Tuesday, December 18, 2012


If our needs are moderate, and if we are very efficient in our work, our fields… and, upon this, if we are well-committed, consistent and value-driven…

Yes, if we tuck these traits around our hearts and approach our lives - tell me, need we feel insecure or scared in life? Need we worry about our tomorrows?

Now, let me ask the same thing the opposite way:

If we are extra-ambitious, and if we are inefficient in our work, our fields… and, upon this, if we lack commitment, are inconsistent and value-starved…

Yes, if we tuck these traits around our hearts and approach our lives, tell me, will we ever feel secure and confident in life? Will we be excited about our tomorrows?

Today, I happened to see two very ordinary souls… and, I felt a lot hopeful, just by observing them for a short while, and hearing about them from others.

The first one was a watchman of a housing society. I had been to this society, this morning to meet someone. I was impressed by the way this watchman – whom the whole Society calls fondly Kaka – treated me when I was around him… He was extremely courteous, enthusiastic and committed… Yes, I came out with this impression. I was told by the gentleman who I wanted to meet, that Kaka has been working there for over three decades! “He is just like one of our members,” I was told, “the young, the old and the children, all love him.”

“A watchman’s job is the most boring job in the world, very frustrating… Nobody sticks,” I have heard this repeatedly.

And, here… this watchman… Kaka?

The other one, too, was a ‘watchman’! A Security man in the bank, the usual gun tucked on his back… But, let me tell you, I have not come across, ever, a Security man in a bank… so warm, so helpful and so enthusiastic about his job and the bank customers… For the short time I was there, I observed how many lives he touched, yes, in his own special small-way – how many people he sent home happy… Just by being there around with his warm, happy heart… You must see it to believe it! The bank manager took great pride in talking about this simple Security-man, whom, normally, no one cares to give a second glance!

So, let me come back to the theme of my Post: Need we feel insecure or scared in life, need we worry about our tomorrows, if we approach our lives keeping our needs moderate, remain exceptionally efficient, committed, enthusiastic and value-driven in our work?


Pic.: Abhishek Iyer



So simple... so sublime, in deed! Punit

Nirmal R said...

Liked the simplicity. Keep writing.
- Nirmal

Nagesh Sinha said...

All worries dissolve the moment we are aware of our inner strengths; u have said it beautifully in this post. Thanx. Nagesh