I think, I had first read this story in Shiv Khera's famous book: 'You Can Win'. The story goes like this:

A man bought a 'special dog'. This dog possessed unique skill of running over the water. The man would take the dog along every time he went for hunting. When a bird was shot dead, the dog would rush to the spot, with lightening speed, to fetch the prey to his master. Undoubtedly, he was skillful even to fetch it when the bird had fallen in a lake or a river. The dog was special. He could run over the deep water! The man was very proud and happy too.

One day, this man wanted to show to one of his friends, what a special dog he possessed. So, he took this friend along for hunting. When he shot down a bird, the amazing dog sprung into action, and, in no time, was back with the bird to his beloved master.

"Did you see?" the man asked with pride.

"Yes," the friend replied.

"Can you tell me, why is my dog so 'different'?" the man wanted to be assured.

"Because, your dog can not swim, unlike other dogs." the reply was instant!

I love this story. Specially when I silently 'suffer' from persons even after reaching out to them 'self-lessly'.

"Self-lessly?" they would react, "No way."

"In life, suffering is optional," I have been told, "even though pain is inevitable."



CA. Pooja Gupta said…
Hello Sir,
First thing let me confess that whenever I feel a bit low, immediately I would look out for your blog to read something. A boost factor for me.....
Regarding this post, I sincerely feel that suffering is not optional. How much ever we remain to be happy, there will be some1 to disagree with you and impose their thots on you. We tend to be thinking abt their thots bcoz we are emotionally attached :-)
Today morning my colleague (a hardcore finance professional) mentioned that in his later life he wants to just study Moghul history..I was taken aback coz finance & history.. no connection.. Instant came the answer, the moghuls teach you emotional detachment!! I do not know what to take from this..
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hi Pooja,

Thanks for the feedback. Happy to hear, that my blog articles do cheer u up.

Pooja, I have read and heard: we have no choice on what happens to us; but, we do have a chice on how we 'react', how we 'internalise', what kind of 'stories' we tell ourselves...

I am convinced, that's true. Life is a process of learning this 'emotional detatchment'... It is not harsh. It is fundamental for our well-being.

I do not know about the Mughuls. We cannot generalise, anyway. But, your colleague has a point: Be sensitive to life; but, don't be a sentimental fool!

It may take some time for us to comprehend this: We can be in great pain; but, to suffer or not to suffer is our 'choice'. Peace is a state when we see that 'reality' and reach a state of 'choiceless' state!

Move on; Life is beautiful, Pooja.


Girish said…
Hello Sir,

Sometime somebody's weakness becomes somebody's strength. Lets move with it. Anything and everything has a positive aspect, let see that and proceed in the journey of life.

Louis braille didnt have eyes but she had a vision. She taught the blind people to read and write and to move forward. Dog's strength was to run on water. Rather then repenting, accept what u have and flow like a river.
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hi Girish,

I liked when you said in your comment, "Louis Braille did not have eyes, but had a vision'. How, startling!

If only we all could 'see' with the eyes within... If only...!


CA. Pooja Gupta said…
Thanks Sir & Thanks Girish.. You are absolutely right rather than worrying and repenting about the thots others have imposed upon us..lets accept the way things happen in life and move forward!!
Though I hear this much too often not to be a 'sentimental fool' I still need to 'internalise' on this weakness of mine & iron it out..Will bank upon your support as my mentor all the time!! Thank ya very much once again :-)
Girish said…
Ms Pooja, Dawn Club is Family and u dont have to say thanks to other family member. Thanks for reading the comments.

Thank u sir for giving us a platform to express ourself in your blog. In a way it develops our writing ability.

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