So, Paul’s prediction, once again, have come true! Spain won the football World Cup as predicted by him.

He is an Octopus, and I think, he lives in someone’s home aquarium. Wise fellow, this Paul.

“Do you believe in such predictions?” a friend of mine asked me last evening. The Finals were a few hours away. Paul had predicted the German doom; before that, of Argentina. Naturally, some fans are so angry with this Nostradamus that they have sworn to deep-fry him for their dinner.

I watched the match last night. Spain won. Paul, too

What difference does it make if I do not believe in such predictions? Normally, I don’t. But, I don’t tell this to any one with all my convictions,  whether any one – least of all an octopus or a parrot – can predict some one’s future. I have not laid any importance to such predictions… It is better to be anxious about our future and remain humble, slog it out… rather than ‘knowing the out come’ and going off to sleep.

The hare lost the race, because he had gone off to sleep as the poor tortoise slogged it out, slowly and steadily. Last night, both Spain and Netherlands slogged it out. I don’t think, believing in Paul’s predictions would have made any difference for Spain. They slogged it out. And, they slogged it out hard.

But, it is fun to be a little curious about our future… to peep and ask what is there in store for us? I am a Leo. This 24th I will be completing 52. The Leos are rulers, it seems. They are born to lead, they say. They are full of pride, it is said… they do things in style…with great deal of showmanship… That’s what Linda Goodman and her clan say about Leos.

For the past 51 years, I have been a simple soul… just simple homebound guy. What have I ruled? Which kingdom?

Well, let me tell you with all my honesty. I, too, read my horoscope. I like the good things in it and smile. I do not like the bad things in it… so, I laugh… even say, I do not believe in such ‘silly’ things. It is fun to be silly sometimes… There is thrill in it. Playfulness.

Who cares about Paul’s predictions? I think, we all do as long as those predictions suit our taste buds. Else, like the bitter German and Argentina fans, we would love to have Paul deep-fried for our dinner.

Meanwhile, let us go back to work… and slog it out the way Spain and Netherlands did, last night. I am curious to know, if Paul watched the game!



Girish said…
Well the prediction of Leo as rulers are right as you rule the Kingdom of The Dawn Club rather Gerry’s fan club. Long live the king.

Match between Spain and Netherlands was the best match. 22 players on the field playing for 90 minutes and extra time of 30 minutes and this 120 minutes decides the fate of being best of the best When I visualize the feeling, what Mr Andres Iniesta at 113th minute of the match by making the goal is simply terrific. He entered in the books of history.

We all belive in predictions when it is good and in our favour. But once a negative predictions is made and we don’t belive it of course the fear is there if predictions goes right then……….
We all are curious to know what is there in store for us in future. Many of us when go to the office check sections of Zodaic sign on newspaper /Webstite and then began the work. But does that really matters or improves performance I wonder.

Paul has honestly predicted that Germany will lose, being in Germany. WE should also take inspiration from Paul and do our work Honestly and with a hope “The best is yet to be”
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hey Girish,

This Leo is different; he does't want to be a king... You know, enough on my head, already!

Did you read your horoscope today?

Yes, feels good when it is good... Otherwise, you know...

Paul is a genius!


CA. Pooja Gupta said…
Dear Gerry Sir,
Trust you are keeping well. I login to your blog everyday but from the past four weeks I didnt find any of your writings. Just like Girish said everyday some of us read our horoscope and start the day I am so used to reading your blog post that I feel a void. You are best!! Please keep writing.
Very truly yours,
Pooja Gupta
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hey Pooja,

I did not know, that smart girls like you too are hooked on to my silly stuff!

You know Pooja, for me writing is 'breathing'... I need it to survive...

Then, why don't you get to read my pieces, sometimes?

I did write a lot during these days... something very positive, very empowering... very satisfying... about which I will not write here.

So, a teacher has to teach, a writer has to write, a singer has to sing... and a healer has to heal. I know, what you yourself do is also, what you deeply love, aspire.

I promise, I shall write... just keep encouraging me; you know, I die for that, as we all do.

By the way, Pooja looks stunning in that blazer! Just the way she should. I am flored, lady!


CA. Pooja Gupta said…
Thank you so much Sir for your heartfelt compliments! I know for sure they are the most sincere and direct from your heart..I always look forward onto you because I know each time I am in touch with you(either personally or thru ur blog) I'll always learn the best in my life!
It was nice to see you though for a brief while. You looked much relaxed!!
I'll keep waiting for your post each day!
Happy Days :-)

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