Saturday, April 23, 2016


Pic.: Anima D'Cunha

In our PD session, today, the 17-year-old Sahas had an old inspirational story to share… LOVE, WEALTH AND SUCCESS.

One afternoon, a woman noticed three old-men, with long beard, sitting in her front yard.
“I don’t think I know you,” the woman said to the old-men gently, “But, you must be hungry… Please come in so that I can serve something for you to eat.”

“Is the man of the house home?” one of the old-men enquired.

“No, he is out,” replied the woman.

“We will wait, then, till he comes,” the old-men informed the house-lady.

In the evening, when her husband came home, the woman informed him about the three old-men, who were waiting for him in the front yard.

“Tell them, I am home,” the husband said to his wife, “Invite them in.”

Thus, the woman went outside to let in the three old-men. “My husband is home… Please come in,” she said.

“Sorry to say this dear woman,” the old-men informed, “We can’t walk into your house together.”

“But, why so?” the surprised house-lady wanted to know.
One of the three old-men quickly explained: “I am Love… these are my two associated, Success and Wealth… You can invite only one of us… and not all together… Go back and discuss with your husband as to which one of us should enter your house.”

When the woman explained this to her husband, he was thrilled. “We should invite Wealth… We need it more than anything else.”

“No, no. We need to invite Success,” the wife said in disagreement, “Success includes Wealth.”

On hearing the conversation between her parents, their young daughter came from inside. She said, “I think, we should fill our house with Love more than anything else.”

Finally, it was decided to go by the daughter’s wish. The house-lady went out and said to the old-men, “We have decided to invite Love into our house.”

Immediately, Love started walking towards the door… But, the other two – Wealth and Success – followed, too.

“I had invited only Love,” the woman said, puzzled, “why are the other two following?”

“Because,” explained Love to the house-lady, “wherever am invited to reside, Wealth and Success automatically come to reside. But, had you invited any of the other two, the rest of us would have stayed out.”

When Sahas had finished narrating this story, the 12-year-old Tej raised his hand. “Sir, Sahas has narrated the story very well. But, when I heard it first, it was slightly different in the end,”

I invited Tej to the podium, and he narrated the entire story, all over again, with his own charm. The end, according to his version, was this way: Both, Wealth and Success followed Love, because they were, always, dependent on him… They were blind!

“That’s a beautiful twist in the tale,” I declared…

A long applause awaited… to Sahas and Tej!


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