Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Like everyone around me, I, too, have an opinion on almost everything that happens around me… from crisis in Kashmir to the ongoing cash-crisis… from crisis in Syria to Donald Trump’s surprise – rather shocking – Presidential victory. Yes, from the most mundane to the most vital issues, everything seems to have the stamp of my opinion…

Our newspaper vendor is one of the most enthusiastic and positive persons I have come across. I don’t think he reads the newspapers he supplies to hundreds of homes everyday… But, then, he is informed about the events around the world… if not world, at least our own country. This morning, I asked him about how he was coping-up with the current cash-crisis. I did not find even an iota of decline in his enthusiasm about life. When he learnt that I had difficulty using 2,000-rupee note, he was more than willing to offer me hundreds in exchange. “Any further help, please let me know sir,” he assured.

These kinds of guys leave home, every morning, with their arms stretched out to embrace the world… the world filled with suspicion, hatred, and distrust and yes love, kindness, trust and hope as well.

So, coming back to my opinion about the events around the world… If you ask me, about the Syrian crisis and if you ask my 24-year-old son the same, probably, I would concede. He is surely better-informed.
Who is responsible for the Syrian mess – Russia, America, ISIS, Israel… who? I have no idea…

Even if I know who is, how would it make a difference to the little kids who are bombed or washed ashore? Are these little kids responsible for the mess? Do they understand the game of war? Do they hold an opinion?

I do not like to be called a ‘head-strong’ man…. Please call me ‘heart-strong’!

I just saw, today, a touching story about a six-year-old American boy, Alex, who wrote a letter to President Obama. In the letter, Alex was asking the President if he  could bring Omran Daqneesh, the five-year-old boy rescued from the bombed rubble in Syria,  to his home in America… if he could let him live with his family… Yes, that was not a head-strong kid’s gesture… That was not the kid who wanted to know who was responsible for Omran’s plight… That was the kid who just felt for another kid from another country and culture…

To me, that’s being spiritual in life… That’s being human, real human.

Why are we wasting our time and energy spreading more and more hatred?

Why are we so aggressive with our opinions… our head-stuff!

The world needs – badly, badly, badly – the healing touch of our hearts.


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