Monday, March 23, 2009


He shines there like the pole star - dramatically distinct. He commands that place, because, no one else in the world has scored so many Test and ODI centuries ... No one else has scored that many runs. And, runs and centuries are still coming. The game is far from over. He is live and kicking... and, it seems, his best is yet to come!

This incredibly prolific run-machine, this enduring cricket legacy... Yes, he is what he is because he is an excellent 'team player'. He is Sachin - Sachin Tendulkar.

Yes, Sachin Tendulkar should not keep wickets, should not bowl too often, should not lead the Indian team. He should do what he can - and does - best: batting.

The best batsman may not necessarily be the best captain. Sachin couldn't prove himself to be a fine captain, when he had lead the Indian team. He has been, on and off, a successful bowler. But, the Team India can not count on him as the key bowler. The genius of Sachin lies in what he does exclusively his way: the batting.

This post is about being a team player... being a 'spoke in the wheel' in the real sense, and making that distinct contribution towards the movement of the wheel. Towards success.

The beauty of existence lies in the great variety that abounds around us. Each one of us is endowed with a strength and talent which is unique. That makes us special. Some of us can communicate well, and some of us can quietly work well from behind. Some of us can negotiate and strike a hard bargain, while some of us can mend the broken hearts. While some of us are designed to to be aggressive, some others are sent on this planet as peace makers. Life needs all of us. Every spoke holds the rim, helps the wheel of life to move smoothly. It is like a great recipe: every ingredient counts, the touch of every person - from the kitchen to the table - makes the difference. We all have to realise this truth. That, being a good team player means being the part of the match-winning process. No matter how good we are in our core domains, we need the complementary strengths of our team mates, our fellow-humans. Be it our offices, sports fields, homes or battle fields... The success lies in exploiting the best in each one of us. It lies in the great team spirit. Like great romance, it thrives on great chemistry.

So, let Tendulkar keep doing what he is best at - batting. Let Dhoni lead and keep wickets. Let Yuvi and Veeru go for big hits, and let Bhaji and Ishant fire from the bowler's end. The Team India needs all of them... as distinct as they are.

Let us not forget the role of the spot boys in the production team. Each spot boy is as significant as the King Khan. The spotlight and limelight, both, are related. Cricket, movies and life - all are related. That's why, the more I think about it, the more I get convinced:

That, Sachin Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan should do what they are blessed to do. And, I ,too. We all hold the wheel together, and we all are connected to the same centre: LIFE.

If my role on this planet is to be good to every one - so be it.


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