Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Pic.: Sheela Krishnamony

“Sometimes, like the moon,
you have to go through phases…
whether you like it or not.”

- Marie Trupia

A dear friend of mine had shared this beautiful thought, yesterday. And, I had instantly ‘liked’ it. “All ok, dear?” Someone had enquired. “Yes, yes, I am in full-moon phase,” my friend had smiled, “It is just a great thought for acceptance.”

But, then, the imagery had, already, triggered off my thought process… How the tides of a sea changed with the phases of the moon… How the brightness and the darkness of a night… How the stars became visible and invisible in the sky… How the feelings of joy and sorrow, triumphs and defeats, confidence and diffidence, of being worthy and unworthy…  yes, I could feel this roller-coaster experience in my life… I became strikingly aware of my feelings when the roller-coaster would reach the peak… The thought of being on top… I wanted to ‘stay’ there… I wanted the experience to last forever… But, the very next moment, I would hear me scream – in fear and disbelief – as the roller-coaster nosedived to its pit!

What goes up has to come down… If I know this truth, I am ready to learn the lesson on ‘acceptance’…

“Sometimes, like the moon,
you have to go through phases,
whether you like it or not.”

remember Amitabh Bachchan asking in one of the KBC episodes the question as to who had the all-time high YouTube hits. It was a little boy called Justin Bieber. Now, this little boy had become a world-wide sensation, a phenomenon, a hysteria… And, at that tender age… such mind-blowing fame, visibility… the success… whatever you wanted to call it!

But, Amitabh himself had seen all that – the moon-phases… and, I was thinking aloud, “How long will this ‘maximum-hits ‘madness last?”

Justin Bieber, to me, was a little gowning-child. The way he was marketed and managed, I felt, was against the law of Nature… I knew he would find it difficult to cope with it as he grew up in age… as the moon went through its phases…

And, I was not wrong!

As for Amitabh Bachchan, my idol… well, I have no words to express. He kept coping up with the highs and lows of his life… It was so heroic, so mature and inspiring!

In spite of my adoration, one thing about my idol, Amitabh Bachchan, always, scares me: “His insatiable need to be in the limelight!” He is there everywhere… in films, on TV, in newspapers and magazines, in social media – Blog, Twitter, FB – everywhere. “Just crossed 40-million ‘Likes’!!!” I saw his update, the other day… He thanked all of us – his fans – for the love and affection… He was humble as much as he was ecstatic…

But, I was worried: Why does Amitabh Bachchan still need this?

Well, it is just a thought passing through my mind, as the moon, up there, goes through its varied phases…

For my dear friend, it is full-moon phase…
For Bachchan sir, only he can tell…
And, who can best tell about me?


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Varun Shukla said...

Loved the poetic beauty in this post.