Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Joe, my college-days buddy, called me last afternoon. I was in the midst of a lecture. So, the moment I saw his name on my mobile screen, I decided to get back to him once my class was over. But, the day had been very hectic… I forgot to call him till I reached home, late at night. At home, I remembered his missed call, but decided I would get back to him, leisurely, after my dinner was over. Post dinner, I blissfully forgot my good-old friend! 

Then, this morning, on the way to my workplace, I suddenly remembered my friend’s missed call, once again. There was a bad traffic around, and I thought I would call him once I reached my office. The moment I reached the office, I got involved in my work so much, that till some thirty minutes ago, my memory hadn’t returned!

My mobile was ringing… It was my thickest friend of all – Joe, from Mangalore!

“Sorry Joe,” I found myself repeating, “very sorry, very sorry… very, very sorry…”

“It’s alright, Gerry… I can understand!” was all that I heard from my friend, Joe, as far as my ‘failure’ to get back to him was concerned. No explanation was needed from my end… No complaint was ever there from his end!

We spoke as we did always… as real friends!

No matter how busy I am, I get back to people whenever I sight a missed call. I expect people to do the same to me… Maybe, a lot of ‘value’ has been attached to this trait… and, mostly, the benefits of this personality trait, this habit, have been rich. Yes, expecting other people to do what I am doing can be a source of frustration, too. Some people don’t get back, some habitually…

It puts me off… I grumble, fume… 

But, look at this scenario! When Joe’s calls are ignored by me, he says – and really means – “It’s alright… I can understand, Gerry.” Likewise, when he ignores my calls, I say – and mean - the same!

A few people in our lives 

will be always this way. A few, but!

They will not need our explanations… Nor will they have many questions to ask us – “Why?”, “What?”, “When? and “Where?”

They are our ‘4-am people’…

They are there in our lives just to make us feel “It is all perfectly fine!”

Thank you buddy… Love you so much!


Pic.: Mukesh Ahuja


Beena Deshmukh said...

And, thank you sir, for being there... always. Beena

Preeti Desai said...

Very touching article! Keep writing!
- Preeti

Tripti Sen said...

We need these people as u said to make us feel "It is really okay"!. Good writeup. Tripti

Manoj K. said...

Yes sir, they shd be there in life. Manoj