Friday, February 19, 2010


Shah Rukh did not say 'sorry'... The evening passed. In fact, today is another Friday... the time for another movie to come out, another show.

My head has stopped spinning. I have stopped watching TV. I do not know which happened first!

If my country is hurt, it needs a healing touch... and not another blow, another blast. Hatred only breeds more hatred... It is the breeding ground for terrorism. To drowse the inferno, we need the cooling effect of water. Only, compassion can heal.

This morning, I met the autowala, again. "So, Shah Rukh did not say 'sorry'," I reminded him. "But, al iz well, no sir?" he looked back with a carefree smile. "No body has time to remember, all these silly things."

It doesn't take a lot to forgive a man who says 'sorry' to me. But, it takes a hell amount of inner strength to forgive him when he is reluctant, unrepentant. And, what about the man who wants you to say 'sorry' when you think you have done nothing wrong?

My teenager-son is expected to receive his 'Confirmation' in the church, soon. For a whole year, their batch has been going through the preparatory classes on Sundays. They, and we the parents, have to face personal interviews, too. Tomorrow will be my interview. Some one has complained to the parish priest that I do not attend the mass on Sundays regularly. The parish priest, I guess, may ask me the reason.

Am I a 'confirmed' Christian? Will I pass the 'test'?...

I am. I will.


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