Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Another two months... and I have not posted even a single piece... and, that's okay; perfectly okay.

The sky did not fall during these two months... the wind did not stop blowing... and the Sun did not fail to rise each morning... Yes, everything went on perfectly well... including my own heartbeat.

There was a kind of urge within me to write something as the 2010 came to an end... It went with out a single line from my end... Then, on 1st Jan, the urge returned... That too passed without my writing.

And, I say, that's okay... Perfectly okay.

Maybe, it was not possible for me to say so - "It's okay... Perfectly okay" - before. Now, I am able to experience this new perspective... Maybe, it has come with age... Maybe, with the new year.

On the new year night, I attended the first communion party of one of my relative's son. The party was in a posh hotel and there were lovely guests... good music, games, dance and food. The Master of Ceremony was very vibrant and he went about conducting the show with lots of energy and fun. One of the spot prizes he announced was: the youngest married couple. A young and lovely couple went away with the prize. They were married just a month ago. The next was: the oldest married couple. Mrs and Mr. Pandey won it. Fifty-five years of married life! "Any advice to the young couple, sir?" the M.C. thrusted the mike to the elderly Mr. Pandey. I held my breath... it was really interesting. Mr. Pandey, for a while, looked into his wife's eyes, and, without wasted any time gave their advice to the young couple: "Forgive and forget each other's small, small mistakes."

I looked behind to see my wife's reaction. She was already looking at me. "Did you hear that?"... This was what our eye contacts possibly conveyed. "It is such a practical advice... It is for all of us," the M.C. concluded.

It was. I knew it. Still I was committing the same small mistake of conveying to my partner, "Look dear... I am okay, you are not... You better listen to the 'old man'!"

The guy next to me softly murmured, "What about the 'big, big' mistakes.?"

I smiled. I knew one thing: the old man was advising us to take care of our small mistakes... and, that was enough to withstand all the rough weather through our married lives. I also knew this: all my mistakes, so far during the two decades of married life,  have been 'small'. There are no 'big' mistakes in life... none.

I do not know, why they burn the 'old man'!

Wish you all a really happy new year.



Girish said...

And the river flows again.....

Its always good to read your experiences which act as a learning chapter of our life.

Recently i read a sms that "life is too short break the rules, FORGIVE QUICKlY, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile"

These small mistakes sometimes they dont exist and are born in our mind itself by seeing somebody's reaction.

I could recall the movie Saransh in which Anupam Kher holds hand of her wife and says that in wrinkles on your face there is summery of my life.

Thx for the article and i hope that this river of articles will flows continously.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hi Girish,

You reminded me of that beautiful movie - 'Saransh'. I had seen that movie long back and liked it immensely.

The river, by its nature, has to flow. In the case of this river, I do not try to manupulate its direction. I have so much to say... only thing is it should not come like a compulsion.

I am going thru some new and challenging experiences. I am watching them... They help me grow... I shall share them with you all, soon.

Keep in touch.