Friday, October 30, 2009


I just thought, today, that I should come out of my hiding. Almost six months... and not a single piece I have posted!

Many ask me - 'Why? What happened?"

I just tell them - 'Nothing. I 'consciously' chose not to write for some time... and allow myself to go through some new experiences.

They say, "A writer has to write; a singer has to sing; and teacher has to teach... and so it goes." I ask myself this question: "Am I a writer?"

I feel extremely happy, in fact, blissful and fulfilled, whenever I settle down to write. So, from that yardstick, I must say, that I am a writer... Whether I chose to write or not to write... inside my being there is this deep longing to write, express. Days, weeks, months - and even years - may go by... the soul of a writer would never dry out.

I have so much to say, so much to share... it can only become profound, and vast.

So, may the writer write... may the soul sing... may the happiness spread.

I am out of my hiding. I am here to do what I love doing: 'Express'... and yes, in all its hues... yes, everyday.

Need I go to the mountaintop to trumpet this news?

The Sun always rises in silence... and that's why it is so glorious!

With love,


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