Tuesday, February 21, 2017


“If one’s bowels move, one is happy,
and if they don’t, one is unhappy...
That’s all there is to it.”

- Lin Yutang (1895-1976)

“A 3-week fat-to-fit challenge,” I read the announcement of my ex-student on his FB status yesterday, “I have lost 1 kg in a week!” The accompanying half-minute video was the proof that Vivek was serious about his shedding job!

“Great job, bro,” complimented one of Vivek’s friends, “Lage Raho,” wrote another… “Inspiring!” lauded another… “Where is it?” enquired yet another…

Meanwhile, Vivek must’ve felt a lot pampered… rather, motivated to shed more kilos!

Was Vivek trying to show-off? Is a status like this one really needed? Does it help Vivek in any way?

Why people do what they do… yes, I am not supposed to poke my nose into others’ affairs. Maybe, it is good for Vivek: The fact that he has made a ‘public announcement’ means, he will be under its pressure to keep up his commitment. People will ask him, “How many kilos you have lost in three weeks?” So, if I wish to shed my kilos quietly and Vivek with some noise around it, so be it…

My friend  Karan’s dad, has been doing the early-morning rounds to his laughing-club sessions for years now; and, interestingly, he doesn’t know things like FB and WhatsApp exist in this world! I know of dozens of men and women keeping fast on one day or the other – Ganesh, Shiva, Hanuman, Sai Baba etc – and, they have been doing it for donkey’s years… No sound, no music… All quietly! Where do these people receive their motivation from? Who pumps them with “Great job, bro” or, “Lage Raho,” and who is curious to know - “Where is it?”

Even though it is none of my business to poke my nose in others’ affairs, let me say something on this issue: If you wish to shed your kilos, please do it quietly… making no noise about it. Life is not a 3-week stand… Fitness is not limited for three weeks… The kilos that you shed off, can – and will – come back unless ‘Fat-to-Fitness’ becomes your way of life… and, yes, unless you go about the process quietly for a lifetime.”

My friend Joe’s married daughter, Namratha, loves good food and good life, both. One of her major passions in life has been baking delicious cakes, which she has, now, turned into her profession. So, you can imagine what it means for her when it comes to cutting down on calories and shedding the tyres around the waist! Does Namratha value fitness? I am sure, she does. But, then, this morning, she had shared with us, her FB friends, this status:

“Today marks my first week without any sugar. Running 2 miles each day and yoga before breakfast. I've stopped eating dairy, flour too. No caffeine. The change in my body has already been fantastic! I feel great! I plan to make this my new lifestyle. Zero alcohol. Eating a healthy diet that is completely vegan, gluten-free caffeine-free and sugar-free. And working out for 2 hours every day! I don't know whose status this is, but I was really proud of them so I decided to copy and paste.”

Till the last line came, like all others, I, too, felt like patting on Namratha’s back, “Shabash, beti, God bless!”

Life is beautiful, you see… with a few kilos more or a few kilos less, anyway!

Pic.: Soudure Design/Internet

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