Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I watched the movie, 'ROBOT', along with my wife. Normally, we take our son along when we go to watch a movie. This time, my son's 12th standard term-exams were nearing, and my wife wanted him not to 'waste' his three hours watching this movie. So, we watched it secretly... and, both of us enjoyed the movie immensely.

"Don't open you 'big' mouth, " my dear wife warned me on our way home, "He has hardly done any studies."

That night, I could control my urge to open my 'big' mouth. The next day was a Sunday. I called my son from out. "We watched 'ROBOT' yesterday... It was mind-blowing. Go and watch today. It is a must watch for a creative guy like you." Then, I added the inevitable: "Don't tell mom that I have opened my 'big' mouth."

"Relax dad,"  my son assured me. When he was home, neither could he control his mouth.

Exams? "Just chill, dad."

I hadn't seen much of Rajnikant. I had never liked his acting... It was too loud, too gaudy for my taste. The Madras men are different... They always like larger-than-life stuff when it comes to 'filams'. The way they adore, rather worship, their film stars is peculiar to the place. Nowhere else do we get to witness this 'madness'.

Rajni is their God. And, in 'Endhiran' - 'ROBOT' - they have enough and enough of him. Their God, Rajni, doesn't age. He is eternally young, slim and handsome... He is an eternal lover... has the best babe around... He is tough, unbeatable... and can destroy an army of hundred villains all alone. He has the best of the best outfits, the finest sunglasses and leather jackets... and, yes, those expensive wigs, too.

Rajni doesn't grow old. Rather, the Madras men don't want him to.

What a pressure, that can be!

But, not for Rajnikant. The phenomenon. The simple guy who even did jobs of a coolie before he worked as a bus conductor... The guy who dreamt of movie world and did odd rolls... and, finally, the role of a Hero.

No, Rajnikant is still humble, still honest. He is 'fake' only for his movies... only to entertain his fans. That's reel life, and he knows it is okay only till the 'kick' lasts. At the end of the day, when the focus is out, you have to reveal the 'real' you... your dark, wrinkled skin, your bald head, your shapeless moustache, your simple comfort in that white shirt and 'mundu'. Rajnikant, I think, alone can do such switch over... It is a huge thing to do... Face the world, the glamour world, with that honesty, and true self.

Michael Jackson faked it in real life, and died, finally, under its weight. It takes terrific strength to do what Rajni is doing. Hats off, saar.

I like your movie, even more, because of this awe-inspiring quality about you.

Please, pass on a little of it to all of us, here.


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