Thursday, April 28, 2016


Pic.: Anima D'Cunha

“When  you judge others, you do not define them,” said Earl Nightingale, “You define yourself.”

Honestly, how much do I know about another person’s life? Then, what business do I got to judge him?

Invariably, the tendency to judge others, at the drop of a hat, comes from some deep insecurity in us… rather, some deeply-rooted ignorance… It is a habit, and, if not curbed in time, it does become our character…

Therefore, the opening line: “When you judge others, you do not define them… You define yourself.”

Yes, it reveals more about youself… about your ignorance, your insecurity… Your immaturity.

In the PD session, last evening, Shreeshay narrated this popular story…

A twenty-four-year-old young-man was travelling in a train. Looking out of the window, he cried excitedly, “Dad, dad, look… the trees are going behind us.”

 The father smiled at his young son and said, “Is it not amazing, son?”

There was a couple sitting next to them. This couple looked at the young-man with pity… His behavior seemed very odd to this couple...

Just then, the young-man, once again, jumped in joy and exclaimed, “Look dad, the clouds are running with us!”

“Beautiful!” the father shared his son’s excitement…

But, the couple had it enough. “Why can’t you show your son to a good doctor?” the couple taunted young-man’s father.

“My dear friends, I did,” the father said calmly, “you may be glad to hear, that we are just returning from the hospital. You know, my son had been blind from his birth… He just got his sight today!”

Still want to judge your neighbour?

Who needs to be shown to a good doctor?

“When sinners judge,” concluded Toba Beta, “ God takes the stand.” 


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