Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Pic.: Amrta Jeurkar

I have been getting this Forward – a very relevant confession of Rahul Dravid – repeatedly for some time:

“I was poor at Maths; so, I chose Commerce.
In my second year of B’Com, I decided to do C.A.
in case cricked did not work out.
After opening the first text, I doubled my efforts in cricket!”

The interesting thing about this message is, that it is mostly forwarded by students!

This morning, when I received it, I saw the names of a couple of my students… and, immediately, my face lit up with a smile. These were the kids, who had been hearing the same message from me for close to two years. “There are only two ways to feel happy and successful in life,” I would, repeatedly remind them, “Do what you love. If you can’t, then, love what you do.”

Well, you know, that I did not author those words. For thousands of years, wise-men have been reminding all of us about it… That, it is important to find what we love to do in life, and go about doing it. They have been, also, reminding us, that, sometimes, circumstances may compel us to do what we do not love. In such case – and, if our mental well-being is really dear to us – it is sensible, that we learn to love what we do. It is the master-key to our mental well-being. The early we get hold of this key, the longer we would relish this feeling.

I am glad, many – including some of my students – got it straight from their idol, Rahul Dravid.

Incidentally, my dear friend, Anuraag had another message to share, today. This message, attributed to Simon Sinek, too, chronicled the same truth:

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress….
Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

Such a huge mountain is made out of this simple thing called our happiness and success in life… Yes, people are moving mountains and churning oceans to find the key… while, all along, that key – the master-key, indeed – lies right under our nose…

I am still smiling!


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