Saturday, February 11, 2017


I was talking to a gentleman, this afternoon. He came from a Punjabi business-family which had done well for itself. “My father believed in giving love, care and financial support to his children, but he never wanted to remain dependent on them;” he said, “like a tree, he only gave us… even in his death!”

“Even in his death?” I was curious…

“A tree comes from a tiny seed, often, accidentally dropped by someone or a squirrel,” the gentleman explained, “It germinates under the ground… it sprouts and becomes a sapling… becomes a tree, and, before it bears fruits, it bends… It gives us oxygen, even though it takes in all the carbons we breathe out … It gives us shade… manure… dry leaves and dry-wood from its branches… and, even when it dies, its leaves behind wood for our use… For whole life, the tree only gives and expects nothing from us.”

And we?

“I have only given to my two sons just the way our father gave us… expecting nothing back in return,” the gentleman said, “Hope, they will find me useful in my death, too!”

Greed and lack of trust bring man’s downfall. “What is there in it, for me?” Yes, this seems to be  the bottom line, “What is my gain?”

Like the birth of a tree, we too have been able to take our birth only because the Universe has been kind to us. And, we still covet more… We are still greedy…

Even when a tree gives us fruits, it bends… it doesn’t brag…

And we?


Pic.: Anil Bedi

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Unknown said...

Absolutely correct, we should selflessly give what we have to one who needs it, as nothing in this world belongs to us. If we can be useful in someway even during our death means our life is complete .