

I heard him out… allowed his steam to go off his pressure cooker. Then, I told him in most gentle manner a very nice old-story.

One evening, a merchant was returning home sitting on his camel. He had made good business through the day and was very happy. When they approached a roadside mosque, he decided to thank Allah for giving him a profitable day… So, he got off the camel, left it just outside the mosque and went inside the mosque to pray.

Once inside, the merchant thanked Allah profusely. He also prayed for more good fortune, and in return, he promised to be a very charitable and pious soul. “O Merciful Allah,” he prayed, “I promise You that I shall not cheat in my business, shall never harm any innocent soul, shall always help the poor and the downtrodden… but, please have pity on me… May good fortune always smile on me!”

After the prayer ended, the merchant came out of the mosque. A rude shock awaited him outside:  his priced camel was missing!

It had turned dark and he had a long journey to cover. So, the moment he sensed his loss, he instantly raised his hand towards the sky and yelled. “And, You traitor,” the merchant vented out his anger, “You have betrayed my trust; how could you do this to me in spite of all my promises?”

A Sufi wanderer heard this outburst and his heart chuckled. “Relax my friend, relax,” the mystic said to the agitated merchant, “Trust in Allah can help you only when you remember to tie your camel before you go to pray!”

No more sermon needed after I gave this one… The ‘enlightened’ father cut another cheque and tied his priced camel here… just out side my mosque!


Pic.: Aditi Kamath


Ritesh Naik said...

My heart really chuckled!!!! Thanks. Ritesh

Monish Gupta said...

So simple and so warm, keet it up!
... Monish

John Pinto said...

Keep writing Gerry. John