Sunday, December 30, 2012


If not the World, the year is coming to an end tomorrow…

The World has survived, so far…

We all have!

Mullah Nasrudin had a prized goat. Many of his friends wanted him to kill this goat and invite them for a dinner.

But, Mullah being a miser, wouldn’t do that… Finally, the friends hatched a plan to bring around Nasrudin.

“Nasrudin, have you heard the news?” they asked him with serious faces.

“What news?” Nasrudin wanted to know.

“So bad Mullah!” the friends exclaimed, “Listen, the World is going to end tomorrow!”

“Is it?” Nasrudin seemed seriously shocked.

“Yes, that’s true,” the friends cried in a chorus, “What’s the use of keeping such a big goat when you know that the World would end tomorrow? Let’s have our last supper tonight!”

Mullah immediately agreed. 

When night fell, Nasrudin’s friends began to drop in, one by one. Mullah had killed his prized goat and prepared a great meal for his friends. They all had a sumptuous dinner… Mullah’s darling goat had turned out to be more delicious than what they all had expected.

“Finally, we succeeded in fooling this miser around,” the friends thought in their minds, “Poor Mullah, he really believed that the World would end tomorrow!”

So, all happy and full, as the friends were about to leave Mullah’s house, they started searching for their over-coats…All the coats were missing!

And, our Mullah was all smiling!

“Where are our fine coats, Mullah?” they grunted. 

“I used them to cook my fine goat,” Nasrudin justified, “What is the use of keeping your fine coats when you know that the World would end tomorrow?”

So, tomorrow the World is not going to end… but, the year will…

Come. Come one and come all… come with your fine coats. And, I have my fine goat…

Let’s have a great supper, tonight.


Pic.: Mehul Bhuva





Vijendra Verma said...

Enjoyed the supper! Thanks for the invite!!!! Vijendra

Beena Shenoy said...

Happy new year sir. Nice post. Beena

Hari Mehra said...

Wow!!!! Badly needed this supper!!!! Hari

Varun Kulkarni said...

A heart-waaarming story. Mulla is my fav too. thanks. Varun

Anonymous said...

Made me smile, in deed. Kiran