Saturday, September 4, 2010


The more I think about it, the more I get convinced. That, in life, we really do not need much to keep us happy. Yes, I say this, in spite of the fact that, time and again, I feel the pressing need for money; time and again, my spouse and son keep cribbing about some comforts...

I am convinced, that at all levels of material comforts, one does not cease to be 'hungry for more'. If that is so, then, my happiness in life has nothing to do with the size of my bank balance or the type of gadgets that I try to flash. The more I link it to my possessions, the more and more insecurity I would experience. The more I de-link, the more secure I would feel.

Fear lies, always, in attachments... So do sorrow and my unhappiness.

Many years back, when I just began to go around talking about 'Success', I came across a very affluent, very successful businessman. He was a very generous soul, and helped a lot of needy people around. "Sir," I remember asking him with stars in my eyes, "How did you become so 'successful'?" He looked at me as if I spoke in an alien language. "What is that?" he quizzed me.

"What is that?" I began to worry. "What did I ask him?" I asked myself. "How did you become so successful?" Obviously, he was 'successful', in every sense of the term. He had wealth, fame, love and respect of people around... and, above all, he was generous in giving. "So, is he not 'successful'?", I pondered.

"What is that?" Today, I still consider this freaky statement of this gentleman, as a gentle reminder to keep me grounded, constantly. That, no matter how much you accumulate, you have to keep your definition of 'Success' simple, uncomplicated.

The last issue (August 29, 2010) of 'THE WEEK' magazine was the special edition titled: Mother Teresa at 100. Several prominent personalities, who had interacted with the Mother when she was alive, have written very moving things about her... How her ordinary ways, straight and uncomplicated,  have touched them, humbled them. Mr. Navin Chawla, who knew the 'Living Saint' closely, quotes her:

       "We are called upon to be faithful in life; not successful."

Well, I am yet to over come the impact!



Girish said...

Help yourself, be honest and value time and success will chase u rather u chasing success. Success is a present in everyday life but we say that being successful means getting materialistic things. Right from the day we are born till the day of death success is there for instance a baby is born rather A LADY IS SUCCESSFUL IN DELIVERING BABY, an infant crawls HE IS SUCCESSFUL IN MOVING, a person completes his education HE HAS SUCCESSFUL IN COMPLETING EDUCATION AND LIST GOES ON..... AT The same time it is very dangerous to get obessed with the though of being successful.

Mahatama Gandhi's simplicity and high value made him successful. Our Sir is also a simpleton....Thank you for this post

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Girish for the comment.

'Success'is, in deed, that illusive lady. The more you chase her, the more she will frustrate you.

Finally, all of us are 'successful' in our own right. It is the 'story' that we weave around the concept of 'Success', that makes things complicated.

So, 'our student' is also a 'Success', I bet.