Some years ago, someone told me this: "Even our Scriptures tell us that, in Life,  Fear is our most loyal companion."

I have no doubts on that. I am 52, and, if at all, I have had - and still having - one steadfast, yes, loyal, companion in all these years, it is Fear. He (or She?) has never deserted me, even though I have tried my best to!

So, it is clear, that as the Vedas declare, this one companion, is sure to stick to me... My life-time glue.

Still, one thing I deeply desire in my Life is:  never to live in fear. Of any thing. Of any one.

Living 'with' fear, as the Holy Books say, has become inevitable. But, living 'in' fear is, certainly, not the thing the Holy Books want us to do. Living 'in' constant, nagging fear eats our souls, robs us of the charm of living... It makes us cynical, bitter, unhappy, even, dangerous humans... as the unhappy people are, often, the most dangerous ones. The Holy  Books want us to be  upbeat, zestful and happy in Life. They want us to spread happiness, make this world a better place to live in.

Fear makes us alert; it keeps us constantly grounded. It motivates us to do better, be humble and never, ever to 'play God' in our lives.So, it may be said, that God Himself may have planned the way it is. The Adam and Eve, I think, are just symbolic. When He gave the beautiful Eve to Adam, He must have, actually, given the maiden man his maiden, and life-time, companion - Fear. All was well in the Eden Garden till that Serpant came to tempt. Things have never been the same, ever since.

Now, I live in fear. Of people, events, and all sorts. I do put on a brave front and pretend as if all is well in my life. The truth is all is not well, because I live in constant fear. It is ironic.

This morning, I suddenly felt this: How long can I continue like this? Is it worth it? Can I do something about it? Can I remain predominantly more upbeat, zestful and happy?

It did not take even a few seconds to receive the answer: I was told by the innate voice within, that I can, and I should, remain upbeat, zestful and happy by honouring my companion - Fear, but, never yielding to the temptation that brings doom in my Life.

People are harsh, cruel... but, not all. Situations are harsh, cruel... but, not all. Then, why should Life be harsh, cruel? It is not. It is not.

Today, is the day to say 'Yes' to life... and 'Yes' to my life-partner - Fear. I am convinced, that knowing the difference between 'Living with fear' and 'Living in Fear' is akin to knowing the difference between the 'Garden of Eden' and the 'Hell Fire'.



Girish said…
Thanks and do agree fear is there through out the life. People are on deadbed and still fear death which is inevitable.

Fear is good as it at times help to ground our self and to face the reality with more preparations. Fear is a teacher which teaches us to be brave rather bravery has its origin from Fear.

But sometimes this comapanion called fear makes us to do wrong thing like lying or running from responsibility or avoiding which is not good. Like anger fear is also a sword which sharp from both the sides and depends how we use.

To confess, their is a small fear in my mind when i write comment for your blog article whether i writing it properly or rightly interpretating or linking it properly but still i right what comes in my mind.
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hi Girish,

Thanks for the comment. Took a long time to get back. Sorry.
You are right, Girish, that Fear is a double-edged sword.

As far as your fear regarding your comment is concerned, let me tell you - it is a baseless fear. You write so well that you should start your own blog!

So, long live Fear!



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