Friday, October 18, 2013


Pic.: Madhusudan D. Jeurkar 

There are, always, some defining moments in our lives. I have mine… One of them is when I first picked from a roadside book-vendor, in Fort area, Napoleon Hill’s famous classic - ‘Think & Grow Rich’. I still remember that afternoon, some thirty-four years ago. I was stranger in this city, and I was without a job. Worst, I was absolutely low in my self-confidence… and, I was filled with self-doubts and fears about my future... constantly consumed by the question – “Is there a place for me in this world?”

Yes, it was during this period – I call it ‘The Great Depression of my life’ – my hands reached an old copy of Hill’s famous book. For me, that was the ‘Manna-from-heaven’. I wanted it so desperately to survive in my ‘desert’… And, yes, I did.

Can a book change one’s life?

If I say ‘Yes’, it is my opinion, my truth. I have given a brand-new copy of ‘Think & Grow Rich’, ever since then, to scores of people, all with the hope that it might impact their lives, too. I have no idea, whether or not it has...

When I go back to those days when I got hold of my copy, I now realize that it was only because my heart was thirsty and hungry, both, for the lessons contained in the book… So, the lessons went straight into my heart… They shook me hard, helped me soar… and filled me with self-confidence, which, till then, I was starving for…  The unseen teacher,  Dr. Napoleon Hill - who was dead and gone years before that – did appear in my life because, I, his student, was all ready now! 

Yes sir, a book can change life… 
 It can revolutionalize life, in deed!

Like a book, there are other moments, too… Perhaps a speech, a happy or sad incident, perhaps a friendship or a relationship, or even a sporting event, film or a television programme… something that has impacted our lives… stayed in our consciousness as a defining moment.

Today, I had been to a bookstore to pick two books to gift two of my students. One of them, a boy, would be celebrating his 18th b’day tonight… The other one, a girl, would be performing her Arangetram on Sunday evening. As soon as I landed at the store, my eyes fell on ‘The Test Of My Life’, by Yuvraj Singh. I wasted no time… picked two of them, and, before getting them beautifully gift-wrapped, I scribbled inside:


on your special day…

with my warmest wishes, love and blessings…


Will Yuvraj’s gritty survival-story impact the young lives?

I hope, it will.



Sunil D'Sa said...

I have read both T & G R and The Test of... They are superb inspiration and hope, they will impact our young-ones too.
-- Sunil D'Sa

Manoj Nayak said...

Books can change one's life... and they do. Lovely post. Manoj