Friday, November 4, 2016


We are humans, and we are fallible… mortals.
Often, the awareness of our fallible and mortal nature strikes us through some of our worst human behavior. What I want to say is that when we fall from grace, we also are closest to the doors of heaven!

For example, what happens if we succumb to our intense anger but refuse to justify it once the havoc is done?

What if, after a violent bout, we realize our mistake and genuinely feel sorry for it, genuinely yearn for mercy?

Last night, before going to bed, I was watching some amazing music-videos on my phone. They were hymns and the singing and music were of outstanding quality… When singers sang, one could feel the healing touch… one could see tears rolling down!

“Why do people cry when they pray to God?” I have wondered, often, “Do tears cleanse our sins? Is crying our hearts out is part of our healing process?”

Last night, I became strikingly conscious of my fallibility… how quickly I can fall… I could realize what a heavy heart - burdened with anger, sadness, hatred and envy – could do unless I sincerely prayed before God and let my tears roll…

We all take to our beds, often, heavy thoughts… What if we fail to wake up?

As I was doing my early morning walk, today, I saw a healthy-and-strong-looking man – who must be in his late thirties or early forties – being rushed to hospital. It was a heart attack!

The doors of heaven are closet from the spot of our fall!

Little Tanvi, who lives in America, had sketched a cute picture, which her dad had shared on his FB timeline… ‘Tree in Fall’ was the title.

“What a coincidence?” I exclaimed in my heart when I sighted Tanvi’s drawing, early this morning …

The leaves are tender and sensitive. They cannot withstand the punishing cold of the winter. They are too fragile… Thus, they decide to go so that the tree can live!

When we realize the punishing effect of our human fallibility – our ‘sins’ – it is better to let go of our rigidity, our anger and hatred… our fear and envy… yes, through our tears of prayer… through our quiet, clean intent…

I call it ‘THE FALL’. It comes before the harsh winter… Only to remind us, in Shelley’s words, “If winter comes can spring be far behind.”

Unless there is ‘fall’, there cannot be ‘rise’… the resurrection!

Pic.: Tanvi Jeurkar
Video: YouTube

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