Friday, February 27, 2009


A man is given an award - the Oscar, the Nobel or whatever - only by another man. Maybe, by a group of men. But, certainly, not by God!

I am a great fan of A.R. Rehman. When he received so many international awards, particularly the Oscars, for his music for the movie - "SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE', I was hugely thrilled. The movie won, in all, eight Oscars. Yes, like every Indian, I, too, shouted in joy - "Jay Ho!"

But, then, I know it is not such a great music or a film that it is hyped up to be. The Oscar committee is, certainly, unaware of the incredible work of A.R. Rehman. It also doesn't know about the fine movies India comes out with time to time. I liked the movie 'SDM'. But, I did not come out of the theatre the way I came out after watching 'Lagaan', 'TZP' or the 'Munnabai' movies. I seriously feel these movies deserved recognition from international body.

However, an award is only an award - some people's opinion. It only reflects their judgement. Eight Oscars won't make 'SDM' a great movie for me. I will still bear in my heart the same opinion about it.

Mahatma Gandhi never won the Nobel Prize for peace. It shall eternally remain as one of the great mysteries of the 'award business'!

Gandhi never needed a Nobel to make him whatever he was. And, I don't' think A.R. Rehman needs it, either. Their work is above these 'little' awards ... no matter how much glitter surrounds these awards.

Because, I seriously feel an award is as great as a man's judgement.

I have never agreed - in fact, been angry - whenever those umpires had 'awarded' LBW to another hero of mine - Sachin Tendulkar. And, you know how often ... and, how, unfairly!

So, let all those Oscars be only that - an opinion. A judgement.

Jay Ho!



Girish said...

Rightly said, Awards are not the parameters to judge somebody's perfomance. These people are beyond awards. Rather these people give award to us in form of the contribution to Music, peace...... Munnabhai, TPZ are indeed the masterpiece of Indian movies with a very strong message.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hi Girish,

Thanks we think alike ... on this subject.