Monday, December 21, 2015


Pic.: Nicole Gubin

“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”

 “Happy Christmas to you,” a friend of mine wished me today, “in advance.”

“Right in time, not in advance,” I said spontaneously to my friend, “Thank-you so much and wish you the same.”

My friend, though was puzzled a bit on my unusual response, “seemed to have gotten the meaning quickly.”

Why do we wait for the Christmas to come on 25th December? Why do we wait to celebrate… attend the midnight-mass wearing our X’Mas best? Why can’t this day be a Christmas day? Why can’t this day be a day of Christmas-mass and celebration? Why can’t every star in the sky be the star of Bethlehem? Why can’t the sweets and wine, the hugs and kisses… why can’t the jingle-bells, silver-snow and reindeers … the Santa, yes, why can’t all of these be the part of my daily life?

Why don’t I feel the presence of baby Jesus every day?

Why should sweets, cakes and wine be prepared and preserved only for the 25th?

Am I feeling the warmth of Christmas as I prepare… as I wait? Or, am I only waiting this to happen on the 25th?

The Christs and Krishnas are seldom recognized when they are here around us. When they are around us, we abuse them, ridicule them, stone them… nail them to the cross. And, when they are gone, we need a ‘special day’ to remember them, glorify them… We celebrate the Christs and Krishnas only when they aren’t there amidst us!

“Right in time, not in advance, my friend… Today is Christmas day, thank-you… and wish you the same.”


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