Wednesday, November 30, 2016


There are many people in my life – some of them live thousands of miles away – I genuinely wish them to be happy and joyful. Right now, that’s happening… some of these people come before my mind… and my heart simply wants them to be happy and joyful… I may not convey this feeling to these people… I may not meet them for years and years… But, I genuinely wish them to be happy and joyful…

For, I know I do.

If that’s true, it is also true that there are so many people out there who must be genuinely wishing me to be happy and joyful, always. Aren’t there such people?

My college-days friend, Joe, who lives in Mangalore, sends me amazing Good-morning messages. Some of them, as the phrase goes, make my day… Some of them tickle me, some of them make me smile or laugh, some of them make me soar high and touch the stars… and some make me cry in joy. Whatever the effect, I see it this way: If my friend sends me a message every day, he must be thinking about me every morning… This morning, Joe sent me this message:

“Whenever an unexpected joy passes through your heart
and you suddenly smile for no reason…
remember, someone, somewhere is wishing you to be happy always.”

Does joy pass through my heart unexpectedly, and do I find myself smiling for no reason?

Oh, yes, it does… and I do.

Someone, somewhere must be genuinely wishing me to be happy and joyful… Just as I wish someone, somewhere to be so… That can be the only reason why joy passes through our hearts unexpectedly and that can be also the reason why we find ourselves smiling for no reason.

After all, there ‘is’ a reason for everything that happens under the Sun… including a smile on our face whenever joy passes unexpectedly through our hearts… Isn’t there?


Pic.: Mariette D'Silva

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