Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yesterday, I received, by post, a beautiful table calender. For each month of 2010, a fresh painting... and each of them was a amazing work. And, each of them was by a 'foot and mouth artist'!

My immediate impulse was to take it home and place it prominently on our table. I wanted my young son to see it. He, too, is fond of drawing, sketching and painting. He too has plans to pursue an art-related field. I wanted him to see these paintings by those physically challenged artists. Not to have hands to draw and paint, still, they have created such brilliant work using their feet and mouth! It was remarkable, inspiring... humbling.

The artists are faceless. I do not know their background. But, I am very certain, that all those gifted men or women must be financially challenged, too. I wanted my son to contemplate on these realities, and feel inspired.

We want our son to realise his talents. We want him to put efforts, and we have promised him our full support. Our son has his hands to draw, resources to draw, talent to draw. He needs only that fire in his belly to shine, to realise his dreams.

Should I tell my son about all these feelings of mine?

Well, I have just placed the calendar on the dining table. I know my son would certainly see it, like it... and, even, feel inspired. My intention is not to manipulate my son; just provide one more resource. I am hopeful, he would get the message... and start creating his own work not by foot and mouth, but by 'hands and heart'.

Just a month to go, and we have a new year. And, a new resolve, perhaps.


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