Friday, November 13, 2015


Pic.: Shoba N Krishnan

“Happiness is simply a habit of looking
on the brighter side of everything.” 

The Parsis call an egg ‘eedu. They love it. Like them, I, too, love eedu however it is cooked and served…  Tamota par eedu… Papeta par eedu…Wafer par eedu… Bheeda par eedu. But, for some weird reasons, I don’t’ like when eedu is cooked with its ‘sunny-side up’!

Yes, the sunny-side up! My aunt used to call it ‘bull’s eye’ and my friend used to call it ‘toad in the hole’. It is the easiest and the fasted of all the egg dishes. Even making a boiled egg takes a much longer time, though easy. But, to make a bull’s eye, you just need to break an egg in the pan, with little oil and on a slow flame… that’s all. You don’t even have to turn it over… The moment you turn it over, you lose the bull’s eye… It is no more the sunny-side up…

Never mind, I want the eedu to be fried from both sides!

And, this morning, I saw on my breakfast table my favorite eedu, but it was there the way I did not like. The bull’s eye was staring at me… and, I screamed, “Why didn’t you fry it both sides?”

“Because, darling,” my wife reasoned from the kitchen, “I want you to love the sunny-side up!”

Well, there was meaning in what my wife had casually stated. It was early morning… and, I was all set to start my day… I did not need my wife to remind me that all that was in store for me would be of my liking… that, I needed to be ready to accept and like many unpleasant things as I went along my day… “Honey, learn to relish the sunny-side up in life.” Yes, this was the unspoken message from the eedu with its sunny-side up, today morning…

Ironically, most of us do not love eedu with its sunny-side up…  So, is this the reason why most of us go grumbling through the day?


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