Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Pic.: Fr. Reginald Pinto
I know worrying doesn’t help; still, I worry… and, worry a lot.

I hope, I am normal!

Many ask me this question: “You come about, through your writings, as a very positive person. Then, how come you say that you worry a lot?”

I tell them with my smile, this: “I write because, I worry a lot… I know how it feels… I know it is a waste and it doesn’t take me anywhere… and, so, in my writings, I honestly tell others how it feels… and not ‘how to stop worrying and start living’ as Dale Carnegie did.”

Honestly, worrying is an old habit and it is not going!

And, strangely, in my case, this ‘useless habit’… this ‘waste’… has been very useful: It has helped me write many of my Posts, and, people have told me that they have loved them… even, been inspired... It has kept my two feet firmly planted on this Earth… It has taught me value of money, time, relationships… It has taught me to choose my words carefully… Respect others feelings… Not to be too reckless… Not to over indulge in my pleasures…

So, worrying helps… The ‘waste’ is useful… The ‘rocking chair’ called ‘worry’ really rocks!

No matter how much we say, that we should not think too much about our past or the future - and no matter how good that advice is – most of us keep doing this mental rewind-and- forward… Only, some of us admit… and, some of us don’t. 

If I worry about my worrying, I will worry more…

 I will not get sleep. And, you know what happens 

when you worry about your sleeplessness!

So, today, I, once again, found myself rocking on my worry-chair… Yes, as always, it was not taking me anywhere… For a while I went through all that comes with this kind or ‘rocking’… yes, till the Sun emerged right through the dark clouds… My heart was smiling as Charles M. Schulz’s famous words played in my ears:

“Honey, don’t worry about the world coming to an end today;

It is already tomorrow in Australia!”



Leena Nair said...

Too good! Leena Nair

Anonymous said...

- Ishna

Deepa Ramani said...

Worrying... but smiling!!!
... Deepa Ramani

Pushpa Bharti said...

Loved the piece so much. Made me feel nice. Pushpa Bharti