Sunday, August 30, 2015


Pic.: Sheela Krishnamony

 “A Bible which falls apart belongs to one who isn’t.”

When Kannan recounted to me this, in our Tai Chi class today morning, I had to ask him to repeat it, slowly…

“Look, if you delve deeply into the Bible, and do it regularly, the Holy Book is bound to ‘fall apart’,” Kannan explained to me, “but, it will save your life from falling apart.”

Kannan has to pass by the OLPS church (Chembur) to reach our Tai Chi class. Every Sunday, the passerby’s  get to read a new passage displayed outside the church. Kannan is a regular follower of these inspiring messages… He had brought to us today’s Sunday Special…

“A Bible which falls apart belongs to one who isn’t.”

I was really impressed.

Kannan went about citing many more passages he had read outside the church. One of them made a great impact on me:

“If problems are long-standing, try kneeling.”

Kannan did not have to repeat it… nor had to put it slowly… The message was loud and clear!

I am a Christian. Kannan is not… I attend mass, Kannan doesn’t. I read Bible, Kannan may not… I go inside the church to pray… Kannan just passes by… But, then, here is what God, probably, wants us to do… Understand the ‘essence’… ‘Feel’ His presence… the deep spiritual- connect…

So, I kept telling myself, as I was on my way home:

“A Gita, Quran or Gurugranth which falls apart belongs to one who isn’t.”

I, also, found telling myself:

“I need to kneel more, today.”


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Ashish Srivastava said...

Wisdom requires no spirituality no religion...its what you just acquire posses learn and then,,,unlearn,,